Clash Royale Countering Graveyard Freeze Combo Guide

Clash Royale Countering Graveyard Freeze Combo Guide by BornVersatile

A lot of people have been complaining about the graveyard freeze combo, so I decided to make a guide on how to counter it. The first few times I played against it I actually found it really tough to defend against, but obviously when you get more experience against it you start to counter it more efficiently. A lot of people say graveyard freeze takes no skill, but anything that can be tough to counter is going to be called no skill (overleveled RG, xbow, ebarbs etc.).

Below I’m going to mention some of the GY counters so that when I mention “GY counter” or “quick attack speed troop” you’ll know what kind of troops I’m talking about.

Goblins, Archers, Minions, Skarmy, Guards, Valkyrie, Speak Goblins, Barbs, Minion Horde, Baby Drag.

Table of Contents:

• Countering Graveyard Freeze with 1 Card

• Countering Graveyard Freeze with the King Tower

• Countering Graveyard Freeze with 2 Cards

Countering Graveyard Freeze with 1 Card

I wanted to see if it was possible to counter GY freeze using only one card, and I found that no single card can stop it fully, even barbs/ebarbs will be killed. Your two best shots are ice golem, and poison.

Ice Golem: This only works if they freeze your ice golem. Good players won’t freeze your ice golem on it’s own, which is why this probably doesn’t work all the time. However I definitely suggest you try it, even good players will sometimes try to react too quickly and they end up freezing the ice golem. Once the ice golem explodes it can kill skeletons on every side of the crown tower.

Poison: It doesn’t last long enough to counter the full graveyard, but it will kill lots of skeletons. Only problem is that on its own, skeletons still get one shot on the tower before they die. Because of this, you most likely need a card to help the skeleton. You can simply use any small ground troop to tank a shot from the skeletons, allowing your poison spell to kill them all.

Before you go straight to the comments and tell me Valkyrie can counter GY on it’s own, I’ll quickly tell you that a well timed freeze on the Valkyrie will allow the skeletons to kill it and then do lots of tower damage, this can be seen in my video. I varied the Valkyrie placement in order for it to survive, but that would mean that lots of skeletons would reach the tower because the Valkyrie would not be in the way.

Princess is also not viable on its own, it range might allow it to not be frozen but it doesn’t kill the skeletons fast enough.

Countering GY Freeze with King Tower:

When you lose a crown tower, defending the other one against graveyard is a lot easier because your King tower can also one shot skellies. A tornado pull early in the game can result in an activation. This can be beneficial in the long term but on that single push tornado won’t stop the skellies from devastating your tower.

Countering Graveyard Freeze with 2 Cards

Two Troops: This is the first thing I tested, and there’s two ways you can go about it.

1) Place your initial “Freeze bait”, ideally not a quick attack speed troop, this troop is just a bait for them to freeze it. Immediately after the freeze place your quick attack speed troop e.g. minions, they have used their freeze so your minions are free to kill the skeletons.

2) Use two quick attack speed troops above and below the tower, with a distance that won’t allow both of them to be frozen. Your opponent must choose one of them to freeze, allowing one of your quick hitters to survive and vanquish the skeletons.

Troop and a Spell: Definitely the best way to counter GY freeze. Before we already mentioned that a ground troop + poison counters GY pretty well, now let’s get on to the other possible ways of countering it.

Valk + Any Other Card: In my opinion, a Valkyrie + zap/log is the best counter to GY freeze. Even if you badly time the spell your Valkyrie will survive and when it unfreezes it will destroy what skeletons are bunched around it. But not only spells, if you use any other card with the Valkyrie even just to tank some skeletons, when the Valkyrie unfreezes she will clean the skeletons from her house.

Air GY Counter + Zap or Log: Baby Dragon, minion horde, and minions. Ground counters will get killed by skeletons while frozen. When you use this card it’s going to get frozen so when enough skeletons bunch up on the tower you can zap or log them all. It is extremely crucial to time your zap perfectly, if you’re too early or too late then say bye bye to your tower.

This buys enough time for your air counter to unfreeze then kill the remaining skeletons. It is not extremely efficient because some skeletons will still do damage on the towers.

Heavy Ground Counter + Zap/Log: This is probably a bit better. The 3 heavy GY ground counters are barbs, ebarbs, and skarmy. Skarmy isn’t reliable because it can be zapped. So basically all you need to do is to zap/log the skeletons in order to keep your skarmy/barbs alive. Pretty similar to the Valkyrie.


This guide only covers GY Freeze on its own. In a realistic match you are probably going to have other troops coming towards you (bowler/ice golem etc.). So in a game you are probably going to have to use more than just 2 cards to counter GY freeze, maybe 3, 4 or even 5 to counter your opponent’s entire push. Unlike GY fireball, a good thing about GY freeze is that there’s a good chance all of your defending troops can survive, which can lead to massive counter pushes!!!

So overall these are the 3 best ways to counter GY freeze:

Ice Golem + Another GY Counter beside it: This means your opponent has to freeze both cards since they are so close together. Ice Golem explodes – goodbye Larry.

Any ground tank + Poison: This tank will take one hit from skeletons, allowing enough time for your poison to the skeletons without them getting hits on your tower.

Valkyrie + Zap/Log: Basically the spell allows your Valkyrie to survive, unfreeze, and do a 360 no scope axe swing.

I hope you enjoyed this guide.

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