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Welcome to Infinite Realms!

Build your network of Outposts and control resources! Amass an unstoppable army and rise to the top!

Infinite Realms is a free-to-play MMORTS (Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy) persistent browser-based game.

Getting Started

First of all, follow the in-game tutorials. They will guide you around the basics of the game, and will be unlocked as you progress through the game.

After completing the first tutorial, you are pretty much free to play around with what you can do with the game. However,the Missions given to you will help set the path to several aspects of Infinite Realms, with a general focus on the buildings and facilities necessary forgetting ready to build Outposts on other planets. However, you don’t have to follow the recommended Missions; they are only meant to serve as a guide.

Still, each completed Mission grants you a reward, which can help you progress faster.

Newbie Protection

Everyone starts under Newbie Protection, where Players will be unable to attack each other (Outposts and player-controlled Resource Fields). Newbie Protection lasts until your Command Center is upgraded to level 2.

During this time, no one will be able to attack you, so it’s a good time to build up and get ready. Also, should you fall short of troops, you can click on the Request Relief Forces button(orange button on the right side of the Outpost screen) to get more. This feature will be disabled once you leave Newbie Protection status.


A major part of Infinite Realms involves collecting the resources necessary for construction and training troops. There are 5 resource types in Infinite Realms:


Rations are the food basically used in everything;they feed your troops and your workers. Unlike other similar strategy games,your troops and population do not consume Rations over time, however you’ll still need plenty for building and training. Always make sure that you have a steady supply coming in.

You can produce Rations by building Rations Depots in your Outpost and seizing control of Food Sources on the Surface Map. You can also acquire Rations by defeating Enemy Camps and raiding other Players’ Outposts on the Surface map.


Verdium is an efficient fuel used for more advanced units and buildings. Even though it is not used for the most basic ones, it quickly becomes needed once you start upgrading.

You can produce Verdium by building Refineries in your Outpost and seizing control of Verdium Fields on the Surface map. You can also acquire Verdium by defeating Enemy Camps and raiding other Players’ Outposts on the Surface Map.


Lucium is a kind of crystal with a variety of uses. However, it tends to be a bit rare, therefore fairly expensive and highly sought after. You’ll start needing Lucium once you upgrade your Command Center to level 2, so make sure to keep some handy.

You can produce Lucium by building Lucium Processors in your Outpost and seizing control of Lucium Mines on the Surface Map. You can also acquire Lucium by defeating Enemy Camps and raiding other Players’ Outposts on the Surface Map.


Credits are the currency used in the world of Infinite Realms. You’ll need Credits to hire Heroes and more importantly,when you lack resources, you can use Credits to buy some at the Trading Hub(once you’ve unlocked it).

Credits are obtained by selling resources at the Trading Hub. The upper limit of the amount of resources you can sell and how many listings you can offer at onetime is determined by the Trading Hub’s level. You can also get Credits by selling equipment from your Inventory, and even by being a good Samaritan and lending a helpful hand to other Players…


Population is used for training units. This can include the unit itself, its crew (in the case of tanks and aircraft) and its support staff such as engineers (i.e. A Shock Trooper only takes up 1 population because it operates independently, whereas an advanced unit like the Wraith needs a team to maintain its equipment).

Your Population limit is determined by the Living Quarters. You can increase the Population limit by upgrading it.Once that limit is reached, it can only decrease by losing units in battle, ordismissing them from service.

Outpost Buildings

Each building has a function, be it for resource production, unit training, etc. It is important to note that you can build more than one of the same resource building if you want to boost production. You can also build more than one of the same unit training building, if you want to be able to recruit more units at a time.

Command Center

The Command Center determines the level cap of buildings at its Outpost. From here, you can view your buildings’ status and levels, rename your Outpost and check on your resource control with the “Realm” button.

Upgrading the Command Center allows for higher level buildings. At level 2, it unlocks the Lucium Processor and Fleet Hangar buildings.

Rations Depot

The Rations Depot, as its name would suggest, produces Rations. Upgrading it increases the production rate.


The Refinery produces Verdium.Upgrading it increases the production rate.

Lucium Processor

Again, obviously, the Lucium Processor produces Lucium. It is only unlocked once your Command Center has reached level 2. Upgrading it increases the production rate.


The Barracks is where you can train your basic ground units (see the Units section for more information).

Upgrading the Barracks unlocks new units and increases the limit of how many units you can train at one time.


