Rainbow Six Siege Mira Tips and Tricks

Rainbow Six Siege Mira Tips and Tricks by Toch_Lighte

Mira is a really good operator in quite a few ways. Her loadout is great and her gadget is very useful, but many people don’t use her to her full effectiveness, and can sometimes even be a detriment to their own team because of the mistakes they make. Here’s a little collection of tips and tricks to help you avoid those mistakes and play her strengths to their fullest extent.


  • The Vector is an incredible gun, and its hipfire is probably the best of any automatic in the game. Use a vertical grip, preferred sight (Holo looks great on it), and a Flash Hider. Recoil control is really easy. Don’t spray the entire mag at once past short range, bursts of 5-7 bullets work fine.

  • The ITA12S is a good up-close backup, and the utility is also very nice. You can use it for opening hatches, widening the FoV of the mirrors, and making small rotation holes. Put a sight on it (like the Reflex), because it obstructs a lot of your view while ADS if you have iron sights. Also use a laser because its spread is high.

  • The Nitro Cell can help lock down choke points when combined with Mira’s gadget, and the deployable shield can block twitch drones from going through doorways to keep the mirrors safe.

Countering Twitch: always do these things every round, pls

  • Don’t place your mirrors immediately, and instead get on the cameras after placing reinforcements and getting armor. Wait 20-30 seconds watching them – if any get destroyed in that time, the attackers have a Twitch.

  • (If they have Twitch) Ask your teammates if they shot a shock drone yet – once the first one is destroyed, you can safely put your mirrors up.

  • If you know a shock drone is trying to get one of your mirrors, stand between the drone and the canister. Twitch won’t be able to open the window, only shock you once or twice.

Placing the Mirrors:

  • Check line of sight to windows and doorways before placing mirrors to see if someone outside the room could get a clear shot on the canister – if they can, don’t place it there, because it’ll be a free window into the objective for the attackers. You can crouch while placing mirrors to place them out of view from across a room.

  • After placing them, (if possible) go around to the other side and shoot the breakable wall to the left and right of the mirror with your shotgun. This will increase the field of view when looking through the mirror.

  • If you’re using them to pre-fire a chokepoint, place them as close as possible to the object you’re pre-firing through.

  • If you have an unreinforced wall, crouch and place the mirror low. The mirror will provide cover for you while crouched, and if you want to shoot back you can just stand up.

  • You don’t have to use both mirrors every time. If the only other place to put a mirror is a bad spot, just don’t place it. Unused mirrors can be placed later in the round for extra intel.

  • If your mirror is placed in an objective, 99% of the time breaking it will be more of a detriment to your team than anything.

Using the mirrors:

  • Seriously, you don’t have to break them, and almost always shouldn’t. When broken, they’re essentially an X-Kairos hole, and they WILL be used by the attackers.

  • You can ping through the mirrors, both to indicate to your teammates where an enemy is, and also to make pre-firing even easier.

  • With a mirror placed facing a chokepoint/area you anticipate the enemy to come through, place your Nitro Cell somewhere it can be used to kill the enemy as soon as they enter. Oftentimes, the sight of the mirror combined with the sound of the nitro cell is enough to dissuade anyone from coming that way.

  • When/if a mirror is broken open, make sure to tell your teammates, as it’s a very big vulnerability once open.

  • After Twitch, Hibana is the biggest threat to Mira. If you have a Bandit or Mute on your team, ask them to place one of their gadgets on the window’s reinforcement.

That’s all I could think of, but if I missed anything then tell me and I’ll add it!

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