LoL Leaguecraft 101 Summaries

LoL Leaguecraft 101 Summaries by DRTIcePenguin

Hello guys, I’m DRT Ice Penguin and I decided to get all the info from the videos of Leaguecraft 101 and put it all in text to people that don’t like to watch videos, so here you have it:

1 – Trading Stance

  • Stand on your dying minion
  • Prioritise CS over damage on enemy
  • Time the approach with your trade
  • Zone in front of the dying minion

2 – The Retaliation Trade

  • If your support gets all-ined don’t run away and instead focus the ADC
  • Take care of cooldowns (engage when they don’t have abilities)
  • All-in or trade to save the support

3 – Lane Control

  • Use the techniques in 1 and 2
  • Trade and push-up phase: Trade while farming and pushing; get higher level faster; focus minions
  • Lane control phase: Stop pushing (Zone, Slow Push, Reset and Freeze)
  • Zone: Care vs. strong junglers; stand behind enemy minions; prepare a countergank
  • Slow Push: Use trading stance; try to dive or free drake; have the jungler near your lane
  • Freeze: Make the wave stop near your tower to make enemy lose XP and CS

4 – Team fighting

  • Direct Initiation: Create a fight; the fight can start with 1v5; carries do not go in
  • Follow Up Initiation: Tanks pressure backline; force everyone to use cooldowns; carries stay OUT until tanks use cooldowns
  • Hit Tanks: Hit tanks after cooldowns are used; force backline cooldowns; carries don’t dive backline (stay out of range); try to be in range of only 1 enemy
  • Kill Backline: APC flashes the backline OR finishes off the tanks; ADC can dive if no enemy burst cooldowns are up; Tanks can make a flash play
  • Cleanup: Flash to kill enemies escaping; focus objectives after fight

5 – How to get fed in lane

  • Use trading stance
  • Pressure Canon Minions
  • Be careful of pushing the lane
  • Punish Dash Usage: If they dash to you, you can all in, make your decision quickly
  • Level 6 all in: Watch XP bar; push before getting level 6; engage immediately
  • Lane control: Freeze for ganks; push lane for roams; care breaking freezes

6 – How to Roam

  • Cheese Roam: It’s a random roam with no reason; don’t do it; not planning will always end up in loss of XP and CS
  • Bread and Butter Roam: Push wave into turret; roam when minions hit the turret; doesn’t matter if the enemy knows you are coming
  • Reaction Roam: Watch the mini map; move immediately; most of the times following enemy is more important than farm

7 – Assassin Team fighting

  • Direct Initiation: Only do it when enemy is out of position (Fizz R, Kassadin R, flash plays)
  • Hit tanks Phase: Don’t go deep; counter-engage will 1 shot you; watch for CC and cooldowns
  • Kill backline Phase: Burst front line and tanks OR flash bomb back line; DON’T use Zhonyas when you are about to die use it to reset cooldowns

8 – How to Carry

  • Win Lane: Level 6 all-in; manipulate the wave for ganks and communicate flashes; apply info in 1,2,3, and 5 to win lane
  • Reaction Roam: Following the roam of your enemy laner; If you don’t do it you will lose; check the mini map every 2-3 seconds; apply info in 6
  • Control Vision: DEWARD wins games; WARDS stop you from losing
  • Don’t die: You lose objective control and vision

9 – How to Jungle

  • Jungle Priority chart: Counter Gank > Minion Crash Dive > Gank Overextending lane > Take Objectives > Push when enemies leave lane > Hold Lanes > Invade and Ward > Power Clear
  • How to Gank: Wait for bloodlust; Gank lanes that are trading; chose ganking paths that go behind enemies
  • Minion Crash Dive: Check for low enemies getting pushed; come around the back side; dive from behind when minions crash
  • Save your KDA: Don’t throw deaths for kills; save your bounties and ultimate/flash; don’t give the enemy opportunities

10 – Carrying From Jungle

  • Levels and Gold: Level makes you unkillable; Gold gives you damage
  • Always remember the Jungle Priority Chart
  • Common Mistakes: Stop ganking so much; try to avoid ganking losing lanes; get a winning lane ahead to contest the fed enemy
  • Item builds: Build Hybrid damage tank after jungle item

11 – Minion Crash Dive

  • Accelerates the games
  • Creates Gold Swings
  • Equivalent to 4-6 CS + Kills if successful
  • Step One – Approach: Push your lane first then Roam; don’t arrive too early; don’t go through warded places (use pinks)
  • Step Two – Prep: Let all your members surround the enemies; approached them from the back; if the enemies TP ask for team to cancel
  • Step Three – Tank: Let your tank go first; Ping target then CC it and drop all damage; tank it until 1 shot from death
  • Step Four – Burst: All-in after the 1st person engages and use ignite first to prevent heal; calculate how greedy you can be
  • Step Five – Objectives: Evaluate your priorities (turret/farm/baron/drake/bush wait)
  • Take leadership and be careful with timing

