Translation: BUMP OF CHICKEN – Mayday

this one is so hard, i felt like giving up really, errors aplenty i’d wager


作詩:藤原基央 作曲:藤原基央

君に嫌われた君の 沈黙が聴こえた
君の目の前に居るのに 遠くから聴こえた
hated by you i’ve heard your slience
i’m right in front of you but i’ve heard you from far away

発信源を探したら 辿り着いた水溜まり
これが人の心なら 深さなど解らない
searching for the reason is like groping in the water
this is a person’s heart its depth can’t be understood

呼ばれたのが 僕でも僕じゃないとしても
どうでもいい事だろう 問題は別にあるんだ
whether you were calling out to me or not
it doesn’t really matter right, the issue is something else

息は持つだろうか 深い心の底まで
君が沈めた君を 見つけるまで潜るつもりさ
苦しさと比例して 僕らは近付ける
再び呼吸をする時は 君と一緒に
are you holding your breath? down to the bottom of your heart
you are drowning so i won’t stop diving till i find you
the pain grows as we get closer
when i have to take another breath, i’ll take it with you

僕もまた同じ様に 沈黙を聴かれた
君もまた同じ様に 飛び込んでくれるなら
me i’m still the same, listening to the silence
you you’re still the same, pulling me in deeper

口付けを預け合おう 無くさずに持っていこう
君に嫌われた君へ 代わりに届けるよ
i’m keeping the kiss, hoping i don’t lose it
hated by you i want to make it up to you

誰もが違う生き物 他人同士だから
寂しさを知った時は 温もりに気付けるんだ
everyone is different and we’re all strangers
but when we’re lonely we can notice their warmth

勇気はあるだろうか 一度心覗いたら
君が隠した痛み ひとつ残らず知ってしまうよ
傷付ける代わりに 同じだけ傷付こう
分かち合えるもんじゃないのなら 二倍あればいい
peeking into the heart is there any courage there?
the pain that you hide, i know you haven’t left any behind
trying to make up for the hurt, i caused the same injury to myself
it isn’t something that can be shared so its fine to have double

怖いのさ 僕も君も
自分を見るのも見せるのも 或いは誰かを覗くのも
でも 精一杯送っていた 沈めた自分から
we’re both afraid you and me
maybe i am seeing or showing myself, or possibly looking at someone else
but i sent it with all my might, from the drowning me
a prayer like Mayday

響く救難信号 深い心の片隅
こんなところにいたの 側においで 逃げなくていいよ
触れた発信源に 届けるよ 口付け
the resounding signal for help, in a corner of the heart’s depth
coming close in a place like this its fine if theres no escape
touching the source i send to you a kiss
the one i’ve been keeping from you

勇気はあるだろうか 一度手を繋いだら
離さないまま外まで 連れていくよ 信じていいよ
息は持つだろうか 眩しい心の外まで
再び呼吸をする時は 君と一緒に
is there any courage there? joining hands for once
not letting go till i’ve brought you out, do believe in it
are you holding your breath? till we’re out of the dazzling heart
when i have to take another breath, i’ll take it with you

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  1. Anonymous says:

    a gd job well done =)

  2. i’ve also decided to go over the whole translation again, a fresh mind can do wonders!

  3. wow, i think you’re absolutely right. Thanks!~

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is a tough one but I think it should be “whether it was calling to me or not (whether it was me being called to or not), it doesn’t matter, that’s not really the issue”

  5. your blog is really pink!

  6. aeffav says:

    thank U for your translation..
    great stuff! ~ looking @the profound trans, it must have been real tough..^^
    [btw i linked ya on my blog.]

  7. really glad you like my work XD
    thanks for reading!

  8. ameru says:

    woah! great stuff! thanks for the lyrics, translating into something meaningful from asian language to western is difficult! but great job :3

  9. i really appreciate your comment as well!!
    merry christmas!

  10. Keladry says:

    thankyou for translating! Its very much appreciated
    take care~<3

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