Overwatch Best Aiming Settings Guide

Overwatch Best Aiming Settings Guide by TSM GladeAdelade

Here are my ingame video settings that I recommend. You want vsync and triple buffering OFF as these cause input lag. Turn your limit FPS to 300, basically as high as possible. It is horrible to play overwatch at 60 fps because at those frames, the game engine creates input lag. If you can’t run above 60 frames then I’m sorry my friend, but you’re doomed. It’s definitely time for a upgrade. Anything above 200+ is what you need to aim for. Turn REDUCE BUFFERING ON because this lowers your input lag, but it also is a little heavier on your computer. It is a MUST because this option is your best friend. I also play on a 144hz monitor. If you can afford a 144hz monitor PLEASE buy one. It is SO much better than a 60hz monitor in every single way possible. You can go look up youtube videos for comparisons.

Here are my graphics settings. Turn your render scale to 75%. Yes it might be slightly blurry but if you truly want the BEST aim feel you can get, 75% is DEFINITELY the way to go. Turn every single graphics option below the render scale to as low as possible. The only reason my screenshot quality is high, is because I like my screenshots to look nice. This has no performance impact with screenshot quality. ALL my settings are set to the lowest possible. This is because if you have a bad computer, it will obviously give you more frames. Plus, overwatch’s engine is really weird and changing even the slightest settings to different quality changes the way aiming feels. So please, if you want aiming to feel good, you’re gonna have to sacrifice high quality graphics.

Here are my NVIDIA Control Panel settings.

You can access your nvidia control panel by simply right clicking anywhere on your desktop (with no tabs open obviously, so like, right click on your wallpaper or something) and then going to “Manage 3D Settings”.

This is super important because this helps your game run better, which means less input lag + a snappier feeling. I’m really sorry if some of you don’t own Nvidia graphics cards, if you don’t, then ignore this section. I’m gonna list the part 2 and 3 settings below this.

NVIDIA Settings Part 2

Nvidia Settings Part 3

MarkC Mouse Fix.

What is this gale? Well this my friend is 100% a SUPER essential thing you will need to download. It basically removes ALL mouse acceleration in the windows registry. This gives you true raw input. People way back in old Counter Strike would use this to remove their mouse acceleration.

I personally hate mouse accel SO much and I want it gone. You might also ask, “But Gale, Overwatch uses raw input right?” I thought so too. Give this a download and tell me you don’t feel a difference, because you will 100% feel a difference. This also goes to show blizzard’s imperfect engine and their “Raw Input”

My good friend “Bird” back in the day showed me this program. Once I first started to use it, I was so amazed and my aim definitely felt snappier and more of a “raw input” feel. Everyone else I have showed this to (personal friends) they all tell me that it has worked wonders for them.

“But Gale, is this conisdered cheating in any way and will get you banned from OW?” The answer is – No. This simply removes mouse accel and gives you a true raw input feel. I’ve used this since season 2 and I couldn’t be happier that a program like this exists. It’s kinda sad that blizzard hasn’t just added a raw input feature (atleast a good working one) and put it in the control settings section. Go the the website and follow the instructions CLOSELY. The link is here, thank me later http://donewmouseaccel.blogspot.com/2010/03/markc-windows-7-mouse-acceleration-fix.html

Setting your Overwatch to “High Priority”.

This is super helpful. This option helps me out a ton in terms of the way my aim feels, especially since I stream and I get input lag from streaming. All you have to do is go into your Task Manager and go to “Details” then right click Overwatch (it HAS to be running) and then hover over “Set Priority” then click “High”. Then boom, you’re done. This will help a lot.

That’s pretty much it for the settings. I’m gonna list some other great tips here that will help you out in your quest for great aim. I just wanted to thank you first for clicking on this and reading. I hope it helped you out. I would appreciate it if you followed my twitch at twitch.tv/gale_adelade

Now for the tips

#1. Get a good mouse. If you’re not using a good mouse with a good sensor, you won’t have the best feel possible compared to other players who have good mice. Good brands include: ZOWIE, LOGITECH, STEELSERIES, and FINALMOUSE. I personally use the “Finalmouse Scream One”. In my opinion it’s such a great mouse for me and I just can’t seem to swap from it. Anyways, make sure you do your research and find a good sensor. Don’t be afraid to drop at least $70+ for a good mouse. It’s worth it, trust me. Make sure to replace your mouse after 2 years of use.

#2. Get a good mousepad. Pretty simple tip here, I use the QCk Heavy and it’s fantastic. Again, do your research and find a good reviewed mousepad. Replace after 3 months of use, since mousepads can form hard spots and rough areas that you don’t want.

#3. Find a good sens that works for you. Generally in FPS, you want a lower sens. It makes things a lot easier for you, and is great in the long run if you build muscle memory with low sens. You’ll hit a ton more shots. I personally use 8.33 sens in Overwatch with 400 DPI and 45 Scoped Sens.

#4. When you’re gaming in Overwatch, some tabs open in the background can slow your game down. Which basically means more input lag. So if you’re gaming, close out your internet tabs in the background. Overwatch is super sensitive to EVERYTHING. It’s honestly such a bad engine compared to Counter Strike. I really hope they improve it soon.

#5. Now this isn’t really a tip but something I’d like to add. Every patch blizzard does on Overwatch, they generally make aiming feel better and there’s less input lag. Which is honestly great. Back in season one, aiming was the biggest joke you’d ever see in a FPS game. It was HUGE mess. Go look at gameplay back in the early seasons of overwatch compared to now. People could not aim for shit compared to now. Thank god they have improved it a TON since then but in my opinion they still need to focus on adding TRUE raw input in the game and also focus on reducing input lag as much as possible. Doing flick shots still feel really awkward compared to a perfect engine like CS:GO. If a blizzard staff is reading this, please improve on the aiming. You guys have done a great job so far.

#6. For the last tip, It’s about aiming in general. Make sure to find a good sens for yourself and STICK with it please. Do NOT swap around sensitivities until you found the one that you like. Try out pro player’s sensitivities, or mess with it yourself. Build your muscle memory with that sens and don’t use different sensitivities on other characters. The best tip I can give you is to keep with it. Practice and grind a lot and you’ll see improvement. Watch some good streamers (*cough* Me *cough*) or pros who have good aim and watch how they track enemies. Obviously aim isn’t everything, positioning and game sense are things you will have to work on too. Keep up the grind my dudes, you got this :)

Thanks so much for reading my guide. I hope it helps you out in anyway possible, I’ve seen so many aiming guides with settings that don’t really help much or go into detail well. Anyways, love you all. Peace <3

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