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Good Tips for Team Death Matches by John Pratt

1. try not to end your turn near/next to your teammate. this is good because it helps the other team score more if the explosion hits the both of you.

2. try to shoot someone in your turn. basically don’t afk or go after a ammo box/health pack thats to far away for you to get a good shot in.

3. Try not to do shots you know your not good at. for example im not good at shooting straight in the air and hitting my target(s).

4. If you can try to end your turn near an opponent. if the teammate attack you he also hits his teammate witch allows you to kill his teammate easier and gain more points and makes them lose points for there teammate dying.

5. when opponents are together hit them hard. for example if there together somewhere i would hit them with a bakers dozen to kill them points and thats 2k+ points i believe. dont do over there and hit one of them with a anvil,slingshot,cow,or anything else that hits 1 person only. also only do this if your able to easily get the ammo back. example i can buy 8 bakers dozen for 1k.

6. go after the one with the least health. this help gain points faster and also knocks there points down for each death. for example if someone has 1700 hp and the other guy 900 hp, hit the guy with 900. (try to judge there hp based on how much there bar moves when they get hit, for example if they get hit for 700 and the bar didnt even drop down to half, it won’t be such a good idea to go for them because there hp is too high.)

7. if they end there turn near teammate don’t go for it, use things like anvils,slingshots, cow(maybe, because it can hurt your team with the goo),and any other thing thats a 1 person hitter. do not apply this if both opponents are together with your teammate. HIT THEM ALL HARD.

8. make sure you know what team your on. i say that because i seen people attack there own teammate first turn and go oops.

9. if low hp try to go to spots that make it hard to hit you in.i don’t got a for example but something like all the way across the board

10. try not get into matches that you know you can’t contribute to. for example your level 20 with no stat points and you in a fight full of levels thats like 20+ yours just try to get into a different match

11. have fun

solo team death match is when your teammate leaves you and its you vs 2 people.

tips are generally the same as team death match but some is a bit changed. im only listing the changed ones

1. always end your turn near opponent. have them attack not only you but also there partner.

2. take all health packs that you can. make them not be able to heal so you can just keep blowing them up. still do not go after them if there to far for you to get a good shot in

How to get the most out of Beehives by Legendary439

Hey everyone,

This is a guide on how to get the most out of your beehives. In other words, how to use them wisely.

Tip #1

Never, NEVER, use a beehive if the player you use it on is next. They will almost always just run away from the bees as soon as they come out.

Tip #2

If you want your bees to do some damage, then you must ALWAYS deploy a beehive under an opponent who’s turn is NOT right after yours. This is pretty obvious since they will not be able to move at all.

Tip #3

If you want your bees to do even more damage, here is what you can do:

If your opponent is NOT next, and is near a wall or closed space, try shooting the beehive IN that closed space for massive damage.


Tip #4

Shoot the beehive inside the pet to do a lot of damage.

This tutorial was made by Legendary439 with help from crimsonflame

 Enhanced Aiming Guide and Tips by toasted fury

Name:  Screenshot - 7_18_2010 , 8_08_28 AM.png  Views: 378  Size:  8.3 KB
The Enhanced Aiming Check Box is located below the Weapon Selector; allows you to choose from the old Automatic Charging Aim[OFF] to Enhanced Aiming[ON]

The Automatic Charging Aim also known as Classic Aiming, allows the weapon to automatically charge the power up to its maximum capacity, also it takes time to reach its max power, this way you can able to release the charging power you desired. It deals with (perfect) timing and skill to hit your target when you are dealing with a difficult terrain or scenario.

1.Best for Acrobatic Players.
2.Use Hotkeys to restart your Aim.
3.Listen to the sound created by the aim, it will help some how.
4.Its very reliable for MIRVs

The Enhanced Aiming allows you to manually control the amount of power of the Power Arrow you desired by moving the curser towards or away from your pet. It deals with precision and skill when your are dealing with a difficult terrain or scenario.

1.Use it with Rabbit’s Ability.
2.Try it on in Super Speed Mode and see the results.
3.A last second decision.

Easy Exp and Money In Less Time Per Battle by jupeto

After the patch not far before this post, I managed to notice something quite interesting and worth a try. So here goes,

Try to find a room that has at least 4 players (More players more exp and money in less time) and start to battle, now ask for your opponents to kill you immediately or use Drill Gun to dig a hole downwards till you drop and die.

WHY!? big question eh?

