Rainbow Six Siege Best Barrel Attachments Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Best Barrel Attachments Guide (up to Para Bellum) by Syrius-Wormwood

Update: New Guide for New Recoil Changes Up to Grim Sky Season.

For the people that don’t know:

Compensator – reduces ONLY horizontal recoil. It does not reduce the vertical climb speed, but it reduces the variety between every shoot.
Flash Hider -reduces BOTH vertical and horizontal recoil. It’s like Jack of all trades, does everything, but it’s not best in anything.
Muzzle Brake – reduces ONLY vertical recoil and on top of that moves the aim back to X0Y0 (the point where you started shooting) faster than any other barrel.

So I have tested every single weapon in game with all the barrel attachments that change recoil. I have been working on this for the past 5 days and it was the most boring thing i have ever done. I will share with you what I think are the best barrels for every single weapon in the game, and I will give you a link to check them out yourself if you want to.

First things first. All the weapons were tested with vertical grip, when available. After I tried Silencers and Extended Barrels for some weapons and I concluded after a few hours of testing, that both of this barrels DO NO AFFECT RECOIL. So i tested only Muzzle Brake, Flash Hider and Compensator for all the weapons. All recoil patterns are from 14m distance. This is done for 2 reasons. 1. The white wall on Coastline is amazing for testing recoil and 2. This seems like an average distance in a siege gun-fights. Here is the link to the position i tested the recoils from. https://i.imgur.com/d0MKjqW.png

On top of that i tested every weapon and barrel in T-Hunt.

BUG: MK17 (Blackbeard) has no vertical variation between shoots. You can check this in the images I’ll post below. https://i.imgur.com/IFNkRSQ.png

Method used: I started shooting from the same spot every time until the recoil was high enough and hit the wood, then i would stop and wait for the recoil to come down to the X0Y0 position (the spot i started shooting in the first place). And I continued to shoot until i ran out of bullets on each weapon. So let’s finally start with the recoil patterns.

Best barrel for every weapon:

Every pistol – Muzzle Brake

Every DMR (Twitch, Glaz, Buck, Blackbeard, Dokkaebi, Lion) – Muzzle Brake

6P41 (Fuze, Finka) – Flash Hider (no other barrel that improves recoil)

9x19VSN (Kapkan, Tachanka) – Compensator

416-C Carbine (Jager) – Compensator

552 Commando (IQ) – Compensator

556XI (Thermite) – Flash Hider

AK-12 (Fuze) – Muzzle Brake (this weapon has horrible recoil with any barrel, but the vertical climb is impossible to control with anything other than Muzzle Brake. On top of that since, it has horrible recoil you can tap fire much faster with Muzzle Brake.

ALDA 5.56 (Maestro) – Muzzle Brake (since this weapon has almost no horizontal recoil there is no point in using anything other than Muzzle Brake)

AR33 (Thatcher) – Flash Hider (too much muzzle climb for compensator)

AUG A2 (IQ) – Compensator (for some reason not only is it better for horizontal recoil, but it’s better for vertical recoil too)

BEARING 9 (Hibana) – Compensator

C7E (Jackal) – Compensator (sooooo much better than the other 2)

C8-SFW (Buck) – Flash Hider

F2 (Twitch) – Muzzle Brake (the horizontal recoil is too small to worry about it, so there is no need for Flash Hider or Compensator)

FMG-9 (Smoke) – Flash Hider

G8A1 (IQ) – Compensator

G36C (Ash) – Compensator

K1A (Vigil) – Compensator

L85A2 (Sledge, Thatcher) – Flash Hider

LMG-E (Zofia) – Muzzle Brake

M12 (Caveira) – Flash Hider

M249 (Capitao) – Compensator

M762 (Zofia) – Compensator (it’s mind blowing how good this is compared to Muzzle Brake and Flash Hider)

MK17 CQB (Blackbeard) – Muzzle Brake

MP5 (Doc, Rook) – Flash Hider

MP5K (Mute) – Compensator

MP7 (Bandit) – Compensator

MPX (Valkyrie) – Compensator

Mx4 Storm (Alibi) – Compensator

PARA-308 (Caipitao) – Muzzle Brake (no horizontal recoil, so there is no need for anything else)

PDW9 (Jackal) – Compensator

R4-C (Ash) – Flash Hider (both the Flash Hider and Compensator work very good, however, it much easier to get head shots with flash hider since the distance from the first to second bullet it’s much smaller)

Scorpion Evo 3 A1 (Ela) – Compensator (Compensator it’s the only one that “works”. As in, it is only horrible, while the Flash Hider and Muzzle Break are an abomination)

SMG-11 (Smoke) – Compensator (it should be illegal to use anything else on SMG-11 since it’s light years better then all of the other barrels combined)

SPEAR .308 (Finka) – Muzzle Brake (same as Twitch and Capitao)

T-5 SMG (Lesion) – Flash Hider (the gap between the first bullet and the second is waaaaaaay to big to use Compensator)

T95-LSW (Ying) – Compensator

TYPE-89 (Hibana) – Compensator (off topic: somehow Muzzle Brake works 100x better than Flash Hider on this gun, but they are both inferior to the Compensator)

UMP45 (Castle, Pulse) – Compensator (this weapon as almost no vertical recoil, so there is no point in using anything other than Compensator)

V308 (Lion) – Muzzle Brake (same as Twitch, Finka, Capitao)

Vector .45 ACP (Mira) – Compensator


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