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Monster Bunker Guide

First, Some information from Dave:

Monster Bunker!
* Bunker monsters to protect your yard from attackers. Any wild or enemy monsters that come in range of the bunker will cause it to open up, releasing the monsters within to help defend your yard.
* Monsters can be moved from the housing to a bunker but bunkered monsters are too dangerous to be re-housed. If you have a Monster Juicer they will be juiced, otherwise they run free.
* Upgrading your Town Hall lets you build more bunkers.
* Upgrade each bunker 2 times to increase its capacity and strength.
* If a bunker is destroyed all monsters in it run free when the attack ends.
* When a monster enters the bunker it is healed.
* If you don’t have monsters housed but want to fill your bunker there is the option to buy monsters with Shiny.

Q: “If I put monsters into the bunker can they be killed?”
A: Yes. If they exit the bunker, engage another monster and are killed you will need to replace them.

Q: “Do they heal/repair?”
A: Yes. When a monster returns to the bunker it gets healed instantly.

Q: “What if I destroy a bunker with a catapult?”
A: Any monsters in the bunker will be crushed in the rubble. Any monsters outside the bunker will be safe and will return to the rubble to heal… HOWEVER if the attack is another player then when the owner returns the monsters will have run free. If it was a WM attack and the owner starts repairing the monsters will be locked away and safe. Simply put: Destroyed bunker and no one watching = monsters run away.

Q: “Will all of my attacking monsters try to kill defending monsters?”
A: Attacking monsters target buildings and only target defending monsters if 1) They are hit by a defending monster 2) They are close to a fight, they join in.

Q: Will my defending/attacking eye-ra damage my own monsters when they explode?
A: No, exploding eye-ras only damage the enemy.

Q: What order do the monsters come out?
A: Random

Strategy Executive Summary

Currently the best monster to put inside the monster bunker is definitely the Eye-ra. Basically they will explode on enemy monsters, dealing high damage in an area. Think of them as walking booby traps if you will. Two Eye-ras are enough to kill off a Dave, or even a bunch of Daves so they are definitely cost effective.

But because of this bunkers are prime targets for the catapults. Thus bunkers should be protected behind walls and also situated right beside resource buildings like your town hall and silos to deter attackers from using the catapult on it.

How to use the bunkers by Arko

General info about the bunker

The bunker has 1620 spaces in all if there are 3 lvl 3 bunkers and 540 spaces each lvl 3 bunker which is same as the housing. You need putty/shiny to place monsters there from your housing (putty) or store (shiny). Its range at lvl 1 is like a telsa tower and at lvl 3 its more than a lvl 6 sniper tower which is the highest range. It costs 250k twigs, 187.5 k pebbles and 62.5k putty to build it. 1M twigs and pebbles+500k putty to upgrade it to lvl 2 and i think 2M twigs and pebbles+1M putty to upgrade to lvl 3.

Now, for the thing we waited

The Guide

Part One

The Strategy

Place the bunkers as a 2nd line of defense. Putting them outside your main base will make your bunkers vulnerable to catapult and also, a smart attacker would easily take out the eye-as inside it by sending a decoy octo-oose or ichi. Put your sniper towers on the entrances as the tower monsters mob up and then they get into the range of the bunkers and make sure that ur bunker is well protected by 4 or more towers and atleast 1 splash tower. Since the bunker’s range is higher than any other lvl 6 snipe towers, it must cover most of your yard if placed close to the middle.

Part Two

The Super Booby trap

Put 1 eye-ra in each bunker, but not more. If you put more eye-ras it will have a disadvantage as eye-ras only come for one battle, and once the snipe towers are destroyed the monsters will no longer mob up making eye-ras quite useless as they take up much of the housing.