The Armory is where heavy armor units are assembled (see the Units section for more information).

Upgrading the Armory unlocks new units and increases the limit of how many units you can train at one time.

Fleet Hangar

The Fleet Hangar is where aircraft units are assembled (see the Units section for more information). It is only unlocked once your Command Center has reached level 2.
Upgrading the Fleet Hangar unlocks new units and increases the limit of how many units you can train at one time.


The Lounge is where you’ll find Heroes available for hire. At first, you only have a choice of two Heroes at a time, but you can unlock other slots by clicking on a locked slot and using a Fortune and Glory item. Better Heroes are found in the fourth slot.
If you don’t like the Heroes currently displayed, you can either wait for some time for the list to refresh on its own,or if you have a Reinforcements item, you can click Refresh to instantly get anew selection.

Clicking on the My Heroes button will take you to the Heroes panel, where you can assign units and equipment.

Upgrading the Lounge offers better Heroes.

Radar Tower

The Radar Tower is what you’ll use to scan information on enemies on the Surface map. After each use, the Radar will need some time to cool down before being able to scan again.

Upgrading the Radar Tower lowers the Cooldown Time required between each scan.

Defense Perimeter

The Defense Perimeter is your first line of defense against other Players attacking you. You can build turre tdefenses here to fight them off.

The Defense Perimeter’s level is dependent on the level of the Command Center, so upgrading the Command Center automatically upgrades the Defense Perimeter. Higher levels provide new turret choices.


A Stargate is used to transfer Heroes and their army to your other Outposts. It is automatically built once your Command Center is upgraded to level 3, and becomes functional as soon as you click on it. Once you’ve unlocked the Stargate, it will be immediately available at every Outpost you own, regardless of their Command Center levels.

Each transfer at the Stargate requires 1 Stargate Passcode item. You can get more through occasional random gifts, or by buying them directly from the Store.



HP: These are a unit’s Hit Points, in other words, the amount of damage a single unit can take before falling in battle.
AP: Attack Power determines how much damage a unit can deal. A Hero’s Attack increases a unit’s AP.
DP: Defense Points determine how much damage a unit can resist. A Hero’s Defense increases a unit’s DP.
SP: Speed Points determine how fast a unit acts in battle, and which unit will go first. A Hero’s Agility increases a unit’s SP.


Shock Trooper:
Shock Troopers are your basic ground units. They won’t do much damage in a fight, but they are the cheapest units to train, needing only Rations.

Reapers are long-ranged sniper units who specialize in dealing damage at a distance, but are not very effective at close range.

Wraiths are swift,deadly, and extremely effective at close range. Their twin blades can pierce through armor like butter.


Raptors are your basic light tank units. They are cost-effective and fast.

Gaia Tank:
Gaia Tanks pack a powerful punch and have very good armor, but are a bit slow. Overall they are a well-balanced unit for ground-based combat.

Titans are massive mechanized armored suits optimized for any combat situation. They are very powerful, but slow and expensive.

Fleet Hangar

Strykers are a very fast air unit that deal decent damage and are relatively inexpensive to produce, but sacrifice armor for speed.

Interceptors are the fastest unit available, do incredible damage, and have decent armor. Their only downfall is the cost in both resources and population needed to operate them.

Desolators are the most powerful unit your can have in your army. They are extremely expensive and take up a lot of population, but they are nearly unstoppable in battle.

Mothership Facilities

Your Mothership is where your journey started. As you were establishing your first Outpost, there were complications and contact was temporarily lost. Once contact is reestablished, you can visit your Mothership at any time.

Living Quarters

The Living Quarters are where your people live, at least until you train them to serve in your army. This facility determines the population limit you can have, and upgrading it increases that limit.

Cargo Bay

The Cargo Bay is where the resources you produce or collect are stored. There is a quantity limit for each resource,and when that limit is reached, that particular resource will stop being produced. You can increase this storage limit by upgrading the Cargo Bay.

Trading Hub

The Trading Hub is where you can buy and sell resources.
Buying resources from System Trade costs more, but you can get exactly the amount you want instantly. Player Trade is cheaper, but you might not always find the exact quantity you want.
Selling resources to the System means you will get your Credits instantly, but at a lower profit than if you sell to Players. However, selling to Players can take some time, since you’ll have to wait for other Players to buy your listed resources first.
Upgrading the Trading Hub increases the upper limit of the amount of resources you can sell, and how many listings you can offer at one time.

