Brave Frontier Ten Winged Tormentor Grand Quest Guide

Brave Frontier Ten Winged Tormentor (Michele) Grand Quest Guide by WaifuAllNight

Mission Details

Energy: 50

Number of Squads: 2

  • Squad 1 is just Lodin for the friend slot, the other 5 and LS you can choose.
  • Squad 2 has Michele for the friend slot, the other 5 and LS you can choose.
  • Highly recommend a mitigator, ideally Edea, Krantz, or Elimo

Total Cost: 2x standard cost

Grand Rank: ****

Minimum Runs for 100% Completion 4

Total Units Available to Bring Along 10 total. 5 units for Squad 1 and 5 units for Squad 2

General Tips

  • Squad 1 gets Lodin, with a rainbow LS. If you want the 50% ATK, go for it and bring 5 or more elements. Due to solo-Melchio hitting hard, Grah/Tridon lead is recommended. Many people cleared this with either the Edea/Elimo or Veltrion/Zeldeus combo, although you can sub in Krantz there as well. BB on hit and DEF up are mandatory.
  • Will go into more detail on this below, but needless to say, the Lodin team will have a hard time taking down this solo-Melchio. Be prepared to slot your best units into Team 1 for your first run. You only need to beat solo-Melchio once.
  • Squad 2 is like squad 1, you can bring 5 of your own units. If you want to clear Gold #1 or #2, you’ll only be able to use one of them. Recommended is a mitigator, Elimo, Krantz or Edea preferred because they can mitigate and cure status ailments.
  • Make sure your one unit has good spheres! The battle against this Melchio (and Duel-SGX) won’t be easy, but it is easier than solo-Melchio mentioned above. Will add some info below.


Gold #1: Bring the team with 5 NPCs. Kill 5* and 6* Melchio. Near the end of the stage when you battle Melchio and Duel-GX, bring Duel-SGX to 30% HP with normal attacks and use Michele and Zelban’s BB only. Use Lodin SBB every 3 turns. Since you can only bring one unit, I suggest Edea, Krantz or Elimo for their versatility.

Gold #2: Same as Gold #1, bring the team with all 5 NPCs and just bring Melchio down to 50% HP in the Melchio and Duel-SGX battle and you win.

Silver #1: Beat solo-Melchio with the Lodin team. Refer to the General Tips to see how to beat him.

Bronze #1: Kill Melchio without picking up all 5 of the NPCs. The other units can be your own.


First Quest Clear: 1 Gem

Lodin Achievement Clear: 3 Gems

Clear Rewards: Slot Medals (x8, x6, x8)

Clear Rewards: All Imp Arton, Burst Emperor

70% Completion: Thorn Crown

100% Completion: Penta Locus

Guide to All of Melchio’s Forms

This encounter is easily the hardest one in this GQ. This is a mini-guide dedicated just to this.

  • This solo-Melchio for Squad 1 received a lot of outcries for his seemingly random nukes. He does the massive ST attack every 6 turns. After Melchio hits 50% HP, he does a massive ST attack every 3 turns. Keep HP high and mitigate+guard.
  • Every 10 turns, Melchio guards. The following turn, he does a massive AoE. Not survivable with just mitigator or mitigation+guard. You will need 75% mitigation and 50% guard stacked together to survive. 75% mitigation and guard won’t work. This attack ignores guard and shields. Only 87.5% mitigation with UBB and BB will ensure survival.
  • Other than that, focus on high-damage units, i.e. Infinite SBB to nuke down Melchio quickly. You do not want this battle lasting any longer than it has to. Try and nuke him down once you get Melchio under 50% HP. If you take longer than 3 cycles of Guard+Massive AoE, bring an Overdrive to end it quicker.
  • No status ailments here, but Melchio can be cursed.

Attack Sequences

Charge: Every 10 turns, he doesn’t attack. Nuke him down this turn if possible to avoid the following turn’s massive AoE.

Massive AoE: Use a 75% UBB mitigation and 50% BB/SBB mitigation to survive. Guard and 75% mitigation won’t work. Recommended to bring 2 mitigators along.

ST Massive Attack: Every 6 turns, solo-Melchio will do a ST nuke. The AI will make the ST nuke prefer the unit with the highest current HP, but can hit anyone. Mitigate and guard. If you have Tridon, just mitigation is enough. It occurs every 3 turns upon reaching 50%.