Weapon Two

once your out of eye-ras, and if your base has good CF then most probably not more than 2 towers would have been destroyed and the enemy would be forced to send in 4 or more waves of crabs to take down your towers unless they nuke. So, make sure your bunker has anti crabatron/ichi monsters. The most effective monsters against crabs and ichis ( and octo-ooses if you are low leveled) are project X’s (leaving eye-ras) but since they have low HP, you would like some monster fodder ( yes, i invented a word for it!) . highest lvl of 40 crabs and 1 ichi or 81 ichi have a DPS ( damage per second) of 16,470 and octo-ooses have 21,600 DPS . Not even a lvl 4 DAVE can survive a second against them, but remember, after the fall of the mighty snipe towers they wont mob up? so, since project X have 1 kph, and we dont know the order in which the monsters come out, we will send in some crabs ( as they got 1.2 KPH and probably can reach the other monsters faster than the PXs) they will tank the damage and the project Xs will be like arrows, killing them from behind. Once done, they will heal and return to your aid again on the next battle, and as for octo-ooses, since they have a DPS of 21,600, we can get some splash towers close to the bunkers to finish them off.

The Nuking Begins

Okay, now lets pretend that some one just threw in 10M project X on their 23 putties. To take down that attack, you might want to get some octo ooses, 40-45 will be enough as the range lasts only for 40 secs and the octos are bound to distract the PXs unless they are split apart in many groups.

The Result

So, thats the best thing the bunkers can do, first become a super booby traps with eye-ras and then become a defensive army which come to your aid more than once. It can also delay some nuking of putty. If this defense technique is applied, then no attacker can take down the base without nuking two or more times, atleast not in 5-6 attacks. They have to pay the price for looting you, 7-8 attacks is the taking down time of a good base without nuking. That is, if the attacker is good….

I will soon post a complete defensive and attacking guide but right now im tired. I read many threads from the almighty Gilward and Zexuan ( I hope that this is the correct spelling of his name) and also the consolidated guide of Lord Kodiak. I think that i know enough of the forum and will start posting now.
I am 11 years old and i like things going medium (not too slow but not too fast either). Gl using your bunkers wisely and Cya on the next guide. My almighty posts will soon become popular, but as for now, im gonna do my HW.

Bunker Buster Bomb – Mini Guide to MB attack and defending with it. (The Obvious) by Kevin Troy Yabut

Many of you know that people complaining about bunker is being Overpowered due to Eye-Ra or for some D.A.V.E in this guide we will give those attackers some idea to overcome the so called “Overpowered Defense Mechanism”

1st. It’s not OP, many easy way to counter it
2nd. I find Catapult still stronger than Bunker
3rd. It add more strategy in the for god sake!
4th. kinda give a balance to the game (since there is catapult for the attacker)
5th. We’ve waited for this bunker long enough!

Intro to the Monster Bunker

As you know, Monsters in bunker run free if the bunker is destroyed, and if the defending monsters survive, they’ll go back at the bunker and heal.


The best way for your bunker to work is that it is covered or next to the Silo’s and TH (to discourage the attacker to nuke the bunker, risking collateral damage and even taking down the silo) while being within walls and covered by atleast 2~3 towers each. (always make an exit for your monster if you plan to cover it with wall)

Monster such as Eye-Ra is a good choice but not that recommended if your are being attacked by multiple players at once, since it’s die in it’s 1st attack.

Crabatron is also good for Defending if you place the bunker next to some AoE towers (Cannon, Laser) since crab has the tanking capability to tank 4,400 dmg and has the damage to snap those high damage looting monster. (ex. Fink and Fang)

Bandito is good to kill those tower munching monsters, It got Dmg and Hp to take care those kind of monsters. (ex. Octo-Ooze, Ichi, Crab and even Px) recommended for the lower lvl since it’s cheaper than the others

Project X same case as Bandito, has high Dmg and Hp but not recommended since it cost 70 housing space.

D.A.V.E is cool and all .. but some are better. yes it got the Dmg and Hp to kill, but 160 space is a no no .. a wave of pokey is enough to kill these D.A.V.E, on this case quantity beats quality (that’s how the Spartan lost to the Persian)

Wormzer they are fast and furious, catch attacking monsters in a flash .. though they’re useless most of the defending time they are however good when facing looting monsters such as bolt and brains. and could out ran Eye-Ra and kill those pokey .. Use them at your own risk! they are costy, cost 70 housing and practically low health and damage for their cost.
Wormzer can also be used as a “Anti Mine Sweeper” since it’s faster than bolts.

for the monster that I didn’t Mention is bad because of.
-Low Hp
-Very Low Damage
-Completely wasted of goo, putty and space

MB monster combo (Some of them)

Crab or Ichi or Octo-Ooze Filled bunker is the best monsters in the bunker for fending off 23 PX + 10m rage, since It wasted the attackers time.
Crab/Ichi + Bandito Highly recommended for the lower lvl cause it’s cheap and easy to replace, also with high number meaning less chance of your yard getting lvled by raged monsters.

