LoL Udyr In-Depth Guide

LoL Udyr In-Depth Guide by FishingForElo

A little background: I started playing League of Legends at around the start of Season 4, I did my placements and finished Silver 4. I hovered around Silver 3 for the entirety of the season. I ended Gold 5 after a friend of mine agreed to duo with me and I stopped playing ranked until S5.When season 5 started I did my placements, went 5-5 ( I think ~ ) and got placed Silver 4. At the beginning of S5, I decided that I had to main a champ. I’m a fan of Trick2G and his Udyr playstyle seemed to fit me really well. So I’m like hell why not play Udyr. At first I was feeding in normals but I persevered. I never stopped playing my main and soon enough I was carrying normals and ready to hop in ranked.

How to play Udyr: There are many ways to play Udyr. I’ll be covering the two main ones that got me to gold and platinum subsequently. Keep in mind I’m broke, lol. So runes were pretty hard to get for me.

Tiger Stance AD Udyr


Quintessences : 2x Attack Damage, 1x Attack Speed Marks: 9x Attack Damage Seals: 9x Armor Glyphs: 6x Magic Resist, 3x Attack Speed

Masteries: 21/9/0 AD/CD


When I played Tiger Stance, I usually took Flash and Smite. Start with your Q ( Tiger Stance ) Max Q->E->W->R Do not take a point in R ( Phoenix ) unless you literally have no choice, which is at level 16. I choose to max E ( Bear ) second because without ghost, the increased movement speed is better and since I’m AD ( normally damage Dyr ) I don’t really need the shield from turtle. Take Q first, then W, then Q, then E. and proceed to max Q->E->W->R.


This is where i gets tricky. You start machete’s of course with 2 pots. You can take Blue, Red, or Purple smite. I always took blue because of the ranged slow, easier to catch up to the target and stun them with your bear. Purple is better if you want to gank more often as it helps you sustain. Red is for dueling, which you will be doing a lot with Tiger Dyr.

Your core is basically : Warrior enchantment, Trinity Force, Frozen Heart, Righteous Glory ( if ahead ) or Warrior enchantment into Phage -> Build either Warden’s mail ( vs AD comp ) or Spectre’s Cowl ( vs AP comp )


With this setup, I usually started Double Golems ( Krugs ). You can solo it. Remember to activate your Q as you spawn in the map. Auto the camp for the DOT, and proceed to activate your Q again for a 2nd wave of DOT + Attack speed. Then I went to my buff, other camp near mid lane, then other camp near mid lane, then gromp. Then did the Scuttlecrab which got me my level 4. After level 4 I put a point into Bear and then I can gank a lane. Usually stay in Turtle when you do Scuttles so you can vamp up and get your HP back. Instead of ganking a lane, what you can do is recall, get your smite item, and proceed to solo the dragon. It’ll catch them by surprise.

What I did to win

Basically, what I did was to push advantages by catching people out. With Udyr, you have high movement speed so you can catch up to people or flee when your not well positioned ( when you are at risk of dying ). So I would gank a lane, if it was successful, then I push the minion wave into the tower( very important because it makes the enemy laner lose CS and EXP to the tower ) and proceed to auto the tower until the enemy spawned, then leave and continue pressuring lanes and ganking. You have fast clear time and you can get to your buffs quicker with movement speed . The important part of jungling is : don’t waste your time. You always have to be getting gold or else you won’t get ahead and you wont be able to snowball and carry. Don’t waste your time waiting in a bush for 1 minute while you could be doing a camp and have the time to come back. Once you catch somebody out, proceed to try to pick a fight either 2v3, 3v4 or 4v5, and that pretty sums up how I went to gold. Warded more too and learned about positioning.

Phoenix Stance Devourer Udyr a.k.a the Godyr

Same Runes and Masteries. ( hey, i was and still am poor IP-wise ) this is what got me to platinum.


Take ghost and smite.

Start R->W->R->E then proceed to max R->W->E->Q Do not take a point in Q until necessary ( level 16 )

Here’s exactly what I did at the beginning of every game on my road to plat as Udyr.

Start gromp -> Take Blue -> Take Wolves( 1 hp pot ) -> Take Toucans ( :) ) -> Take Red( 1 hp pot ) – > Take Scuttlecrab ( in river ) -> Gank the lane next to the crab you just took. If gank is succesful, hooray, if it isn’t, too bad. DO NOT BACK. Keep farming until you have enough for Devourer enchantment completely(1850 Gold). -> Proceed to take your blue buff, then scuttles-> then solo the dragon. If you’re bot side, take a mana pot when you back, take red, then take dragon. Make sure no one is coming. If you want to be safe, farm up an extra 100 gold for a pink.

I did this every game, and it was 95% of the time the same exact thing.


Purple smite -> Devourer ( always because purple increased my clear speed and helped me sustain so I could get those sweet stacks baby )

Phage first into Tri Force, either Tenacity Boots, Mobi Boots or Swifties. Once you get Tri force you’re pretty much almost full stacks, get 30 stacks and proceed to burn people with your 2 hit Phoenix Proc. ( That stuff hurts man ) After that you want to build tanky so take Frozen Heart and/or Sunfire ( synergizes well with your R pulse flame damage ).

So, Tiger Udyr helped me get to Gold 5 and Phoenix Udyr helped me get to Plat 5. Hopefully a new Udyr emerges and that will be my ticket to Diamond. I hoped you read this guide and that you learned atleast 1 thing new.

tl;dr please read this LOL, a lot of time went into this but if you insist : Tiger Dyr and Godyr builds to gain elo, I guess .

Please tell me anything you find off about the guide, or any improvements or questions you might have, I’ll be glad to answer :).

edit: MY OP.GG :


When you fight as Udyr, make sure to move in between your auto-attacks. i.e : Move towards enemy using bear stance (movement/stun) -> stun the target -> WALK AHEAD , you bascially walk a little bit towards where you think they will go -> switch stance -> attack -> walk ahead -> attack . This is important because if you walk ahead, you basically negate their flash/escape abilities because you’re going where they potentially might go. So if they do go there, you’re already there yourself and you’re still in auto-attack range. Should do this for every champion. But it’s very important on Udyr.

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