Clash Royale Hog, Freeze and Valkyrie Deck Guide

Clash Royale Hog, Freeze and Valkyrie Deck Guide by RedditManEXE

This deck has been recently popular in the top ladder. I have been using this deck for ~1 month(around 2900 trophies right now), so I know what it is good against and what its not. Here I will do my best to explain it to you. Cards and minimum lvls:

Hog rider lvl5

Musketeer lvl5

Valk lvl 5

Inferno tower lvl 5 or cannon lvl 7

Elixir collector lvl4

Arrows lvl 7

Skeletons lvl 7

Freeze lvl 3 ( lvl 2 may be okay)


Hog Rider: This card along with freeze is the core of this deck and of course he is your main damage dealer. You almost never want to attack with hog alone because he is easily countered and you will put your self at an elixir disadvantage.

Freeze: This is one of the best spells in the game, its good for both attack and defence. Also while attacking with hog you should never freeze the enemy’s defending troops unless the hog is paired with valk or musketeer to help kill the troops while they are frozen, so your opponent won’t be able to counter-push.

Arrows: not too much to say about this card It’s mainly for killing minion hord and princess, but if your opponent has both use it on the minion hord.

Musketeer: This is my favorite card in the game. It does high damage which makes it great for killing beefy troops such as giant, valk and mini pekka. Also this card with cannon or inferno and 1 elixir skeletons can take almost any big push such as pekka, golem, giant and balloon and royal giant and whatever supporting troops the have, which sets you for a counter push with hog + freeze+ musketeer.

Valk: A great card for dealing with swarms and hog+ small troops if you don’t have your cannon or inferno up, even though the hog will get a few shots of but it will sit you for counter push with hog+freeze and you should be able to do more damage than that opponent did. Valk + freeze great for dealing with tanks + 3 musketeer setting you on a counter push. If you know your opponent has barbarians you must save the valk for them, but if your opponent is smart he will save them to kill your hog, so you should pair the hog with valk While attacking.

Inferno tower: It can be replaced with cannon depending on your arena’s meta. After the last update I have been facing a lot of royal giants and this card is great for killing him(watch orange juice video on how to place it). Inferno is your main killer for golems and pekkas but be carful not to place it too early, what I mean is: if your opponent played a pekka in the back don’t play your inferno right away instead attack the other side with hog or place an elixir collector in the back.

Elixir collector: This is your starting card if you have it in your hand place it behind your tower. It forces your opponent to attack and you can defend with valk + skelly’s or musketeer + skelly’s then counter push if you can.

Skeletons: Great for distracting prince and pekka and even a musketeer as soon as she crosses the bridge. If your opponent doents have any of those you can pair them with hog for extra damage or do a pig push.


• NEVER freeze your opponent defending troops if your hog isn’t paired with musketeer or valk because he can counter push and destroy your tower. Unless its at the end of the match and you can take the tower down.

• NEVER place inferno/cannon as an opening move.

• Barbarians are great for countering this deck so if he used them offensively counter with valk and whatever else needed and try to push with hog before he get them back in rotation.

• sometimes its okay to take damage to your damage tower if you know you can counter push and do a greater damage.

• Muskeeter + skelly’s is great for defending against hog+ small troops sitting you for a counter push with hog.

• If you have leftover musketeer or a low health valk from defending place a hog as soon as they cross the bridge so the hog will be in front, but if you have a high heath valk place the hog behind it .

• The best starting hand is elixir collector. If you don’t have it in your starting hand wait for your opponent to do his move and react to it (if he placed a troop behind his tower place a musketeer or valk behind yours so they will meet at your side)

• Sometimes its better to save your freeze spell for defence as shown in some of videos below

• The key to winning is doing efficient elixir trades and keeping your defending troops alive.

• Valk+hog, placing the hog exactly behind her will make the hog push her and they will arrive at the tower extremely fast (orange juice video about pushing. Valk is slow, hog is fast, both get medium speed) thx to ricnunes for reminding me of this.


It takes so much time to upload videos so I was only able to show 2

Vs pekka double prince

Vs sparky royal giant and hog

English is not my main language so sorry for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them. I hope this guide will help you and thanks for reading.

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