Dave + Eye-Ra Though not that recommended but still powerful fending off non puttied monsters and best combo so far against a full wave of high quality monsters such as 10 D.A.V.E.

Eye-Ra Filled bunker, not recommended It’s may sound really yummy but no… in a single wave, all of your Eye-Ra die defending.

Eye-Ra + Wormzer risky build so not recommended, Wormzer is a fast chaser to kill a pokey wave … while Eye-Ra’s main target is those bulky ones

D.A.V.E filled bunker .. just no .. way too costy and long to replace, dies easily with raged monsters.
PX + Crab stronger version of Bandito + Ichi but costy to the space .. lesser number … higher the chance of getting leveled with putty raged assault

D.A.V.E. + Crab the best build so far against a countless wave .. both can tank .. D.A.V.E does severe damage to the attacker’s monsters with each blow .. but again when your in the higher lvl this ain’t recommended since other players have the putty to wasted ..

Bandito/PX Filled bunker, both of them have the health, space, and damage to kill a full wave of Ichi and Crab in a matter of second .. best for fending off a full wave of Bulky Tower munching monsters.

PX + Crab both have the HP to live and see the light of day, Fast killing machines … good combo for the middle lvl player.


Now the time to attack a yard, here’s some few tips on selecting a yard.
-Weak defense
-Bad CF
-badly placed blocks/walls
-Nuke prone yard
-Player don’t go online every 5 mins

Ehem, With the new Defense mechanism (Monster Bunker) people complain that’s it’s almost impossible to attack. here some few tips on killing the bunker

-If bunker is not protected by towers send in a pokey bomb! that should clear any monsters including D.A.V.E it’s low goo cost, and fast

– If bunker is being protected by towers but still open for attack, send in octo-ooze wave, although it’s not as good as pokey bomb, it should give you the idea of what monster is in the bunker, If lucky the defending player’s Eye-Ra might explode

-If bunker is within the wall or protected by other towers but prone to catapult (no silo or RG next to it), don’t hold back nuke it.

-Putty Rage Aids you in killing those monsters in monster to monster fight so use your Putty Rage well, wait until your within range of the bunker or tower before launching it in. every second counts

-Don’t be afraid to wasted 1 wave for pokey and octo-ooze, playing safe is always better than playing recklessly then rage quit the game if fails. some players are just way too ignorant to send all in a single wave then cry about Eye-Ra killing all the monsters.

-Mixed Monsters if you have an idea what’s in the bunker and if your ready to send your final wave, send in 1 ~ 10 tower monster to lure out the monsters in the bunker then send in the mother load at the other side, giving your monsters some time to wreck havoc.

-If the player is dumb enough to place his bunker far from his RG,Silo and TH, then a full wave of brains + 10m putty rage will do the job.

Bunker Capacity

Level 1 Bunker Housing Space = 380
– 19 finks = 7220 dps / 3800 hp / 1.3 kph
– 6 eye-ra (with 20 housing space left) = 96000 dps / 7200 hp / 2.4 kph
– 5 wormzer (with 30 housing space left) = 2000 dps / 4000 hp / 4 kph
– 2 daves (with 80 housing space left) = 3400 dps / 24000 hp / 1 kph

Level 3 Bunker Housing Space = 540

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  1. Anonymous says:

    err d.a.v.r is okay if we upgrade the rocket from monster lab so it can have range attack

  2. Anonymous says:

    how can u put your champion monster to lel 6 without feeding it or paying for it ?

    p.s is there a cheat ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    well i say use Ichi on a base with bad defences,then put Bandito/Fang and it will loot ALL the things in under 2m ;)

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey shut the fuck up this guy is just trying to make a fucking article and u tell off ur probaly fucking 11 years old u faggot fuck u queer

