League of Legends How to Win Bottom Lane Guide

League of Legends How to Win Bottom Lane Guide by Ameliorate208

Ult down is a clear advantage at all times, as well feel free comment below to add on to the list!

Karma – Strong against AOE Burst (pick with Xayah/Ezreal/Twitch) || Weak point – W/E on cooldown

Zyra – Strong against Tanks || Weak point – E on Cooldown

Sona – Strong against AOE burst/decent against sustain/ (Strong with Ashe/Varus) || Weak point – W/E on cooldown, recently used passive ( Grievous wounds helps against sona)

Lulu – Single Target Peel (play with Twitch/Kog’maw/Tristana/Jinx/Xayah) || Weak point – W/E on cooldown

Leona – Counter AP supports (Play with Tristana)|| Weak point – Engages then attempts to disengage (Leona main weakpoint is disengage) (need coordination to be played at peak)

Janna – Need strong Early/wave clear (Team need heavy peel)|| Weak point – Q/E on cooldown (Grievous wounds helps against Janna)

Soraka – Comp has Heavy CC – (Don’t pick if team comp has Vlad/Warwick/Mundo)|| Weak point – Q/E on cooldown (grievous wounds) Ability list (Katarina R,Varus E,)Ignite heavy counter, Item list to counter soraka.

Braum – Block High projectiles (Do not Blind pick)|| Weak point – E on cooldown ( need coordination to be played at peak)

Alistar – Counter Ap supports(Alistar has a weak lvl 1 abuse him) (Strong with Early Game junglers)(pick with ally Assassins)|| Weak point – W/Q on cooldown (Strong with Sivir/Xayah/Tristana) (use flash,dash,knock back to dodge his combo) Vayne (E), Ezreal (E), Lucian (E), Tristana (W)(R) | Need coordination to be played at peak

Rakan – countered by lulu/Janna CC during his W (lulu just has to W rakan while he dashing in to cancel it) || Weak point – W/E on cooldown (strong with Xayah)

Nami – Strong laning ( Can’t play against Aggressive CC || Weak point – Q on cooldown

Taric – Strong Teamfight/High chase potential – || Weak point – E on cooldown, respect taric’s auto attack.

Bard – counters Jhin R/Xerath R/Ryze R/ornn R/Twisted fate R – Delays Dps with R ( Weak point – Keep him away from walls to escape / Q on cooldown

Morgana – Strong against heavy CC – Max [E] if Heavy Ap CC) (strong with jhin/varus/ashe)

Zilean – Strong With (MasterYi/Shyvana/Rengar/Singed/Olaf/Skarner/wukong/Hecarim/Rammus) (Weak point- W/E/ on cooldown)

Thresh – Skill Based champion, goes well with Kalista high outplay potential together Weak point (Q/E on cooldown) (Thresh+ignite lvl 2 has high base damage for a lvl 2 kill) (Has ability to interrupt dashes,hops.) Ex. lee sin [Q] while connecting thresh can interrupt his [Q] mid air. (Stand behind minions to not get hooked)

Blitzcrank – (high pick potential)Blue side favors Blitzcrank’s hook (Hooks from his right arm) Weak point [Q] on cooldown. (Stand behind minions to not get hooked)

Tahm Kench counters single target assassins,Backline divers ( Respect tahm’s passive autos to avoid being eaten.


Brand – weak point is Q or W being on cooldown. You should be trying to dodge his Q like a blitzcrank hook and stand behind minions to help dodge it. Also Brand maxes W 1st and you don’t want to get hit by three of his abilities for his passive to proc. ( side note don’t stand near your adc if he has ult and avoid clumping together for his Ult in team fights, basically you want to spread out.

Fiddlesticks Weak point is Q/E on cooldown as well that he struggles against hard cc and shield supports. (Alistar/Sona/Janna/Leona) Ward camps,bushes and behind walls, where you think the spot he will try to ult from. Janna (R) completely counters fiddlestick’s R as it will reset the fight. Use your shield (Karma/lulu/Janna) whenever his Crow [E] is flying towards you to prevent damage and don’t stand near minions.

Trundle – Kite him off his (W) domain,(E) leave his Pillar asap, Grievous wounds strong against him, he has decent amount healing. (Trundle good against Leona,Braum) he will Ult them and steal their bonus stats when they use their W for Armor,Magic resists bonus, so if you’re playing braum or leona press your W after he ults so he can’t steal your stats. Vayne,Tristana,lucian,ezreal decent against him as they’re able to escape his pillar. no mobility adc struggle against him. (Ashe,Sivir,Jhin,Varus)

Trundle can interrupt tristana jump and it’s not that hard to do. Respect Trundle’s damage early on, he can easilly eat an ADC.

Malzahar: strong against shield supps, weaker against leona,ali,thresh… strong: when he hits lv6, when he gets rylais weak: high mana cost on q in early levels, when q is on cooldown


Karma – Very strong pushing lane and mantra Q hurts way too much. You need to all in her before she can chunk you down and basically keep you under your tower, but this is hardly easy.

