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Business Tycoon Online Media Guide by Sekai

I put together what I knew about media for my guild and figured I’d repost it here, too. I am still relatively new to media myself, so I’m sure there are some corrections and updates that could be made regarding the later stages of media.

From putting a few mil into media and reading a bit, I this is what I found out –

Reputation and Popularity have a cumulative multiplier when it comes to your revenue bonus. The exact formula, per this thread, is .02 x .0025 x population x reputation (the result being the percent revenue bonus you will get from media). This means that the higher you get them both, the more your store revenue will go up. At first, it will be very little (0.1% or so per use of hype or special coverage), but if you up them about evenly (as in 1 successful hype, then one successful special report, etc.), it will increase more and more. I am at popularity 628 and reputation 100 now and have a 3.1% revenue bonus to all stores from it, gaining ~0.3% or so per success. It seems a lot of money for a little return, but since the growth amount gets bigger and bigger each time you do it, it will be worth it in the long run. The maximum revenue bonus from media is 50%.

Doing any activity with one of the four media groups in any category (news, TV, magazine, internet, radio) will decrease the intimacy of the other 3 in that category by 1, I believe, and raise the intimacy with one you chose, based on what type of service you use. The four types of service are:

Advertising – gives a moderate (6 static, I believe, does not seem to change with influence, maybe it does with media employees?) boost to media intimacy and a very small boost to popularity.

Hype – gives a large boost to popularity and a small boost to media intimacy. Second cheapest, and along with special coverage, quickest way to boost brand value revenue gain.

Special coverage – gives a large boost to reputation and a small boost to media intimacy. Second most expensive, and along with hype, quickest way to boost brand value revenue gain.

Sponsorship – gives a huge boost to media intimacy. Most expensive and does not increase your brand value revenue gain. This may be needed later on when we need to boost intimacy to increase ROS level for media attacks. Also, with higher intimacy, you get a significant discount for media services and attacks, so doing this first may save you some money in the long run. It should be noted that sponsorship and advertising are will cause -2 and -7 among the other networks respectively, so total net intimacy will always remain the same or go down.

Other media-related terms: ROS (right of speech) – Certain levels of ROS are required to use different media attacks. You will begin with ROS Weak.
To reach the ROS Slight, you need to have intimacy of 600 with any 4 media (any media group in any category – but increasing your intimacy with 1 group will decrease you intimacy with other groups in the same category). An easier way is to have intimacy of 850 with only 1 media group.
To reach ROS Moderate, you need to have intimacy of 850 with 2 media groups, or 600 with 6 media groups.
To reach ROS Powerful (Blue) (It should be Strong. You will see it as Strong when you reach the ROS, but in the media attack screen you will see it as Powerful (Blue)) you need to have intimacy of 850 with 3 media groups, or 600 with 8 media groups.
To reach ROS Powerful (Orange), you need intimacy of 850 with 4 media groups, or 600 with 10 media groups.
To reach ROS Overwhelming, you need intimacy of 850 with 5 media groups, or 600 with 12 media groups.

Brand value – this number on the media page is somewhat misleading. The brand value that is displayed seems percentage of your wealth in current TCN. What percentage that is may be influenced by your popularity and reputation, but the number itself is meaningless. Your true brand value bonus can be seen by looking at any of your stores and checking the “brand value effect”, under the list of modifiers, where it will show the amount of TCN gained per day by that store as a result, and the percentage of base revenue that the brand value is modifying it by.

Influence – Each of the four outlets in any media category will display two scores; influence and intimacy. Influence is basically how powerful that outlet is when compared to the others. The higher the influence, the bigger the gain to your reputation or population will be when using that outlet. However, it also means that it will cost more TCN. The media intimacy gained or lost does not change, regardless of how much influence an outlet has. For this reason, I find it more efficient to use a a lower influence outlet. It may take me more uses of hype and special coverage to get my media bonus maxed, but it won’t cost as much to get the intimacy bonus up for ROS, attacks and such. However, I could be wrong about this – maybe intimacy with a lower influence outlet does not boost your ROS as much as it does with a higher outlet?

Intimacy – This represents how good your relationship is with a particular outlet. The higher it gets, the less chance they have of refusing your advertisements or charging 50% extra. Also, at higher levels of intimacy, advertisements (all four kinds) and media attacks cost less from that outlet. I saw the first discount at 465 intimacy, not sure when any others kick in.

Media attacks – You can use this to harm another player. Depending on the type of attack, you can reduce their popularity and reputation, cut their daily revenue, and even reduce the loyalty of their employees. These require varying levels of ROS, though, and cannot be done at all when you first get started with media. Based on the display, the influence of a media outlet has no effect on the impact or cost of a media attack, though they will still be discounted at higher intimacy. Just as a note I am not far enough along to have used any of these so if someone has better info feel free to add.

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