Clash Royale Hidden Card Stats List

Clash Royale Hidden Card Stats List by Bellator_Gaius

Sight Range

The sight range of a troop determines how “far” a troop can see, controlling their aggro range.

Troops with 5.0 tiles sight range:

Pekka, Giant Skeleton, Sparky

Troops with 5.5 tiles sight range:

Knight, Archer, Goblin, Minion, Witch, Skeleton, Valkyrie, Bomber, Baby Dragon, Mini Pekka, Wizard, Prince, Spear Goblin, Ice Wizard, Dark Prince, Guards, Lava Hound, Lava Pup, Lumberjack, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirit, Miner, Bowler

Troops with 6.0 tiles sight range:


Troops with 7.0 tiles sight range:

Golem, Golemite

Troops with 7.5 tiles sight range:

Royal Giant, Giant

Troops with 7.7 tiles sight range:


Troops with 9.5 tiles sight range:

Hog Rider, Princess


The speed of a unit determines how fast a unit a moves. There are currently only 4 tiers of speed – 45, 60, 90, and 120.

Load Time

The load time is the time required for the unit to perform its first action after a blank state. A blank state takes place right after the initial deployment, freeze, zap stun-freeze, and retargeting. You can also think of it as the retargeting time. Certain troops have a quick attack that seems to bypass this load time, such as Balloon and Wizard. See below for all troop Load Time stats.

Attack Pushback

Unique to Sparky. (Bowler’s pushback effect is from his projectile, not his attack) Each attack from a Sparky pushes back ITSELF by 0.75 tiles.

Area Damage Radius

Unique to Princess, Dark Prince, and Valkyrie.

The Princess‘ attack AOE is 2.5 tiles.

The Valkyrie’s attack AOE is 2.0 tiles.

The Dark Prince’s attack AOE is 1.0 tiles.

Ignore Pushback

Troops that ignore pushback:

Giant, Pekka, Balloon, Golem, Baby Dragon, Prince, Giant Skeleton, Royal Giant, Lava Hound, Sparky, Bowler


The difference in mass determines how much a troop will be able to push another troop. A 4-unit-mass troop will be able to push a 8-unit-mass troop with more ease than pushing a 18-unit-mass troop. See below for all troop Mass stats.

Troop Hit Speed Load Time Mass Speed
Knight 1.1 0.7 6 60
Archer 1.2 1.1 3 60
Goblin 1.1 0.9 2 120
Giant 1.5 1.0 18 45
PEKKA 1.8 1.2 18 45
Minion 1.0 0.5 2 90
Balloon 3.0 2.8 6 60
Witch 0.7 0.2 4 60
Skeleton 1.0 0.5 1 90
Barbarian 1.5 1.0 4 60
Golem 2.5 1.5 20 45
Golemite 2.5 1.5 6 45
Valkyrie 1.5 1.3 5 60
Bomber 1.9 1.7 4 60
Musketeer 1.1 0.6 5 60
Baby Dragon 1.8 1.3 5 90
Mini Pekka 1.8 1.3 4 90
Wizard 1.6 1.4 5 60
Prince 1.5 1.0 6 60
Spear Goblin 1.3 1.1 1 120
Giant Skeleton 1.5 1.0 15 60
Hog Rider 1.5 1.0 4 120
Tower Princess 1.2 1.0 3 60
Ice Wizard 1.5 1.0 5 60
Royal Giant 1.5 1.0 18 45
Princess 3.0 2.5 3 60
Dark Prince 1.5 1.0 6 60
Guards 1.2 0.8 1 90
Lava Hound 1.3 0.3 5 45
Lava Pup 1.0 0.2 5 60
Lumberjack 1.1 0.7 4 90
Ice Spirit 0.3 0.1 1 120
Fire Spirit 0.3 0.1 1 120
Miner 1.2 0.7 6 90
Sparky 5.0 4.5 18 45
Bowler 2.5 2.0 18 45

Projectile Speed

The speed of a projectile is roughly the amount of tiles it travels in a second. Refer to below for the stats.


Most projectiles are capable of homing. The ones that are not capable of homing are:

Fireball, Mortar, Bomb Tower, Rocket, Goblin Barrel, Lightning, Princess Arrows, Bowler Rock, Log.

Projectile Pushback

Some projectiles have a pushback effect. The pushback is roughly the amount of tiles troops that can be pushbacked are scattered by.

Fireball: 1.8 tiles

Bowler: 1.0 tiles

The Log: 1.5 tiles

Projectile Buff

Two projectiles applies special buff effects onto its targets. The Ice Wizard projectile applies Slowdown for 2.0 seconds onto its targets. The Ice Spirit projectile applies Freeze for 2.0 seconds onto its targets.

Projectile Speed Radius
Fireball 6.0 2.5
King Tower 10.0
Archer Projectile 4.0
Princess Tower 4.0
Arrows 6.0 4.0
Cannon Ball 10.0
Minion Spit 10.0
Mortar Projectile 3.0 1.8
Witch Projectile 6.0 1.0
Bomber Projectile 3.0 1.5
Bomb Tower Projectile 3.0 1.5
Rocket 3.5 2.0
Goblin Barrel 4.0 1.5
Musketeer Projectile 10.0
Baby Dragon Fire 5.0 1.2
Wizard Projectile 6.0 1.2
X-Bow Projectile 14.0
Lightning 5.0
Spear Goblin Spear 3.5
Ice Wizard Projectile 7.0 1.0
Royal Giant Projectile 10.0
Princess Projectile 4.0 2.5
Lava Hound Fire 4.0
Lava Pup Fire 5.0
Fire Spirits Projectile 4.0 1.5
Sparky Projectile 14.0 1.8
Bowler Projectile 1.7 1.8
Ice Spirit Projectile 4.0 1.5
The Log 1.4 (1.95, 0.6)*

* (x-radius, y-radius)

Buff Effects


Hit Speed Multiplier: 1.4x

Movement Speed Multiplier: 1.4x

Spawn Speed Multiplier: 1.4x


Hit Speed Multiplier: 0.0x

Movement Speed Multiplier: 0.0x

Spawn Speed Multiplier: 0.0x


Hit Speed Multiplier: 0.8x

Movement Speed Multiplier: 0.8x

Spawn Speed Multiplier: 0.8x

Ice Wizard Slowdown

Hit Speed Multiplier: 0.65x

Movement Speed Multiplier: 0.65x

Spawn Speed Multiplier: 0.65x

Zap Stun

Hit Speed Multiplier: 0.0x

Movement Speed Multiplier: 0.0x

Spawn Speed Multiplier: 0.0x

Building Load Time

Several buildings have a different load time, or rather, retargeting time than their hit speed.

King Tower: 0.5s

Mortar: 4.0s

Inferno Tower: 1.6s

Bomb Tower: 1.1s

Tesla: 0.1s

Minimum Range

Mortar is the only building in the game that has a minimum range, at 4.5 tiles.

Death Effects

The Giant Skeleton Bomb and the Balloon Bomb are technically buildings in the game.

Giant Skeleton Bomb

Death damage radius: 3.0 tiles

Death Pushback: 1.8 tiles

Balloon Bomb

Death damage radius: 2.0 tiles

Inferno Tower

The Inferno Tower has three tiers of damage.

Tier 1 damage at Lv 1: 20

Tier 1 duration: 2.0s

Tier 2 damage at Lv 1: 75

Tier 2 duration: 2.0s

Tier 3 damage at Lv 1: 400

Tier 3 duration: Indefinite

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