Mobile Legends Lapu-Lapu Best Build Guide

Mobile Legends Lapu-Lapu Best Build Guide by Hollingscox

I’m absolutely loving Lapu-Lapu right now. Played him when he was first released and thought he had a cool skill set but was somewhat underpowered. Saw someone post a build from Mobakings on here the other day and decided to give him another shot. Been absolutely tearing it up with him since.


1) Warrior Boots- Helps with early trades in lane. I may hold off with lvl 1 boots until lane phase is over if I have primarily magic damage lane opponents.

2) Bloodlust Axe- Lapu’s core item imo. Provides him with some much needed sustain and a little CDR on the side.

3) Deadly Blade- Absolutely essential if you’re up against an Estes (or Raf) and still not a bad choice if you’re up against any enemy champs with strong regen capabilities (Ruby, Minotaur, Hayubasa, etc etc). Lapu’s ability to hit the majority of the enemy team with his boomerang Blade and heavy state ult make him a prime candidate to build this item.

OR Magic Blade- If the enemy team doesn’t have a healer and none of my opponents have strong lifesteal I sometimes opt for this item. A cheap item that provides Lapu with a little MR and more importantly a shield that (combined with the one from his passive) makes him deceptively tanky.

4) Blade Armor- Another cheap item that provides a ton of armor and keeps him from getting bursted down by the enemy ADC when he dives the back line.

5) Hunter Strike- More CDR and a VERY handy 2s 30% movement speed boost that will help you chase down the back line after you dive in.

6) This last spot is pretty situational, I usually choose a defensive item here due to the fact that you’re going to draw a lot of attention diving into the fray. Bloodthirsty King is my go-to as it allows you to snowball a fight.

The power in this build I believe comes from its cost effectiveness. IMO Lapu is most effective in the mid game and therefore we should be itemizing him to be as strong as possible during his power spike.


Lapu does great with either buff if you can get them. However, your weakest point is definitely in the early game; so if your teammate takes it it’s not the end of the world. Lapu does fine in both solo and duo lanes but is able to stack his passive easier with multiple lane opponents. The only real times I go in for auto attacks without ulting are when my passive is up, trading without your shield + empowered auto is not favorable. Before you get your ult you should be avoiding skirmishes at all cost. Lapu can deal a lot of damage through his abilities with this build, but his auto attacks (in Light Sword State) are fairly weak. The difference between a good Lapu and a bad Lapu will be how he utilizes his passive. Every time Lapu hits an enemy with an ability he gains a stack of bravery, when he has 5 stacks his next auto will deal extra damage and grant him a shield. With the range on his boomerang blades it is all too easy to stack this up before you enter a fight. Diving into the back line without this shield up leaves you incredibly vulnerable to being bursted down. If, however, you dive into the fight with your passive primed, the combination of your shield, increased resistances from your heavy state charge, and massive lifesteal from hitting your abilities on as many enemies as possible, you should be able to mow through the entire enemy team.(Provided your team follows up your engage with any assistance whatsoever)

Late game will generally involve you dancing on the outskirts of the enemy teams range using the range of your boomerang blade to poke down as many people as possible (while priming your passive and reducing hit enemies HP regen at the same time).

Typically it’s not best to force an engage with your ultimate as it has a decent wind up time and the enemy can easily dodge it. Best case scenario is to wait for a teammate to lock down the enemy team with their CC and follow up on it. It can be equally effective, however, to wait for someone on your team to be engaged on. This will typically result in the enemy team “funneling in” on your teammate and will allow for the perfect opportunity for you to line up your ult combo on as many enemies as possible.

My one complaint with Lapu is that his skills have felt a little janky from time to time. His dash sometimes feels glitchy and if he is CC’d while casting his ultimate (seems to have about a 1/2 second animation associated with it) the ability will be cancelled while still appearing to go off on the screen. This can lead to some major confusion as you attempt to perform the rest of your combo and potentially your death if you dive into the enemy team without the added resistances of your Heavy Sword State.

Lastly I use flicker as my spell. He already has 2 dashes but if you’re playing aggressively like you should your going to find yourself in some sticky situations.

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