12 – Manipulating Back Timings

  • Under rated way of generating advantages
  • After a Kill: Look for a reset on wave into a new wave and freeze or just recall; staying with gold is losing lane pressure
  • Optimal Scenarios: Return to lane with wave pushing against you; freeze and get a gank; build a big wave and go for a minion crash dive
  • If you kill the enemy and the wave is pushing against you; consider just recalling
  • Call ganks when you get back to lane

13 – Playing Losing Lanes

  • When do you lose lane? They outrange you, they out damage you or both
  • Trade and Push: Trade while farming and pushing, get higher level faster; focus minions (doesn’t work Plat above)
  • Don’t push the lane: Opens you to ganks; lets them freeze; if you push it call jungler to break the freeze
  • Avoid Trades: Play like a little bitch; probe for CS but care trading stance; stay high health and CS under turret
  • Don’t push with range abilities

14 – ADC Team fighting

  • Direct Initiate Option 1 (if they have 1-2 initiators): Enemy has to dash to initiate; QSS or flash allow you to frontline
  • Direct Initiate Option 2: Dash to an isolated target to force a fight; QSS only if they turn for you; only do it if you know you will win the fight
  • Direct Initiate Option 3: Walk around in circles; wait for direct and follow up initiates to go down; majority of team fights happens before you QSS
  • Wait for cooldowns to be burned
  • Hit tanks Phase: Be in range of 1 person at a time; maximise your DPS by kiting; learn to attack move under pressure
  • Kill Backline: Turns marginal leads into game winning leads; calculate what you can get away with

15 – Diamond Eyes (Why you can’t climb)

  • Every loss is your fault because you didn’t make the plays to win
  • Avoid dying
  • Putting enemies in tough spots forces mistakes
  • Use dedicated practice to improve small things at a time

16 – How to Outplay

  • Every time you would flash away think of an outplay
  • Plant the ability you need to flash
  • Know what abilities/summoners they have

17 – Advanced Bot Laning Phase Guide

  • Zones Recap: Take trades when even or ahead on zones; be aware of bush or zone extenders (Braum W, Blitz W), supports takes the lead and ADC follow
  • Lane Matchups: Bad ADC matchups can be made up by supports
  • Sustain > Poke, All-In > Poke, All-In >>> Sustain, Disrupt > All-in, Poke >>> Disrupt
  • Lane Control: Push and Trade Phase, use trading stance
  • Proxy Lanes: Janna/Soraka lanes; zone with trading stance instead of trading
  • All-in/Disruption Lanes: Support has one big cooldown; Support stands in front against All-in; carry lots of potions against poke; ignite vs. Sustain
  • All-in/Disruption Tactics: Timing attacks; vision denial; trading stance abilities; flash combo with gank; hook through dying minions; all-in of the end of the wave
  • Miscellaneous Tips: ADC and Supp buy pinks; back at the same time; support doesn’t need to stay to get CS; you get more CS being together

18 – Mid Game and Rotations

  • Octopus theory: ward and sweep areas you can walk to safely
  • Rotations: moving from one place to another, good rotation is arriving when a wave hits another lane’s turret
  • Mid Game: Most games become ARAM, people don’t know how to deal with lane swap and rotations
  • Mid Game Plan: Works in solo queue, centered around winning Bot lane: Take dragon; take Bot turret; lane swap to top; top and supp/jungle stops Bot; counterpart of supp/jungle helps take top turret
  • Mid Game Plan: playing mid game when behind is easier; react to what opponents do and try to rotate in time; get as much vision as possible

19 – Priority & “Win Lane, Win Game”

  • Laning techniques: Trading Stance; Retaliation Trade; Lane Control; get fed and punish
  • The missing piece: Defensive items builds allows you to win trades and survive all-ins; defensive build lessens your all-in threat; building damage often concedes lane priority
  • Lane Priority: Lets you crash waves into turret
  • Priority Strategies: steal enemy chickens; help jungler invade; push and bread and butter roam; minion crash dive your lane
  • How to win solo queue: stop teammates that are ahead from throwing; make your losing lanes self-sufficient; predict and nullify the enemy jungler
  • When to build defensive: if the defensive item builds into something that’s optimal; if the enemy has someone with 1 shot potential
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