Translation: Liang Jing Ru & Cao Ge – PK

梁靜茹 & 曹格 – PK
Liang Jing Ru (Fish Leong) & Cao Ge (Gary Chaw) – PK


(male) you have your principles
and i have a different personality
not giving in this time
call my brothers out to sing

情緒谷底 約好姊妹喝香檳
(female) in a two person relationship
but you decide alone
feeling so low, get my sisters for some champagne

(m) really dislike others doubting me
(f) the closeness i want is to decide together
(m) interfering too much is imprisonment
(f) to little communication is distance
(both) love has a thousand definitions

(女)三天不聯絡 和解要被動
(男)不談對錯 假裝沒冷戰過
(合)想在愛裏當主key 要搶到麥克風
(f) no news for three days, making up is passive
(m) not talking about wrong or right, pretending we didn’t argue
(b) to be the lead key in love, you’ll have to snatch the microphone

(女)三天淚狂流 殘局你來收
(男)雖然心疼 不能攤手低頭
(合)心思拉扯中 PK寂寞
(f) crying for three days, you should clean up the mess
(m) even though it hurts, can’t let go can’t lose
(b) in the emotional struggle, PK loneliness

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