Because, whether you win or lose, you’ll still get the same experience (Not unless you hit or kill some other players, but just a little difference). So the fast you die the less time you’ll consume that same amount, I started from lvl42 and turn into lvl49 after less 2 hours of playing… I have no my Ammo Refill lol

Here are my table of experience got upon doing this way…

2 Players = 60++ Exp and Money, (Extra exp and money if you hit or kill somebody)
3 Players = ?? (Haven’t played with 3 players yet after the patch)
4 Players = 93++ Exp and 85++ Money, (Extra exp and money if you hit or kill somebody)
5 Players = 105++ Exp and Money, (Extra exp and money if you hit or kill somebody)
6 Players = 120 Exp and 110 Money (MAX) means no more extra exp and money

So try now and experience for yourself…. Don’t mind those people calling you numb, idiot or whatsoever bad words… get use to that 

MIRVs and Aiming by PikaPika677

If your MIRVs fail,use this technique.

1)Stand on or next to the foe
2)If you are on the left,aim 87-88 degrees with 32% power.
If on his right,aim 87-88 degrees to the LEFT with 32% power.
If you are on top,aim 87-90 degrees left or right with 32% power.
But on ANY side,90 degress will almost always work.
(Note:The power MUST be AT LEAST 32%.Any percentage less will cause this technique to fail.)
3)Fire and run!

If successful,you will do 800-1000+ with NO STATS.Great in Skill Mode.

Aim Tip

1)Zoom in.
2)Aim at desired power and angle.

This works great with the MIRV trick and all other weapons affected by gravity.

Pet Tier List 2.0 by driftkingz109

9/7/10 Update

Tier 1:
-Average Health (But Higher than Rabbit and Monkey)
-Average Jump
-Special: Punch
-Slowest pet
-Special : Punch – Punch other pet for 400 damage and can knock them really far if used correctly. if you jump and punch at the same time you do more damage

Tier 2:
-Great Health
-Same speed with rabbit and monkey
-Average Jump
-Special : Bone : Drop a time-bombed bone that deal a max of 450 damage.

-Higher health than monkey, bunny, and bat, lower than, panda and dog
-Tied in slowest pet with panda, really low jump
-Special can be used to do some strategical tactic.
-Special : Dig : Dig the terrains as you move when activated

Tier 3:
-Average Health, Nice Jump, Nice Special,
-Special can be used to cover distance real fast
-Special can be used to go to higher ground fast
-Special : Super Jump : A really high jump that can be used in many situation and no fall damage

-Average Health, Great Jump, Unlimited Special, average speed
-Special can be used to jump horizontally depending of the slope of the terrain
-Special is good for many situation if used with practice
-Special : Climb : Can be activated and deactivated infinitely. When activated, Monkey’s move speed
will become slower than usual, but Monkey can climb over all terrain

-Average Health, A bit less jump than monkey, a bit faster than monkey.
-Hamster starts out smaller than most pets, after they activated giant, they become huge, but when the duration of giant is over, they become even smaller than when they started out with.
-Special : Giant : Make the hamster bigger and it will take reduced damage. But, because it is bigger, it will be easier to hit and more people probably gonna target him. also it will become alot faster

Tier 4:
-Average Health, Best Jump of all Pet, Fastest pet of all, special is pretty powerful
-Take extremely reduced damage from falling.
-Special is like Panda punch but it is weaker
-Special : Scratch : Basically a panda punch with lower damage. (350)

-Average health, a little bit less jump from cat, average speed
-No Special
-Can press jump repeatedly to ‘fly’
– Speed is like the dogs speed

– High health, jump is like dog, speed is like a dog
-Special: Breath fire 30 per damage
-Special: Breaths Fire for 5 seconds

Health Same as armadillo, jump average, speed is like a dog
-Special: Superspin
-Special if you hit people with this it will do alot damage especially with tele stomp

Health: same as hedgehog, jump is the same, speed is the same (for now)
Special: Tongue
Special: can grab enemies. you can push them into mines, make them fall etc

Health:everything is the same, speed, health, jump (for now)
Special: Vomit Fish
Special: Vomits 8 fishes, 40 per damage

The Penguin and hedgehog are still in its beta stages and is not yet released soo the stats might change. and il be here to update this

Health: speed is like a bunny, health same as dog, jump same as dog
Special: Tsunami
Special: Fills 1/4 of the map with water. attack is unlimited, and is not affected by water damage. if you keep doing the tsumani you can fill the entire map


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