Mobile Legends Basic Tips and Guide to Playing Better

Mobile Legends Basic Tips and Guide to Playing Better by lockpick4862

So. I have had quite a bit of experience with MOBAs but just started with Mobile Legends not too long ago. My winrate (68.18%) isn’t fantastic, I have about 198 games with 45 MVPs and I’m only in GrandMaster IV. If you’ll allow me to explain how dare I try to make a guide with such pathetic stats… my winrate hovered at 86% for a long time, with MVPs of about 1/3 of my games from warrior to Elite II, because I mained Clint and Moskov and Eudora. However, I started to realize no one was tanking in my games. And I also know that the higher I go, the more important team comp is. So I started maining tanks… and my winrate tanked. Hahahah geddit? Because my winrate tanked when I… nevermind.

Point is, I have a decent understanding of the fundamentals of MOBAs, and I can’t seem to find a decent guide for beginners, teaching stuff like when to go for turtle, what to do in lane etc. So I decided to put together a guide that touches on some bare-bones basics that will really help up your game.


I understand the satisfaction of chasing down that helpless Layla and getting that MONSTER KILL but I also have seen my share of 4 people in my team chasing after a Franco in top when 3 of the enemy is pushing down mid and 1 is pushing down bot.

As a general guideline, 2 people to chase 1 enemy is the maximum ratio you should go. Chasing past the river is also rarely good, because it opens you up to the enemy team collapsing on you. There are exceptions, but by and large even if that Natalia is the last hero alive on their team, it would make more sense to either 1) push or 2) take turtle/lord or 3) farm rather than send your whole team to chase after 1 enemy, who is probably glad he/she alone is preventing you from ending the game.

TLDR; 2 to 1 is the max chasing ratio, and once they escape past river, clean up lanes or take turtle/lord.

Which leads me to the next point…


This one is simple. Either:

a) 2 or more of the enemy is dead (with 25 secs or more on death timers)

Take a quick peek at the top of your screen and you will see which heroes are dead. If your team has 4 or more alive, enemy has 2 or more dead, take Turtle/Lord. A common mistake would be to get into a stalemate at their tower. Your team usually won’t be able to take the tower and you’re just letting them resurrect for free.

b) Whole enemy team is on opposite side

Say 4 of your team is wandering around Turtle near bot, and you see 3 of the enemy at top and 1 at mid. It is safe to take Turtle. Either you get turtle for free, or you force a 4v2 because 2 of their team is at top. Say you pushed each lane to their inhibitor turret and all 5 enemies are in base defending. Take Lord. Either you get a free Lord or you force a fight, where they will probably leave 1 or 2 behind to defend and you outnumber them.



I have lost many a shit over this. I would catch an enemy Karina at the river and engage while my mid just sits in lane and farms. Or I walk to check Lord and 3 enemy heroes are going for Lord but the rest of my team walks to bot to farm. Or a Yunzhao/Zhaoyun walks out of a bush to the back of my team during a teamfight and my carries just continue shooting at Franco.

Sneak a quick glance at the minimap every few seconds or better yet, always keep it in your peripheral vision so you are aware of what is going on. Unlike in DOTA or LOL you cant move the screen easily in Mobile Legends so the minimap is your best and easiest way or knowing what is going on outside of your little rectangle. I mean… like… it’s so… come on… just… just do it. It’s not that hard.



Two factors to this, yourself and the opponent.

On your side, always be moving. When I play Franco, it is always so comforting whenever I see an Eudora that just sits there and autoattacks minions. Always move around in unpredictable patterns and it will be that much harder to land skillshots on you.

On the opponent’s side, watch for tells. Heroes with skillshots like Aurora and Franco and Gord to name a few, have the tendency to walk toward you and then stop as they aim their skillshots. So when you see them do this, do a quick diagonal backward movement and 9/10 times they will miss.

While more professional players will move and aim at the same time, they will often aim to hit multiple targets like minions or other heroes. So never stay clumped up with other heroes or your minions. But Protip for facing Franco: mingle amongst your minions and he wont throw his hook, or will hook a minion.

TLDR; Keep moving, never stop, and if the enemy stops moving, move backwards diagonally.

A.B.C (Always Be Contributing)

Generally you dont want to be doing nothing in the game. During teamfights as long as your tank is still alive you want to be attacking the enemy, dont start running off, unless your tank dies then it’s time to book it. When there is a lull in the game go farm sure, but either farm in a lane that is close to the action(be in mid if 3 of the enemy are at top) or be ready to give up that jungle creep when a teamfight breaks out.

What I mean by Contributing means helping your team win. Not just farming to get YOUR full build. Your third BoD wont save you in a 5v1 (if you say you can get a penta i swear-)

Say you are playing Layla and Estes is with you at bot. You are laning against a single Roger at bot, and mid Miya is laning against Rafaela and Bruno. If your Estes refuses to go mid to help, push your lane as hard as you can, dont just sit in lane and farm slowly. Your lane has an advantage while mid is struggling. Push hard and take the tower ASAP so you can either roam to mid to help or your will force Rafaela or Bruno to come bot. That’s Contributing.

Dont think only of how to get that MVP, or that sweet sweet BoD, or whether to take that buff or not. Think instead of how to split push or help in a teamfight, or how to help that lane that is struggling, or whether that Fanny needs blue more than you(she probably does).

TLDR; Dont think of how can YOU win, think of how can your TEAM win.

Disclaimer: these are fairly basic pointers, professional players might do things very differently based on specific situations but like I said, this is a basic guide for beginner to intermediate players based on the skills I see lacking in my games.

I believe just keeping these 5 things in mind will not only make your games more pleasant, you will start to see a marked increase in games won. These are tips and lessons I took an embarrassingly long time playing MOBAs to pick up, and I hope they help!

HMU if you have any questions! My in-game name is granade ID is 61003480

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