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Business Tycoon Online Employee Guide by rorqualmaru

A tycoon must be proficient in managing his workforce. An employee’s attributes are closely related with a store’s revenue. Today, let’s discuss an employee’s role in Business Tycoon Online.

1. There are 4 available skill levels (Positions) for employees in Business Tycoon Online based on that worker’s ability score.
(a) Common [ 0 – 24 ]
(b) Middle-Level [ 25 – 49 ]
(c) Professional [ 50 – 74 ]
(d) Elite [ 75 – 100 ]
2. Employees with higher ability scores will increase the revenue of their store. Ability scores can be improved through Employee Training as well as Routine Tasks and Communication. Personnel can be trained for 10, 30 and 60 minute increments, longer training sessions will cost more but also yield better results.

3. Workers who’s ability score have maxed out at 100 will instead gain distributable points that can be applied to their Execution and Management scores. Higher Execution and Management scores will allow employees to perform more advanced Routine Tasks that will produce more TCN, distributable points and a larger increase in Proficiency.

4. Increased Execution scores will improve the results of Price Strategy attacks against rival corporations. Higher Management scores will result in more effective defense against rival attacks and increase store revenue. Both attributes will be crucial later in the game for acquiring and defending NPC landmarks for your guild.

5. During recruitment the game does not provide any way to determine the quality of an employee before hiring. An employee’s experience, the industry or industries that experience is applicable to, and any special talents they may possess will only be apparent after you’ve signed an employment contract.

6. There are items that will increase your chances of hiring an above average employee. These are the Gold Contracts, Diamond Contracts and the Loyal Employee Tickets. Contracts can be purchased in the Mall or rewarded as prizes but Tickets are only given as rewards. Only Tickets will guarantee that an employee has experience in your industry and increases the potential of a special talent.

7. If an employee does not have any experience in your industry, this knowledge can be transferred with the application of Occult Training.

8. There are five levels of experienced employees.
(a) Interested
(b) Experienced
(c) Successful
(d) Preeminent
(e) Versatile.
Employees can gain more experience through Further Training.

9. If your employee’s loyalty score is too low, they may quit when their contract expires or be poached by a rival corporation.

10. Employee’s loyalty can be increased by holding a meeting, communicating, promotion and rewards. Green Juice can also be used to raise a worker’s loyalty score by ten points.

11. Salaries are calculated each week. After renewing a contract, an employee’s salary will increase with these available options
One week contract (10% raise)
Two week contract (8% raise)
Four week contract (5% raise)
Auto Renewal can be activated to renew all contracts as they expire but in that case all salaries are increased by 50%.

12. Once an employee’s ability score surpasses 50 points they can be promoted to Store Manager which results in a 5% revenue bonus. Only one employee can manage a store. As you build new stores move your more experienced employees there and promote them to gain the bonus immediately. Managers can’t be demoted for three days following promotion.

13. From the Investor tab you can hold a Board Meeting with your investor to gain more credit, promise a rise in profit for the following week and gain a greater amount of credit or lose that same amount instead, or exchange your credits for further TCN investment by Michael. Credits can also be used later in the game for vehicle upgrades.

14. Employees can be renamed up to three times for free after that you will have to use Gold to rename them again.

15. Proficiency has to do with further training your employees. There is a minimum amount of proficiency your employee has to have before he/she is able to be further trained. Further training may fail as well, if it fails, your employee’s proficiency will decrease.

16. Talent of the employee indicates that they can be promoted under ‘ Company Structure ‘ If the employee has a ‘ PR Talent ‘ he can be promoted to PR Assistant. The brackets beside the talent should indicate (Junior / Intermediate / Expert / Master ) The higher the rank, the more % of revenue be will increased for the store which your employee is in. The higher the rank of the employee, the higher you can promote him to.

Example : PR talent ( junior ) can be promoted to PR assistant.

PR talent ( Intermediate ) can be promoted to PR Manager.

FYI : The PR talent ( Junior ) is not able to be promoted to PR manager.
17. Confidence is needed for employees to use or defend a strategy. If you execture a strategy it will lower, you will need to boost it using popcorn, as well as communication I believe? Confidence is regained in a somewhat decent amount of time, and having more employees not just one or two for strategy might help you alternate between jobs.
18. The higher the employee’s experience, the more the % of revenue of the store in your employee is in will increase. And i’m not sure of what i’m going to say next. But if your employee’s experience is under Sales industry , the increasing % of revenue will not apply to Service & the other industries.

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