Translation: Jay Chou – She Wu (Snake Dance)

周杰伦 – 蛇舞
Jay Chou – She Wu (Snake Dance)


the nile river quietly meanders past the papyrus plants
moving like an emotionless cotton gown
yet after wearing it you turn to dance for me
dancing out an exclamation mark for the desolate land

黄昏燃烧 金字塔上的云角
人面狮身下的影子 在预兆
石阶上焚着油膏 在我国度里
堆积了 几个世纪的尘嚣
the dusk burns the clouds above the pyramids
the shadow below the sphinx is like an omen
on the stone steps burns an oily balm, in my country
there accumulates a few century’s worth of mortal woes

在羊皮卷角 古老的明了
谁都逃不掉 天平上的烦恼
你微微地笑 赤足又扭腰
朝着命运 凿出一道美艳的符号
at the corner of the roll of sheep skin, is an ancient understanding
no one can escape, the worries that are set on the scales
you give a faint smile, barefoot and twisting your waist
towards destiny, you made a glamorous symbol

※来找我 找不到我
(那迷路的眼眸 找不到我)
come find me, can’t find me
your pair of lost eyes
(your lost eyes, can’t find me)

跟着我 被我诱惑
(众神都着了魔 被我诱惑)
follow me, be lured by me
the dieties have too been bewitched
(the dieties have been bewitched, lured by me)

说爱我 爱不爱我
(那王者的沉默 爱不爱我)
say you love me, do you love me
your king’s silence
(your king’s silence, do you love me)

看着我 被我诱惑
(你灵魂属于我 被我诱惑)※
look at me, be lured by me
your soul belongs to me
(your soul belongs to me, be lured by me)

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