Docking Bay

Your first Outpost was initially an Outpost Ship which was launched from this very Docking Bay. Because of some complications, it was damaged after the initial launch, but repairs are being made. (In fact, they may be complete by the time you read this…)

The Docking Bay is used to build Outpost Ships which you can use to set up new Outposts on other planets. Every level of the Docking Bay gives you 1 ship (including your first Outpost), up to a limit of 5.


Heroes work as generals for your army, leading battles and defending key locations. You can hire Heroes at the Lounge, and view them with either the My Heroes button within the Lounge, or by clicking on the Heroes link on the top-right side of the screen.

In the Hero Details panel, you can adjust a Hero’s army and equip him/her with equipment. Equipment increases a Hero’s attributes, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on Battle Reports and your Inventory to see if you’ve gained any.


Every Hero has their own set of attributes that determine their performance in battle. 1 bonus Skill Point is gained every time a Hero levels up, which you can use to increase that Hero’s attributes.You can do this in the Equipment section of the Hero panel.
If you wish to reset the assigned bonus Skill Points, you can use a Memory Wipe item by clicking on the Reset button in the Hero panel. You can then redistribute the Skill Points to other attributes without penalty (i.e. Hero won’t lose any levels or bonus Skill Points). This will also reset any bonus Skill Points added to Heroes you’ve hired with a level higher than 1, so you can customize a newly hired high-level Hero more to your liking. A Memory Wipe will only reset bonus Skill Points; a Hero’s original attributes from level 1 cannot be changed.

Attack (ATT)

Attack determines the amount of damage that a Hero’s units will cause. Heroes with high Attack are good for assaults, raids, and generally causing destruction.

Defense (DEF)

Defense determines the amount of armor that a Hero’s units will have. Heroes with high Defense are good for defending strategic locations and keeping more of their units alive.

Agility (AGI)

Agility determines how fast a Hero’s units will act in battle. It also increases movement speed on the Surface map,thus Heroes with high Agility can get to their destinations faster, making them invaluable in emergencies.

Charisma (CHA)

Charisma determines the limit of units a Hero can lead. Heroes with high Charisma can be assigned much larger armies than others. This attribute increases gradually as your Hero levels up,and can’t be increased with bonus Skill Points.


A Hero can carry equipment to enhance his/her attributes. Equipment can be found from winning battles and can be purchased at the Store.

Every equipment piece belongs to a set. You can figure out which set a piece belongs to by looking carefully at its name.


There are many enemy threats strewn about the Surface Map. Defeating them not only completes certain missions, but can also reward you with resources, equipment, Reputation and experience points (XP) for your Heroes.

If your Hero is defeated, on the other hand,you will still gain some Reputation and Hero XP, but all your Hero’s units will be lost, and your Hero will return to your Outpost.



Humans are an industrious race. Even when their homeworld was destroyed after a war that escalated out of hand, they persevered to survive in new regions of space.


The Mhad’ul are a mysterious race with psionic powers. Having the ability to take control over minds makes them feared, but thankfully not all of them choose to use this power for evil.


The Psodrinar were originally underwater-dwelling creatures, but were forced from their homeworld into slavery by the S’uhrden. Many eventually escaped, using scraps of technology they could piece together to adapt to surface life.


S’uhrdens value strength and power over anything else. They have one of the largest empires in the known galaxy, all gained through centuries of conquest. Their empire is currently part of the United Confederation, though there are many, including from other races, who still oppose this association.


The Xuleth are an ancient and relatively peaceful race. They are far from pushovers though; possessing the most advanced technologies among the known races, they are one of the only ones to have ever consistently and successfully resisted S’uhrden invasions.


There are many other known races besides the 5 major ones, and for Enemy Camp purposes, these fall under “Other”.Their reasons for being in the Archeon Galaxy vary from being conquered and enslaved by the S’uhrden Empire, to working as mercenaries or merchants within the United Confederation.

Surface Map Locations

To scroll through the Surface map,click the left mouse button and drag.

Food Source

A Food Source is an area with particularly high potential for food production, be it on land or water. Taking control of it will increase your Rations production and your Reputation. If you lose control of it, you also lose both the production and Reputation bonuses.

Food Sources appear as orange dots on your minimap.

Verdium Field

A Verdium Field is a location where an abundant supply of Verdium gas has been found. Taking control of it will increase your Verdium production and your Reputation. If you lose control of it, you also lose both the production and Reputation bonuses.