Zyra – Way too much damage from outside the retaliation range. A good Zyra player won’t randomly E, just like a good Blitz player won’t randomly throw a hook, to preserve kill threat uptime at maximum.

Sona – Great damage thanks to passive in lane and it is really difficult to play around it, too. Even longer ranged carries struggle to play against it. Her only weak point is the vulnerable nature she has. However, her poke is more reliable than Karma’s poke, effectively diminishing your chances to find an opening.

Lulu – Versatile champion. If you have a stronger lane, she can keep the lane at striking distance. If she has the stronger lane, she will push her advantage as far as she can. If Lulu has good timing and decision making with her polymorph and shielding, winning this lane becomes immensely difficult.

Leona – Straightforward engage, and has great CC packed into her kit. Also, a great kill threat at early levels, and then at level 6 with her ult and from then on, at pretty much any point in the game. If she has decent follow up, you are likely to lose in a straight up 2v2 from the chain-CC stacking.

Janna – Easily one of the best neutralizing supports in the game, if not the best. She has great disengage, so, even if things seem to start going off, she can reset in the best possible way to turn things around. Her Q and ult can deny all-ins from engage supports, as well, so, time windows are needed to be exploited in utmost efficiency, which, again, is going to be difficult, thanks to her 2v2 trading power.

Soraka – A budget version of Janna. She is easier to punish in the sense that her healing is delayed and single target besides her ult without any reliable disengage tool. If you don’t have an all-in lane, you have to let go trading in lane, unless you somehow have access to hitting her and chunking her instead. Her Q hurts at early levels, which can be overlooked.

Braum – Extremely difficult champion to play against. He has one of the best level 1s as a support. He synergizes with many ADCs, making him flexible. He is durable. His ult animation is somewhat of a weakness, as it gives you a tiny bit of time to react (similar to Leona), but the rest of the kit is a great enough package that negates this bit of unreliability.

Alistar – Has one of the best combos in the game as a support and he is easily the best tower diving support with his ult on. If he gets control of the lane, which he can if the opposing support cannot walk up enough without the all-in threat, he is perhaps the most difficult champion to deny that pressure advantage he has later.

Rakan – Insane engage range. Only support who can disengage at this pace when the engage doesn’t come through. Once the Rakan player gets the gist of his engage, it’s not the most difficult engage to play with, either. His weakness is not being as tanky as an Alistar, Braum or Leona, namely any other melee tank heavy-engage support. However, thanks to him being able to disengage back, he can rinse and repeat around his cooldowns and force you to make a mistake.

Nami – Excellent laner. If the Nami player is decent with bubbles and is managing her mana well, she will have complete control of the lane, denying heavy engage and negating poke in various matchups, as she is a mixture of sustain, poke and heavy crowd control.

Taric – Because of how his stun works, he makes positioning trickier than usual. He has a game changing ult, so, you don’t really enjoy going late game, but he is also mostly fine in early trades and can sustain. You are likely to lose if you don’t exploit the cooldowns.

Bard – Another versatile champion that can set up surprise ganks and can roam well himself. Add good sustain, good damage and hard-CC, not to mention his ult for dives and potentially disengaging, you are less likely to be able to exploit a Bard around your own skill level.

Morgana – She can basically turn anything into a kill lane with her Q. She has easy access to spellthief procs with her W, which is also a decent damage source if the Q connects at early levels. If you don’t have enough tools to break her spell shield or tools to bait it out, your chances to win the lane are drastically reduced.And if you have the tools, Q is as much of a disengage tool as it is an engage tool.

Zilean – One of the most troublesome zoning champions to lane against. Hard to counter his push. The opposing lane also controls the experience race with his passive. You need a good amount of CC prepared for his ult targets alone. He can easily be a less niche Fiddlesticks support.

Thresh – He is versatile and can win lane against virtually any champion. His only weakness is his kit not being easy to play with.

Blitzcrank – Makes brush control into a living hell if you don’t bring in enough poke or tankiness from the support role. Great level 1 and his Q is easily the most risk-free support mechanic that can turn a game on its head.

Tahm Kench – His Q poke hurts. You can’t easily all in him because of his gray health. You can’t all in his carry because of his devour. He is hard to run away from if he slows you and he can leave assassins scratching their heads (or ripping out their hair, if that’s your word choice).

Poppy – Don’t stand near walls as she will try to stun you. Respect her Q base damage. Stand on her passive (the disc she throws) to prevent her from picking it up for a shield bonus. Don’t use any mobility ability while her W is up just wait it out then use it.

Sion – Have CC ready to cancel his Q channel as it will reduce his damage significantly. Be careful face checking bushes as he likes to stand in bushes and charge his Q in there. Careful standing behind minions as he will try to [E] the minions into you for poke. Also run away from Sion after you kill him because his passive can easily solo you.

Zyra: her weak point is walking away from her plants altogether when she drops them. They will then attack minions shoving the lane allowing you to farm safely under tower. If your facing a Zyra main, they will just hold off for full combo with an undodgeable E. You got to predict her E as it will be from blind bush. Flash it and all in her. Get kill and walk out.

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