Clash Royale Tips For Hitting Legendary

Clash Royale Tips For Hitting Legendary by penaeus_monodon

In lieu of the Legendary reset, start of a new season, I thought I’d try to contribute in some way. I noticed we have quite a few folks making the push onto Legendary Arena from 2500+. First off, I commend everyone getting to Royal Arena, because that isn’t easy and has gotten progressively tougher. The push to Legendary Arena is even harder, but as a F2P I think it’s definitely possible for anyone who has gotten to Royal Arena.

Here are a few general tips that I think will help you out when put into practice.

  • Know the meta. That doesn’t mean you have to start playing RG or Hog to win because you don’t, but understanding that it’s the current meta and how to counter is vital to surviving the push to Legendary.
  • Find a deck that makes sense and you’re comfortable with. No single deck will do well against everything, but forming a deck that gives you a chance to defend against what you’re good at while excelling in other areas is what will help you steal some wins. If it’s a low cost cycle deck or a beastly 5.0 cost deck, whatever it is make sure you’re comfortable playing it.
  • Learn the game mechanics such as; Pulling agro, retargeting towers, splitting troops, etc.
  • If you’re happy with your deck stick with it. Changing decks over and over again can lead to you never truly mastering the deck you have on hand.
  • Learn about your deck. Sounds weird right? However, knowing the exact dmg your spells do, what they can and cannot kill, what your troops can and cannot survive is necessary to make it in the higher trophy ranks. I know my zap does exactly 69 tower dmg. If my opponent is sitting at 130 HP on his tower I recognize one of my options is to quick cycle two zaps.
  • Be aware of elixir advantage and know your opponents cards and cycle. Knowing when your opponent is able to play a big card like fireball or arrows or hog again will give you the advantage in forming your own defenses or attacks.
  • Don’t bleed elixir. I see a lot of players just sit on 10 elixir. 99.99% of the time that’s a bad move, you’re not only wasting the opportunity to play a unit and gain that elixir back taking the map advantage, you’re also slowing down your own cycle to important cards.
  • Sometimes patience gains you the best value in terms of using your cards. Do you really want to fireball those Barbarians? You should also ask yourself, “What else can I get for my fireball? Tower dmg? Princess? Cannon?”
  • Know your win conditions. When you build a deck recognize how you are going to win and how you can make that happen. Is it a Giant+Loon deck? Your win conditions are those two cards, now how do the other cards help them succeed?
  • This is a big one that I see a lot of people (including myself sometimes) forget. Tower HP is a resource. It’s ok to take some tower dmg if it’s not a critical stage in the game. You have to look at the situation and decide, “Is dropping elixir to kill this unit worth preventing 1-2 hits on my tower OR do I drop nothing, take the dmg and make a counter push?”
  • You will lose. We all lose, we all win, but what matters is realizing why you lost and not just blaming the other person’s card level or legendaries. I am CONSTANTLY playing people 1-3 lvls higher than me with card levels far out of my reach. However, going in believing you have a chance is the key to those wins. Furthermore, losing and understanding the real reason why makes you a better player overall.
  • Have fun. If the game isn’t fun you’re doing it wrong.
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