Verdium Fields appear as green dots on your minimap.

Lucium Mine

A Lucium Mine is a place where substantial Lucium crystal deposits have been found. Taking control of it will increase your Lucium production and Reputation. If you lose control of it, you also lose both the production and Reputation bonuses.

Lucium Mines appear as blue dots on your minimap.

Player Outpost

These are other Players’ Outposts. If you attack one and win, you get to acquire some of that Player’s resources. After a successful attack, Players will not be allowed to attack a defeated Outpost for one hour, giving some time for that Player to recover.

Unlike attacking Enemy Camps, after attacking another Player, a percentage of your lost units will be recovered.The percentage is determined by your current rank.

Military Base

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Trading Post

Coming Soon!

Planet Types

Infinite Realms takes place in the Archede solar system of the Archeon Galaxy. The Archede system has 9 planets, which fall into 3 planet categories: Thermal, Primeval,and Glacial.


Thermal type planets are susceptible to constant volcanic eruptions and lava flows, usually appearing reddish from a distance. Due to constant volcanic activity and high gas emissions, Thermal type planets are nearly impossible to inhabit,however ideal for harvesting Verdium gas. Thus, colonies found on such planets are typically only populated by workers and the soldiers defending them.

Thermal Class Planets:

Eytha: Considered by many to be the most hostile planet in the Archeon Galaxy. If not for its substantial quantities of Verdium gas, it would be avoided entirely.

Credne: Credne’s surface is extremely unstable, with noticeable tectonic shifts every few decades causing all manner of natural disasters. A fascinating study for geologists, but a nightmare for its inhabitants.

Sandraudiga: Sandraudiga is the more tame of its sister planets, Credne and Eytha, only just falling into the Thermal class. Its surface is notable for its vast expanses of red-sand deserts.


A planet type that has been classified as most similar to Earth,Primeval planets show resemblance to Earth’s Primeval era. Filled with lush forests and bodies of water, Primeval planets are completely capable of sustaining humanoid life. They are ideal for producing food for Rations, and some contain moderate amounts of Verdium and Lucium.

Primeval Class Planets:

Sif: Sif is the nearest Primeval planet to the sun. It is the most fertile planet in the system, making it a prime location for food production.

Tanfana: Tanfana is the only planet in the system showing possible signs of an ancient civilization.Barely anything is left of it, though, so whoever they were, they are long gone now.

Balor: The largest of the Primeval planets in the system, the higher gravity of Balor makes for some interesting plant life… as well as some discomfort for its residents.


A class for planets which are mostly frozen, appearing in various hues of blue and white when seen from a distance. Extreme temperatures make Glacial planets unfavorable for colonization, however some forms of life have been known survive these conditions. Nevertheless, they tend to have considerable Lucium crystal deposits, which attract the attention of even the most reluctant of species.

Glacial ClassPlanets:

Aegir: Although generally accepted as a Glacial type planet, Aegir resembles a Primeval planet in perpetual winter. The surface is habitable, though not ideal with its high gravity and bitter cold temperatures.

Sigyn: The largest planet in the whole system. Incredible gravity and harsh environment prove that Sigyn was never meant to host sentient life. None know this better than the unfortunate ones sent there to extract Lucium.

Hnoss: Hnoss is the furthest planet from the sun. Although this would normally be enough to deter most visitors, its unusually high number of Lucium deposits proves otherwise.

Reputation and Ranks

Reputation is a measure of how much a Player has accomplished in Infinite Realms. Reputation can be gained by completing missions, victory in battle, and controlling resource fields.

Once your Reputation reaches a certain amount, you will gain a player level. Every few levels, you will be promoted and receive the next rank.

Once per day, you can collect a commission depending on your rank, with a small chance of getting an added bonus. At higher ranks, you’ll get more Credits and a higher chance to get a bonus!


The path of progress can be a long one. However, there are many items you can use to make things easier. You can sometimes acquire some of the basic items from winning battles of completing missions. You can also buy any of these items directly from the Store if you have enough Tokens!

Speed Ups

Speed Ups are items that will decrease Cooldown Times after completing actions such as upgrading or training units.


Production items add a boost to your resource production level. Multiple uses of these items do not increase the production boost, but rather they stack onto the remaining time of effect.


Other items include those that add an extra Construction Queue, boost your Hero’s attributes, teleport your Hero to their destination instantly and so on.

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