Clash Royale Useful Gameplay Tips

Clash Royale Useful Gameplay Tips by SimonSays1337

Watch ALL these videos: Orange Juice Gaming

Watch all the CR videos on this page, that you currently have the cards to actually netdeck/play yourself: Ash – Clash Royale

Watch even his gameplay footage, it’ll really help you see combos and placement that you wouldn’t always catch on your own. Some decks place collector in middle, some in back, some place attacks near bridge, sometimes behind towers.

Things not in those videos that new players need to know:

  • Don’t start playing cards 1 second in, generally save up until both players are at 10 and counter what they play.
  • Don’t ever start off with your most expensive/important card, it’ll be easily countered while they have 10. Drain their elixir in good trades then go hard.
  • Early in game, and with expensive/important troops try placing them behind your king-tower (not right on the bridge) so that you have time to recharge while they walk to the river.

After watching all those videos, check if you can actually do these things:

  • Using damage spells
  • How not to get blown out by damage spells
  • Using AOE troops
  • Countering AOE troops
  • How to pull aggro to the middle
  • When to pull aggro to the middle
  • Pushing slow troops to speed them up
  • Where to place troops
  • Where to place BUILDINGS, <— really important
  • How aggro works
  • Splitting Barbs
  • “Quick Drop”
  • “Piggy Push”
  • How to counter spawners
  • How to counter hog rider
  • Learn all the combos and how to react to them


Always be counting your opponents elixir, play things when they’re out
Always be counting your opponents card rotation, when they play arrows, play minion horde while it’s out of rotation and so on.
— When they play Bomb Tower, kill it, THEN play hog/bards whatever.
When you counter their pushes, try to save your troops for a counter push.

When building your deck only use cards that are of appropriate level.

Level 1 epic = level 6 common = level 3 rare (this is why all the epics feel SO GOOD early and drop off later.)
Level 2 epic = level 7 common = level 4 rare
Level 3 epic = level 8 common = level 5 rare
Level 4 epic = level 9 common = level 6 rare = level 1 legendary
Level 5 epic = level 10 common = level 7 rare

So basically if you’re always playing AGAINST level 8 commons don’t play 3 level 1 epics, or even level 2 epics, because your cards will naturally always be behind stat wise. Once you get to king-tower level 8 and start getting most things to 8/5 I recommend ignoring epics completely from there on out, unless you’re lucky enough to get one/some level 4. Or are using the ones that don’t matter as much about stats: Lightning, poison and freeze (that’s it IMO.)

Play at least 1 building in each deck. There are many troops that can only be countered using correctly positioned buildings, (in the center zone,) like giant, balloon, hog, etc. It’s also good to note in many cases Collector won’t be good in this role anymore after the HP nerf last patch.


And if you get stuck or find yourself always out-leveled. Just play some more not only does practice make perfect but your collection is always growing and getting stronger on it’s own. The Crown Chest, everyday, is amazing value now.

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