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Business Tycoon Online How to Obtain Gratis Gold by Migotka

For new players theres a way to obtain 100 gratis gold within 3 days playing.
All you need to do is go to City tab and select Welfare Center you will see few options first of them is “The investor‘s help” when you press it you will should recive 20 gratis gold on first days and next 30 and 50 on second and third.

Another way is to do your Serial Task in your Investor tab there are 3 quests that give gold

Survial Rules – 9 Gratis Gold
Recruitment – 12 Gratis Gold
Purchase and Transport – 12 Gratis Gold
you will also recive some exp, TCN, attribute points and Storage upgrade points.

Other way to obtain gold is by doing Jogging and Breakfest activity task where you can recive Bronze and Silver Coins.

You can exchange them for some rewards
Silver Req        Bronze Req
Recruitment Agreement 2         1                        3
Gratis Gold 30                         6                       12
Gold Key 5                             10                      20
Gratis Gold 150                      12                      25

Theres also Gold MIB but i think its a myth becouse he never visited me and dont know anyone that was lucky enough adn MIB visited him

Also theres a game called Lucky Fragments you can play it for free once a day but if you play it second time it ask you for 100,000 TCN if you play it you will recive Lucky Coupon with you can exchange for various rewards like gold, keys, vechicles and store upgrade points. The more you have the better the reward is.

How to earn 1000 – 2000 Gratis Gold a Month by cmstap123

1. Luck Fragments

Everyday, you can earn 3 gratis gold a day by doing luck fragments twice a day and earning a luck coupon (Total cost is 100,000 TCN).  You can find Luck Fragments under City > FunFair.  If you hold your coupons, you can earn a bonus when you reach a certain amount.  If you do 30 coupons in a month, they give you a 10 gratis gold bonus.  That’s 100 gratis gold!

2. Destiny Cards

Everyone seems to neglect these because there is no bonus, like luck coupons.  But there are some hidden treasures in here!  You can also find this under City > Funfair.  To play, you need 100,000 TCN.  You can only play this 20 times a day for a total of 2,000,000 TCN.  Some treasures include: 200,000 TCN, Moving Company, Recruitment Agreements, both types of Guards, bricks, and even 10 gratis gold! So far I have played this for 7 days and I have received 10 gratis gold for 5 out of 7 days!
So lets say you play this and for 15 out of 30 days you get the gratis gold.
That is 150 gratis gold in a month!

3. Monthly NPC Score

There are some valuable prizes if you do the NPC Landmarks.  You can win daily, weekly, and monthly.  I am focusing on monthly because that is where the gratis gold is.
If you fight for first place you can get 600 Gratis Gold! Second and third place are not bad either with 400 and 200 respectively. And 4th-10th get 100 gratis gold.

4.  NPC Certificates

You can also earn precious gold when you score 1600+ on NPC Landmarks.  Certainly you can play the 6 or 8 employee landmarks, but it is difficult to get a perfect score.  Luckily, as you get more experienced players and you upgrade your company, the odds start to turn in your favor.  To get a certificate, look at these stats to see how many employees need to win out of how many are going:

6/6 or 100%
8/8 or 100%
10/12 or 83%
13/16 or 81%
16/22 or 72%
21/32 or 66%
25/38 or 66%
27/42 or 64%

As you can see, you can have more people lose when you do the bigger npcs.  I currently do the 22-employee landmark and I get 1600+ about 95% of the time.  If you are curious, I use 3 oranges, 10 reds, 9 purples.  You don’t need the oranges to be successful, but you do need plenty of reds to do this.  Now you can only do NPC Landmarks 10 times for free in a day.  I spend some gold to get more certificates.
I am at a current pace of 400 certificates in a month (13-14 a day).  If you look at Toothpaste’s guide again, that’s 1000 Gratis gold after spending 150 of my own gold!

5. City Tours

In City Tours, you can receive 1 gratis gold or 1 gold almost every time you go to the city.  You have to have a high level vehicle to do most of the areas.  If you are in the later servers, you received a decent limousine for just following the “green arrow” beginner quests.  You can find city tours under City > Tourism Zone (on the map).
Sometimes you can get even better awards like VIP card, bricks, and real gold.  You can rotate 3 city tours in a day (a tour takes 8 hours to do).  Chances are you will only have a chance to do 2-a-day, so that is 60 gratis gold a month!

6. Coins

Finally, you have those copper and silver coins you can get from doing Jogging and Eating Breakfast in the 16-hour activity.  You can find those under City > 16-Hour Activity.  These coins get on everyone’s nerves because you can’t get enough copper coins sometimes.  But regardless, you get 60 opportunities to get coins.  You only need 25 copper and 12 silver to get 150 gratis gold.  That is doable in a month!

So here is the final tally:
Coins = 150 gratis gold
City Tours = 60 gratis gold
NPC Certificates = 1000 gratis gold (If you use 150 real gold a month)
Monthly NPC Score = 600 gratis gold (If first place, other 2nd place 400, 3rd place 200)
Destiny Cards = 150 gratis gold (possibly two million TCN a day required)
Luck Fragments = 100 gratis gold (100,000 TCN a day required)

That’s a grand total of 2060 Gratis Gold a month!

There are other ways to earn gold such as the daily login rewards or Gold MIB, but they are rare and its more based on luck.  You can also earn gold from forum competitions and other daily quests in-game, but even that is uncertain.  Its all about being an active Tycoon!

This is not easy to do.  Frankly to get top score in npc landmarks or to get enough good employees for npc certificates will take a while.  You may even decide to begin a new campaign in a new server so you can have a lead in the npc landmark rankings.  Even if you don’t spend gold for the certificates, or instead you get 2nd or 3rd in npc landmarks, you can walk away with 1000 gratis gold in a month!  Thats a big achievement!

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