CityVille Guide to Franchises

Guide to Franchises by Amalia

Franchises is a fun and exciting feature that lets you expand your businesses to your neighbor’s cities.

To start a Franchise you have to have that business already built in your city, some businesses you can purchase early on in the game, while other have higher level requirements, but you can unlock them with city cash early

Step 1: Expanding to a neighbor’s city.

To start a franchise you have to have the business already build in your city, then visit a neighbor with an available empty lot.

Clicking on that empty lot will bring up all the business you own.

We’re going to select and place the bakery. Once you select it you will see an arrow letting you know where it can be placed.

After you have placed your business in your neighbor’s city you have to wait for them to accept it.

Step 2: Collecting and sending a sale.

Once your neighbor accepts your business you will see these two icons icon come up on your screen.

Clinking on the top icon will bring up the Headquarters screen, where you can supply your business (by clicking on supply) and collect your earnings.

Clicking on the second of the two icons will bring up this pop-up telling you that you now have a new headquarters building you can place in your city.

*Please note: In order for you to receive a Headquarters building you first have to complete the quest where you start a franchise in Sam’s city.

Your new HQ building will be placed in your inventory, which you can find by clicking on the icon right above “Build” on the right.

Once you get to your inventory you will be able to select your new Headquarters.

You can build your headquarters anywhere in your city, like any other building

Expand your franchise to more cities and watch it grow!

And that’s all there is to starting your very own franchise in CitiyVille. Please continue reading if you need help accepting a new franchise business from a neighbor, otherwise go out there and start building!

Accepting a new franchise building from a neighbor.

You can have one(1) empty lot per neighbor, so as you add more neighbors you will be able to place more empty lots. Your new neighbors will be able to visit your city and expand their businesses.

When a neighbor arrives you will see their picture come up above one of your empty lots.

Clicking on that lot will bring up a menu where you can “accept” (will build that business), “decline” (will not build that business), or you can click on “later” and decide at a later time.

Clicking on “accept” will instantly build that business and send you your first sale.

Click on that business to start it and receive a bonus. Your neighbor will now be able to send you regular sales.

Now that you know how to start a franchise, and how to help your neighbors start theirs, go out there add new neighbors and start expanding your businesses!

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