Black Desert Online Getting Workers Guide

Black Desert Online Getting Workers Guide by vitor210

Hey guys first of all check out my other guides, here about how to Connect Nodes + Understand the Knowledge System, here to know how to be a Merchant, and here to learn how to Cook.

Alright, now that you have your two cities connected, and you’re tired of walking around, mining or lumbering, it’s time for you to automatize it by using Workers! Workers are NPCs that you can’t directly control but they belong to you, meaning you can see them on the World doing things you ordered, like mining copper ore to send to your city, where other worker on the refinery there uses the rough stone and copper to create other items. This is a simple example, you can do other things.

So first of all, where do you get the workers? You need to find the Work Supervisor NPC in each Town (the icon on the map is a Pickaxe; don’t mix up with the Hoe Icon, that’s the seller for the gathering equipments). In Heildel it’s south, next to where everyone is fishing :

Talk to him and choose Contract Worker:

Now, it asks you to pay 5 energy, you just say YES and then it shows you a new window with the worker he’s trying to sell you. You can either accept it or pay another 5 energy to see another worker. I recomend accepting the first worker since energy takes a while to recharge. But if you want you can try to serch for other workers, there’s a chance to appear a Goblin worker, that is a better worker when compared to Humans. Also, when you buy a worker in a city, he’s tied to that city, you can’t send that worker to another city, meaning even if you send him working on a farm next to another city, he’ll go back and forth to his original one, not the close by

After this you open your world map and click on your citie’s node. Heidel looks like this:

Blue icons indicate the buildings you can buy; grey ones you can’t. You pay contribution points to buy the buildings; they can range from Storage (increase your citie’s warehouse, so it can store more items), Housing (the only building you can enter and visit yours or your friend’s; you can even furniture it), lodging (increase the ammount of workers you can have on that city) and special workshops like refinery, boat workshops, etc. Also, grey icons don’t always mean you don’t have enough CP, if the grey item is a building on a second or third floor of a building, you need to buy the building under it first; on southwest Heidel, the houses are linked even though they are just 1 story high they require you to buy the previous linked one to buy the next.

This special buildings are the ones you send your workers into; let’s suppose you want to make a Tool Workshop. You click on a building that can make one, choose it and click on Purchase: Tool Workshop

It takes a while to finish the construction; after it’s completed you click on it and then Manage Crafting:

Here you can choose which worker to assign to it; also it can only work with the items you have in the citie’s storage, so that’s why most of the items are greyed out besides the fishing poles. A quick info though, you can change the amount of times your worker manufactures the selected item by clicking on the Change button; if you then choose the Maximum Quantity, it will make your worker spend ALL the materials you have in storage to make the most items, but this takes more time of course.

After your workers finish the assignement they can be sent to repeat the same job or do another; but working spends their stamina, to recharge click the pickaxe icon below your character info to open the Workers List

You need some items that recharge stamina, the most known is beer; if you have beer in your inventory, just click on Recovery button and Shift+Right Click on the beer to spend the ammount needed to fully recharge your worker. You can make the beer yourself through cooking or buy it on the Marketplace:

and then choosing the Cooking tab and search for Beer (currently on my server there wasn’t any for sale so it was greyed out:

Now, what do do when you have materials on another city’s storage and you want to send them to another city? You just open the map, click on the city’s node that have the item you want and click on transport:

Make sure you correctly choose the Destination, choose the items you want, and choose Freight Wagon to pay for the transport. You can’t directly pay through your inventory, instead you can deposit some of your money on that city’s storage, and it’s through that money that it pays for the freight.

Now just wait for the wagon to reach Heidel, you can see it on the map:

And the real world:

That’s it :) Don’t forget to ask any questions that you might have :)

Edit: Forgot to add, the first time you hire a worker on a city, you don’t need to buy a lodging building, but if you want to have more, you need to. There’s buildings that are upgradable to increase what they do, but those are expensive.

EDIT 2:Also, after the transport wagon reaches the destination, you need to find the Storage NPC on the city of destination, click on Transport button and it shows all the items that have arrive, just click on Receive all :) without this, you won’t get access to the items.

EDIT 3: Tip by nny76

Some more tips: 1.) Each worker (Giant, Goblin, or Human) has different strengths and weaknesses. Giants, for example, can carry more, Goblins work faster. I believe the human is a balance between the two. (Think gathering vs. crafting) 2.) The worker RNG sometimes can give blue or gold workers, this is a rarity style setup like armor and means those workers are better. 3.) Workers can be leveled up at level 10 to a higher rarity. You have to send them to class which takes 24 hours. 4.) When investing in a city, pay attention to the market it supports. For example there are only a few cities where ship building is done (Epheria is one), and the components are crafted or resources gathered. You have to plan out the city (housing for each worker, component gathering near by, processing) to make money. 5.) If focusing on gathering and/or killing mobs you can upgrade nodes in an area. This gives you a loot rate bonus for that one area and may affect gathering (I did not test the gathering part). (Fun fact, ships are like the ones in archeage, they have armor type slots like players do and require blackstones to upgrade the components. I have around 200 hours in KR and mostly did PVP but tried a lot of the different aspects. I contributed to BDOTome and was a member of Outcry/Codex pre NA Beta.

EDIT 4: Tip by calj

Hmm, well I’ve actually bought a building that was grey, so I don’t think that’s it. :/

EDIT 5: Tip by Jaradis

HUGE TIP: ALWAYS have at least 150k (might be less but why risk it) on you when trying to buy workers. The worst thing would be to get really lucky and get an Artisan or Professional worker as the one being offered and you don’t have enough coin to buy them. Because once you close that window they are gone.

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