Overwatch “On Fire” System Explained

Overwatch “On Fire” System Explained by Medikaso

Ok so the fire bar can hold infinite fire but only displays a max of 350 fire. You need 250 fire to become on fire. Fire will degrade at 5 fire per second

Here are the rates:

  • Payload escort = 10 fire per second
  • Payload checkpoint = 55 fire
  • Capture point capturing = 180 fire in total
  • Capture point checkpoint = 55
  • Control point capturing = 100 total
  • Control point checkpoint = 10
  • All heroes gain fire based on % damage done in relation to their max health for an elimination (50% of enemy max health dealt = 50 fire)
  • Bastion healing = 1 fire per 5 hp healed
  • D. Va using defense matrix = 1 fire per 25 damage blocked
  • Hanzo recon assist = 40 fire per assist
  • Lucio healing = 1 fire per 5 hp healed
  • Mei blocking with wall = 1 fire per 25 damage blocked
  • Mei healing in ice block = 1 fire per 5 hp healed
  • Mercy healing = 1 fire per 5 hp healed
  • Mercy resurrecting = 50 fire per resurrect
  • Mercy damage boost = 1 fire per assist (but if she damages for 99% then gets the final 1% killing blow she will gain 100 fire)
  • Reaper healing = 1 fire per 5 hp healed
  • Reinhardt blocking with shield = 1 fire per 25 damage blocked
  • Roadhog healing = 1 fire per 5 hp healed
  • Soldier: 76 healing = 1 fire per 5 hp healed
  • Symmetra shields = 25 fire per shield
  • Symmetra teleporter = 25 fire per teleport
  • Torbjorn using armor pack = 25 fire per armor pack picked up by allies
  • Torbjorn healing turret = 1 fire per 5 turret hp healed
  • Widowmaker recon assist = 40 fire per assist
  • Winston blocking with shield = 1 fire per 25 damage blocked
  • Zarya blocking with shield = 1 fire per 25 damage blocked
  • Zenyatta healing = 1 fire per 5 hp healed
  • Zenyatta discord orb = 1 fire per assist
  • Destorying D. Va’s mech = 100 fire
  • Destroying Junkrat’s concussion mine = 1 fire
  • Destroying Junkrat’s steel trap = 1 fire
  • Destroying Junkrat’s RIP-tire = 50 fire
  • Destroying Symmetra’s sentry turret = 25 fire
  • Destroying Symmetra’s teleporter = 100 fire
  • Destroying Torbjorn’s turret = Lvl 1 is 50 fire / Lvl 2 is 75 fire / Lvl 3 (Ult) is 100 fire
  • Destroying Widowmaker’s venom mine = 25 fire

Edit: Since a lot of people have been asking, being “on fire” does nothing gameplay wise. For example it does not give you any more damage or ult charge. The only thing it does is show to other players that you are on fire. This can be used to spot the MVPs of the other team and see who seems to be doing well. E.g. if a Widow is on fire for most of the match it may be a good idea to change to Winston to shut her down and alleviate some pressure from your team.

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