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Systems of Stat Upgrade Measurements by toasted fury

Wanna know how does the Stat Upgrade works? The Stat Upgrade is use for boosting your pet’s statistics to gain advantage in the battlefield. In order to upgrade your stats, you need Stat Points. Stat points is use to upgrade your pet’s ‘Strength’, ‘Dexterity’, and ‘Vitality’ statistics. You can gain Stat Points by inviting neighbors or you can buy Stat Points with Treats.

Tip:Choose your upgrades wisely, you only have a limited stat points.

Three Principal Systems in measuring Stat Upgrades.
(If you want to try to calculate your pet’s upgrades heres a thread for the animal’s normal stats Animal Statistics)

1.Strength System————>Damage
2.Dexterity System————>Speed
3.Vitality System————–>Health

1.Strength System– is your weapon’s damage, upgrade it and you will cause more pain.

Formula of measuring your weapon’s Strength Stat increase: (1 stat point will increase your damage by 1%)

1 stat point= 1% of the weapon’s damage
x= Damage of the weapon
y= Number of stat points used
D= total damage

Example: x= 400 damage(rocket), y= 19 stat points

D= xy+x
= 400 x 19% + 400
= 76 + 400
D= 476 damage.
Therefore, 19 Stat Points has increase the rocket’s DP by 76DP.

2.Dexterity System– is your pet’s Speed, upgrade it and you will be like a speeding bullet. (1 stat point will increase your speed by 1.3%)
I’m been experimenting and solving the speed of some pets so heres one.
Name:  Speed test monkey.PNG  Views: 964  Size:  5.1 KB I tested the monkey’s normal speed with a 5 second dash and measure the distance with my ruler(seriously). The result of the test is 7cm/5sec then I converted it to 1 sec, the Monkey’s normal speed is 1.4cm/1 sec.

Now for the formula:
[! Note: !]1 stat point= 1.3% of pet’s normal speed
x= speed of the pet
y= number of stat point used
S= total speed

Example: I made a new speed test with an upgraded monkey I upgraded it with 25 stat points.
Name:  Speed test upgraded monkey.PNG  Views: 961  Size:  5.8 KB
S= xy+x
= 1.4 x 32.5% + 1.4
= 0.455 + 1.4
S= 1.855cm/1sec ( now to match the result for the 5 sec dash ) 1.855 x 5 = 9.275cm/5sec

3.Vitality System– is your Pet’s health, upgrade it and you will be a tank: (1 stat point will increase your health by 1%)

Formula of measuring your Pet’s health increase:

1 Stat Point= 1% of the pet’s health
x= Health of pet
y= Number of Stat points used
H= Total HP of pet

H= xy+x
Example: x= 1100HP(dog), 25 stat points

H= xy+x
= 1100 x 25% + 1100
= 275 + 1100
H= 1375HP
Therefore, 25 Stat Points has increase your dog’s health by 275.

You should try analyze your pet’s stats! try it, its fun.

DP= damage points
HP= health points

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