Overwatch Bastion Tips

Overwatch Bastion Tips by SilverKevin

I play Bastion a lot, and pains me sometimes to see people playing Bastion so ineffectively. I am by no means the best Bastion player, didn’t even get to rank 60, but I like to think that I am a decent Bastion player.

*Disclaimer* This is how I think Bastion is supposed to be played, and how I do well as Bastion, this is not the only way to play Bastion.

1. You are not invincible

Don’t go picking fights with Reapers, Mcrees, Tracers, and Genjis in close range, unless you are already set up. If they get the jump on you just know, you will probably die. Your primary gun is good, but it will not outgun Reaper’s shotguns, Tracer’s pistol things, and Mcree’s FTH.

2. You are VERY Inaccurate

If there is a enemy Widowmaker or Hanzo, don’t challenge them, you will lose that battle. Bastion’s sentry most is very inaccurate, and while is can kill at range, it will take much longer than it will at close range. Try to cover a mid-range area, because that is where Bastion shines. He will get outgunned at close range by the offense heroes, but at mid range, Bastion will shred the enemies.

3. You are a tank destroyer

While Bastion can shred offense, defense, and support characters, he will destroy tank heroes. At mid-range, any hero that is not a tank will be rather small, but the tank heroes will be rather large, and most of your shots will hit. Reinhardt’s shield does not last long if you are firing at it, and it will also help your team if you can take down his shield.

4. If you are in a team, have someone go Zenyatta, not Mercy

Mercy can heal and give you a damage boost, but if you have a Zanyatta, you can get healed and get a damage boost, and Zenyatta’s discord orb gives you the same 30% damage increase too. Zenyatta can also help you with flankers, and if Mercy is doing that, she is not healing you.

5. You cannot escape fights

Bastion has no movement abilities, so that means that you should not overextend. If you overextend and die, and you are on defense, that is almost 20 seconds that your team is out of a hero, and you will have to set up in a spot again.

6. If you are fighting D.Va you can go into sentry mode to kill her

Despite what the tips say, for very specific circumstances, you want to switch to sentry mode mid fight. Lets say you run out of ammo in the middle of a fight with D.Va, you can go into sentry mode if you have enough health. If you have below 225 health, don’t do it, but if you have more than that, you can go into sentry mode to shred D.Va with that giant headshot hitbox to deliver massive damage.

7. Self heal and the Ult

If you are in the middle of a fight, just don’t use the self heal, just don’t. Don’t save your ult until that perfect moment, because you probably won’t end up using it. Bastion’s ult is very powerful, but it will not take down a Reinhardt’s shield very quickly. Bastion’s ult is best used when there is a lot of squishy heroes not guarded by a shield.

8. Best Spray, Skin, and Emote

The best spray is the Curios spray, the best skin is either Gearbot or Steambot. The best emote is the boxing one. Best Victory post is the Pop Up one, and the best highlight intro is Ganymede.

9. Change Positions a lot After you get a couple kills in a position, move to a different spot. Move unpredictably as well. Make is so that the enemy can never know where you are. The longer you stay in one spot, the more likely it is that someone will come up behind you.

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