LoL Jungle In-Depth Guide for Any Elo

LoL Jungle In-Depth Guide for Any Elo by Razor-Triple

Hi I am a diamond V jungle main, been playing this game since braum release and started playing jungle around lv 15. Here to teach some things about the jungle from what I don’t see a lot in lower elo and might help if you are forced jungle.

When camps spawn

  • Most of the time start bot side since it gives you a better leash.
  • If you are playing against a shaco, Lee sin, vi or a nunu ( junglers who most likely invade you ) do the following path (assuming you are blue side) Start krugs and smite those > Ward your red buff in the side busch > Go to raptors > then red buff. So if you are doing raptors and you warded your red and suddenly you see lee sin sitting in your busch you just warded and the lee sin is thinking: damn he started top side ah well might as well do his red or they wait SPAM PING FOR HELP it is a free first blood or flash burn but don’t chase for too long if he runs towards your base and you got no cap closer don’t burn flash or keep chasing him he will probaly suicide and you wasted a lot of time or even your flash.
  • If you are playing against someone like a wukong or zac who can’t really invade because the lack of sustain or damage you can just do the regular path.


People underestimate the power of scuttle crab, it gives vision, gold and some health back what more you want? Don’t forget to hard cc it if you have it his armor/MR will go down to 10 from 60.


This is KEY on junglers you need to be watching constant your map it is handy to it while doing a camp and you just used all your abilities. If you manage to spot enemy jungler or a MIA mid laner through a ward or something you can ping/ typ in chat it or counter gank it.

Also this let you set up objectives you spotted the enemy jungler top side and you can’t make it for the counter gank go gank bot if they are pushed in dive but think of the following:

  • ask for sums if they have it don’t risk such a dive
  • Check their mana and health if they got a alistar with full mana ( if the CC support got less then 70 you can mostly dive that ) and lucian with 3/4 health don’t dive.
  • If the enemy got full health, mana and all of the sums lane gank and ask for a bait you might blow some summoners so you can set up for drake.
  • don’t be wandering bot for 1 min or longer if you should dive or not it is a waste of time and the enemy might be back in time.
  • If you can’t do any of the above or you are low yourself take enemy jungler wolves and SMITE IT really handy for that vision.


  • First thing first don’t gank impossible lanes for example: Your riven died first blood lv 2 to renekton on top. You walk towards your blue riven TP’s back when she is up then renekton TP’s back and cheeses her again and kills her again, Don’t gank that lane anymore just say she needs to tower hug, renekton can easily 1v2 when ahead ( another great example is a darius ) Now what to do in such a situation:
  • Get other lanes ahead

*If your riven flames say: just safe farm and mute her.

*Go with your mid laner top when you both got your ultimate

  • Don’t sit in a busch for longer then 5 seconds It is a waste of time either walk around, sweep/pink it or go do something else, I see this a lot in low elo junglers just sitting in a busch for 2 mins and end up wasting time.
  • Trading you flash can be worth If you blow your flash to finish off the kill and he react flash it is worth this can give your laner a advantage and you can gank back that lane since his flash is down.
  • Popular cheese I believe this cheese was on this subreddit but I’ll say it again: If you succesfully ganked top your laner got enough mana around half health and yourself as well, pretend you walk back but instead walk around go in the busch and let your laner bait then gank it again. This can put them really behind since they miss farm, chance for a kill and you and your laner get a gold advantage.


So let’s say you wanted to gank top but enemy jungler is there and burns your flash but you still die. then later you are doing gromp then jungler appears and kills you again. Some small things you need too do:

  • Don’t get frustrated and invade him back since he is ahead he can 1v1 you probaly more easy then you can.
  • Always smite wolves and raptors, you can clear his wards and get vision of your jungle
  • Gank lanes that can set up the gank for example: Alistar Q flash and headbutt the Soraka into you. Mid ahri lands a charm etc.
  • Try to get scuttle control.

I hope this guide helped I don’t have that long experience as most players but still I tried my best to teach you a thing or two.

Goodluck on the rift!

EDIT: small things I forgot to mention:

  • Pink your red/blue buffs can be really helpfull and in solo Q I mostly go the green smite since they removed stealth wards.
  • It is not really ment for any elo since challengers probaly know what to do better then me.
  • Sometimes people like starting top side as well to prevent an invade or they need the certain jungle buff that is personal preference imo I just explained what I like doing and think what is best.

EDIT 2: Jungle streams I like to watch:

Dekar173 cuz I love rengar sorry adc mains

Akaadian imo one of the best jungle nidalee players

Meteos funny and explains a lot of things REALLY GOOD

The general himself theddone

Trick2g cuz he is finally as hell

EDIT 3: Removed Always always start bot side, it gives a wrong image since you sometimes early gank top with red buff can be good, But still I most of the time start bot side.

Edit 4: scuttle crab use Hard CC since slows won’t affect the scuttle crabs armor/MR

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