CityVille Collections Master List

Cityville Collections Guide – Master List by macoan

Dec 17, 2010 added 4 new businesses & 2 new collections. (Will add them to the image below soon.)

Perfect Fit Collection (50 coins & 25 goods) – Business – Chic Boutique
Bling Collection (3000 coins) – Business – Jewelry Store

Also added were:
Hot Cocoa Shop – Which drops the Early Riser Collection (same as Coffee Shop)
Seasonal Clothing – not sure what this drops yet (would guess Perfect Fit Collection – not 100% sure)

CollectionRewardHow do you get it
Peaceful LivingWhite Picket FenceCollect Cozy Cottage (and) Lake House (and) Country Home
SuburbiaRed Dog houseCollect Family Townhouse (and) Suburban House
Main Street50 Coin & 3 XPCollect Loft Apartments(and) Stylish Contemporary
City Life50 CoinS 3 XPCollect Terraced Brownstone (and) Apartment Complex
Rural3 XP & 25 GoodsCollect Ranch House (and) Newlywed House
High SocietyDriveway GateCollect Colonial Chalet (and) Modern Chateau (and) Sprawling Mansion
Down TownTavernCollect Upscale Condos (and) Hotel Suites
Jet SetterTuxedo RentalCollect Skyscraper Condo (and) Penthouse Towers (and) Glass Condos (and) Atrium Lofts
Just Desserts50 Coin & 3 XPBusiness – Bakery
GardenPurple FlowersBusiness – Flower Shop
Early Riser3 Energy & 50 GoodsBusiness – Coffee Shop (and) Hot Cocoa Shop
Game50 Coins & 3 EnergyBusiness -Video Game Store (and) Toy Store
Fast FoodGray HenBusiness – Burger Shop
Comfort FoodHot Dog CartBusiness – Diner
Forever YoungPink FlowersBusiness – Cosmetic Store
Watering Hole3 Energy & 3 XPBusiness – Pool (and) Tavern
Fitness50 coins & 3 XPBusiness – Bike Shop
Designer50coins & 3XPBusiness – Shoe (and) Handbag (and) Sunglasses
French CuisineBird FountainBusiness – French Restaurant
Surf & TurfBlack CowBusiness – Seafood Restaurant (and) Tower Eats
Asian CuisineJapanese Maple TreeBusiness – Sushi Bar
BridalNewlywed HouseBusiness -Wedding (and) Tux Rental
Silver ScreenHighway BillboardBusiness- Cinema
Convenience Store3 Energy & 3 XPBusiness – Corner Store
Perfect Fit50 coins & 25 goodsBusiness – Chic 8outique (and) Seasonal Clothing (and) Laundry
Houseware50 coins & 25 goodsBusiness – Appliance Store
Bling3000 coinsBusiness – Jewelry Store
Bookworm50 coins & 3 XPBusiness – Book Store
Home Entertainment3000 coinsBusiness – Music Store
Home Furnishing3000 coinsBusiness – Furniture Store
Lunar New YearCountry PagodaBusiness – Dojo (and) Noodle Shop (and) Firework Shop
CornWhite GoatHarvest Corn
Strawberry50coins&3XPHarvest Strawberry
Watermelon3 XP & 25 GoodsHarvest Watermelon
Pumpkin3 Energy & 3 XPHarvest Pumpkin
CarrotGray BunnyHarvest Carrot
WheatWhite ChickenHarvest Wheat
Eggplant50coins&3XPHarvest Eggplant
PeaCorner StoreHarvest Pea
Cranberry50 Coins & 3 EnergyHarvest Cranberry

Note: Updated Dec 16th – Zynga spread things around more, switching what some of the housing drops – including Upscale Condos & Hotel Suites that now drop the Downtown collection!
Note: Currently Italian Restaurant does not drop anything.
Note: Penthouse Towers – aka Luxury Apartments is what you have a chance to win on the 5th day playing reward – drops the Jet Setter collection.

Below is a picture of all of the “rewards” as of December 15th, 2010

Picture includes: White Picket Fence, Red Dog House, Purple Flowers, Gray Hen, Hot Dog Cart, Pink Flowers, Bird Fountain, Black Cow, Japanese Maple Tree, Newlywed House, Highway Billboard, White Goat, Gray Bunny, White Chicken, and Driveway Gate. Pictures of the Tuxedo Rental Place & Tavern also included.

Other Notes:

Newlywed House – It DID act just like Country Home, but Country Home now drops Peaceful Living while Newlywed House still drops Rural
Bird Fountain – 3×3 size, and 9% bonus.
Japanese Maple Tree – 2×2 size and 4% bonus
Tuxedo Rental – Drops same as Bridal shop. (125 goods, 575 coins)
Tavern – Drops same as Pool Hall (80 goods, 352 coins)
Corner Store – Drops Convenience Store collection (60 goods, 270 coins)

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