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Building Pictures and Statistics by gildward

So, Yes, another thread from Gildward. (get it all out)
I wanted a little reference of what the buildings looked like now for my artwork, and since I was at it, I decided I wanted a little spreadsheet as well of the HP and repair time for each building. And since I am not the selfish sort, I thought I would share it with everyone. In the next few posts are the images of all the great new graphics that Dave has added to the game. (No I didn’t hack into anything to get them. They are all available if you look in your internet image cache. To get the levels I didn’t have of the town hall, all I did was change the url for each image from 1-6. i.e. townhall1.png, townhall2.png, etc.)I thought it would be nice to have the HP, Repair Time and a ratio between the two, HP/Second. So each of the pictures below is set up as follows:
Level of Building – HP range where undamaged pic shows, HP for damaged, Ratio, 50% repair time and Knocked down repair time. The higher the ratio, the faster the building repairs.

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