Facebook Wild Ones How to get Dragon and Platypus

How to get Dragon and Platypus by MultiDarkShadow777

Many people have been asking, “How do you get the Dragon & Platypus”? Well, i’m going to show you how. (Sorry for the huge Photos)

1. Become a member (either buy it with treats from medals or spend 5 US dollars)

2. Go to the monkey near the “Order Food!” option.

3. Click “Collection Raffle [Member Exclusive]”

4. Now, you have to get all of the collection parts. (You get 1 Free Spin for each: Dragon, Platypus, and Poison Cloud) The parts will cost real money because each spin is 9 treats. (Not every spin will you get parts, instead you’ll get powerful weapons)

5. Once, you have completed its collection you can then buy them in the store for 299 coins. (I believe you also get one for free when you complete its collection.)

6. The parts you won by spinning the raffle, you can keep and use as accessories for your pet!

Dragon & Platypus abilities:

Once your membership expires, you’ll still be able to purchase them for 299 coins!

I hope this helped,

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