Clash Royale Countering Royal Giant Decks

Clash Royale Countering Royal Giant Decks by iSilverStorm

I know a lot of you have been frustrated with the new Royal Giant. But guys, its only hard because we haven’t had the practice facing them much until this new patch. He is completely BEATABLE. Let me show you.

So at the end of this, I want to convert you all to become part of my SRGK (Society of Royal Giant Killers).

Royal Giant decks are quite similar to Giant decks, but Royal giants are trickier because timing and placement is more crucial since he himself is range compared to his melee cousin, Giant. Royal giant has increased range since the May 5th patch.

Your towers can engage him right after he crosses the bridge but another step for the royal giant, he can attack your tower. That’s your defending window (narrow, I know!).

So to counter him, your timing of defensive structure placement is crucial.

You have to wait till he crosses the bridge. So your tower is within range doing damage to him. Immediately after that place your defensive structure within range of him so he attacks your defensive building instead of locking to your tower.

If you made a mistake and deployed your defense building too late and he already locked to your tower. Place the defense building anyways and then ZAP him. The stun makes the Royal Giant reset his target and now he will attack the closer target!

Now you have your tower and your defense building attacking him at the same time while he is attacking your defensive building.

Now the rest is similar to the giant decks. Wait till their range attackers come close to the bridge. And then you place your splash damage defender to clear out his support.

The TRUTH about Royal Giant Decks is that, once you can successfully defend against him. The OPPONENT is DOWN 6 elixir. You can offer a hefty counter attack to punish them back.

Similar to when opponents play an offensive freeze spell, rocket, or even elixir collector. You can usually rush them and catch them off guard.

Take a look videos to learn more about timing and most importantly practice, practice, practice!

Welcome fellow SRGK. Lets beat these decks to a pulp!

More Counters by iBawsy

Mini Pekka

1 for 1 it takes down the RG really quick and could get trade damage on his tower.

REACTIVE inferno tower

When placed reactively in the range of RG {combined with tower damage or not} it can trade for +1 elixir.

Swarm his ass with minions/goblins/skeletons

If you swarm the RG, you will burst him down, are likely to get a positive trade and could get damage on their tower. Careful of arrows though.

A well placed cannon

As insane as it sounds, with good placement a RG will attack a cannon and the crown tower will DPS in the back. Although the RG may get two or three hits off, you gain three elixir which you can use to counter push, or combine turret with a knight for equal elixir, and launch a counter push for free.

Surround the RG with Barbarians

Whilst the RG should get off a few hits, your Barbs should kill it fast and take no damage, either forcing the opponent to use more elixir to defend, or shred their tower.

Use zap and a building if he locks onto tower

Very simply the zap will force him to re-target to the nearest structure, which is a lifeline if you messed up, or didn’t have elixir at the time.

Final Note

The Royal Giant really is not that OP. Yes, like a pekka on its own it may seem super busted, but it has a handful of counters and costs a lot of elixer so you can’t play it on repeat like a mortar. I would hate for the card to become hated because no-one learnt its counterplay.

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