LoL Ziggs Stop Your Team From Being Snowballed Guide

LoL Ziggs Stop Your Team From Being Snowballed Guide by Nami_makes_me_wet

Champion: Ziggs

Role: Mid

Recommended for: Gold+, can be played in lower elo if you manage to consistantly hit skillshots and have decent mapawarness

Why this champion: Well theres a few reasons. First is fairly obvious: Waveclear. If the enemys are snowballing but you clear every wave with ease, unless they have baron or dive you they can hardly close out the game and your team can come back. Also the Frostqueens mid favours him notable and poke is pretty good atm since alot of champions delay lifesteal/regen for dmg/other stats.


Recommended: Flash and Heal/Barrier. You dont wanna get in Ignite/Exhaust range pretty much.

Ignite: Dont get this, you want to keep your distance and throw bombs out and not get close to most champions.

Exhaust: You can get this vs obvious dmg (hi zed) but i usually prefer barrier or heal over this.


Mpen marks, Hp/level or armor seals, 2 Ap and 1 Cdr/level quints, Cdr/level blues.

This seems abit odd but i take the 20% cdr from runes so i can cap cdr with frostqueens and cdr boots.If forstqueens falls out of the meta again you build morellos again so you can take out the cdr quint and 3 blues and put in ap and mr.


12/18/0: Thunderlords, Intelligence for obvious reasons, personally i take mana reg over dangerous game but thats preference.

Item build:

Grab a dorans and 2 pots (dark seal if very confident) at the start of the game.

Grab a faerie charm and a codex if you can afford it, then upgrade into frostqueens.

Get cdr boots when you need them and the proceed to build ap depending on the game:

Zhonyas: For the active, good vs zed and friends, also good vs syndra.

Dcap: For dmg, optimally dont get this 2nd, its more efficient the more items you have.

Voidstaff: vs Mr stacking, you can get this 3th or later depending on the amount of enemy mr stackers.

Situational Items:

Rylais: Pretty good the slow is beastly, its not as necesarry as on other champs as you have your e but if you need to kite alot this is very good.

Liandrys: Good vs tanks, doubleprocs on your e so you dont even need rylais to make it work.

Ludens: Strong for poke, get this early if you get it.

Lichbane: Ok vs towers but i dont like to get in close.

Banshees/Generic defensive stuff: Get this if you need it.


Farm alot, poke the enemy. Early your passive autos are very strong for harass. Be careful with roaming you dont want to be caught. If your opponent leaves the lane and you cant follow push it in, with your passive and frostqueens you melt towers. You can also throw your ult on tower lanes without walking too deep in unwarded territory. Also dont forget to ward.

So why is Ziggs good vs snowballing?

If your team gets snowballed on theres basically a classic way it happens: 1.) Ppl get caught and die alot/go behind 2.) Enemys push towers 3.) Enemys gain jungle control

Ziggs can stop them at step 2 and buy time for his team to farm up and get back into the team simply by waveclearing. You can basically defend towers 3v5 if you dont get caught and dont go oom. If you cant get to the tower thats beeing pushed on you can throw your ult on the wave, it gives you notable gold and safes the tower.

Tips and Tricks:

You can throw w and spam the w key to instantly reactivate it as soon as it lands. This is useful to stop channels as well as for running away.

Spam spells to get your passive fast if you push a tower.

Your ult has a notable travel time, so the closer you are when you launch it, the faster it lands. Also it does more damage in the center.

Edit: – Flash into zone of W (and desired direction) then reactivate W. Allows to get rid of that root while casting resulting in faster movement.

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