Strong AoE (SBB): He can do this up to 4x consecutively in one turn. 5 elements. Bring status null spheres on non-Light units.

Melchio’s 5* and 6* forms in the final battle

  • In Melchio’s 5* form, he has all the attacks in the Lodin battle except the massive AoE and the massive ST attack. Mitigate every turn, keep HP high and you’ll be fine.
  • In Melchio 6* form, he has all the attacks in his 6* form, except now he can double hit count and inflict all status ailments. Here is where it is useful for your mitigator to have a status null sphere.
  • In Melchio and Duel-SGX battle, Melchio is no threat. SGX won’t attack you.


  • Run #1, Move the Lodin team to beat solo-Melchio. Refer to the guide in General Tips.
  • Run #2, Lose with Lodin. Just bring whatever and don’t mitigate turn 1. Melchio will one-shot you and you will unlock Michele’s path. Use the Michele team to travel along the path to the last boss sign, where Melchio and Duel-GX are. Collect all the NPCs along the main path. You should have 5 NPCs and one of your own units. For Run #2 and Run #3, it’s recommended to pick up Lodin and make him lead. The extra BC fill will be useful. However, if your unit is Krantz, use him as leader. His HP, ATK, and BC HC drop rate as lead is excellent. Kill Melchio 5* and 6* forms, and then when you battle Melchio and Duel-SGX, normal attack Duel-SGX until he reaches 30% HP. To do this, use Michele and Zelban BB only and use Lodin SBB every 3 turns. When you get Duel-SGX to 30% HP, Code 666 is canceled. Then you can focus Melchio to 50% HP.
  • Run #3, Lose with Lodin. Just bring whatever and don’t mitigate turn 1. Melchio will one-shot you and you will unlock Michele’s path. Use the Michele team to travel along the path to the last boss sign, where you fight Melchio 5, Melchio 6, and Melchio and Duel-GX. Collect all the NPC’s on the main path. You should have 5 NPCs and one of your own units. This time, bring Melchio down to 50% HP in the Melchio and Duel-SGX battle and you win.
  • Run #4, Lose with Lodin. Just bring whatever and don’t mitigate turn 1. Melchio will one-shot you and you will unlock Michele’s path. Avoid picking up Duel-GX, Zelban, Lodin, and Tiara on the path. Do not add all 4 of them. Defeat 5* Melchio at the final boss stage and you win.

Squad Building

Squad 1

Bring Mitigator, BC on hit, and Infinite SBB.

Unit combinations that have been tested and work for Lodin team:

  • Grah lead, Zeldeus, Veltrion, Yuura, Lugina
  • Grah lead, Elimo, Medina, Oguru, Melchio
  • Grah lead, Michele, Elimo, Bestie, Ark
  • Grah lead, Bestie, Raaga, Edea, Elimo
  • Grah lead, Balgran, Ark, Ruby, Elimo
  • Grah lead, Loch, Medina, Feeva, Elimo
  • Grah lead, Ark, Edea, Elimo, Diana

I don’t know about you, but I’m sensing a pattern here…

  • Note: The Grah lead above can be subbed for Tridon as well. Tridon’s can help you survive the ST nuke, but won’t help you survive the massive AoE.

Alternative: Nuke Squad

Idea taken from Ushi’s walk through.

If possible, it is a good idea to nuke Melchio down before he reaches his 11th turn. Make sure and equip your beat spark, crit, and attack spheres.

  • Ushi’s Team: Zenia lead, Krantz, Ark, Rivera, Aurelia

Stretegy: This is the normal-attack nuke strategy. Build up your BB gauges with the mobs before, and at the final battle, get the buffs with Ark, Zenia, Aurelia, Libera, and Krantz. Once you fill your OD bar, use Zenia UBB and next turn Krantz UBB to nuke down Melchio with normal attacks. You should be able to win in 10 turns or less.

Squad 2

Bring a full team with a mitigator, ideally. Also bring one who can cure or negate ailments.

  • Elimo
  • Edea
  • Krantz


That’s all for the guide, guys! This GQ was released in Japan like, 3 months ago? My memory is not perfect, so feel free to correct me on any of the info! Please cross-check some of the info so it may be as accurate as possible! Good luck summoners!

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