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    pretty sure the writer is not 11 years old!! Most likely a 45 year old living in his mama basement. Good article, lying abt your age just make you out to be a loser. dont!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    combination for lvl 1 MB
    1 eye-ra to wipe out pokey wave or pro monsters
    6 fang, destroy main army (best if lvl 2 & above)
    5 bandito,cheap and can assist and substitute fang (best if lvl 2 & above)
    2 ichi, meat shield :) (lvl 1 is enough)

  7. Anonymous says:

    u say that eye eras are good cuz they r like a walkin booby trap but how about an eye era bait?
    say fling 30 poky near a bunker it would cause the eye eras to explode and then u can make ur next move with stronger monsters without having to worry about the eye eras and since u could only fit an small amout of eye eras……. i think thats the down side plus poky are cheap easy to make….. the perfect bait and u can fling them as much as u want untill all eye eras have explode????? any way to counter this eye era bait???

  8. Anonymous says:

    how many pokies are in a bomb… thats a good question. even though i have NO clue what the answer is. from my experiences, id say a pokey bomb is what its called when you drop as many pokeys as possible(LITERALLY: i have lvl 3 flinger and i can fling 87 at a time)even though if you want to attack a specific building, its hard with that many since the drop cirle starts enlarging when you hit 43 of them. so, my answer is: LOTS

    and i still think DAVEs are the bet to put into the bunker.
    1,2,3,4,5 man!

  9. Q Bong says:

    question…how many pokeys are in a bomb? i dropped 40 2 drops on 4 px, few more crabs and itchs…got wasted =( i tried to draw them away from the snipes with octos but failed. boooooo i suck…

  10. Q Bong says:

    ps. i like to use a line of 5 single-flung octos to lure the guys out of the bunker then drop my forces on them…but i've wasted my crabs and px's on them..i will pokey bomb them on a wave and twig a laser on my way out + blow holes in walls + set off traps…

  11. Q Bong says:

    awesome resource for information. Thanks for taking the time to consolidate it for us. Your 11 years old ey? Just stay humble and keep at whatever your doing. Your really intelligent. I hope you apply this to programming or something that is going to make you money because you'll be a big brain for harvesting money from the world by the time your 24 =)

  12. Anonymous says:

    even if it takes up SO much space, i say the DAVE is the best to put in the bunker. here are my top 5 monsters to put in there.
    #2:Project X
    my reasons are that:
    DAVE's may take up alot of space, but they're practically invincible, and they can level laser towers in seconds.the problem is that one takes an hour to make…
    PX's also take up space, but they have 900 HP,which is good, seeing that they do about 1400 damage, and the mosters attacking it dont have TIME to kill it.
    Eye-ra has been stated in the post: they're walking booby traps.
    Ichi? he is fast to make, it takes up only 20 spaces, it does a fair amount of damage, and it has about 2000 HP.
    Why is Crabatron lower than Ichi? because it takes double the amount of space as Ichi and takes way more time to make. but the good things are it does more damage than Ichi and has double the HP of Ichi.

  13. Anonymous says:

    lol eyera bait i only got like 10 blocks :((

  14. Anonymous says:

    Eye ra are the utterly useless monsters in da game, completely useless in offense (placing somewhat 30 random wall blocks around your main wall is very effective at detonating eye-raes without even touching your main wall). If they can't even breach the enemy's main wall, what was their purpose? of coz, there are noobs building only walls without *baiting* eye-ra with extra blocks, but those noobs became less and less.

    For defense, eye-ra does act like boob-trap, but ONLY once! and not to mention it takes up HUGE space in the bunk, any subsequent attacks your base is less likely to survive.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I got another combination i made Ichi and octo oozes
    When your attackers fling in monsters near the monster bunker it will open and release the combination of monsters. Usually i think putting monsters with alot of health in the bunker and high damage (my level 2 ichi does 60 damage)

  16. Anonymous says:

    best move is to attack the monsters with an eyera
    for example

    2 DAVE go out a bunker release a few octo to distract the DAVE then release the eyera for some explosions xD

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. the eye-ras explode like a booby trap so one of them can take out a whole clump of monsters.

  19. Anonymous says:

    do eye-ra's have a range on the attack like booby traps, or it just explode on one enemy and the enemy around him don't get effected?

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