LoL Sion Matchups Guide

LoL Sion Matchups Guide by shadovvvvalker

Heim: You can shout heimers turrets into stupid places and free farm.

Garen: A good garen will feed you early so you become the villan. Take advantage of this and use the gold to buy a hexdrinker. If he starts to all in wait for the silence then tp bot lane.

Fiora: Keep your vitals against a wall max sheild and shout minions for farm. Once you get enough tank she cant kill you

Wukong: take your early camp and run into lane with 2 longswords no pots or flask. all in the lvl 1 wukong. Dont let him get lvl 2 or he will crush you.

Malphite: His shield is better than yours dont let it reset. He will go oom first. Go for constant trades until one of you dies.

Quinn: Minions outrange her autoattacks

Tryndamere: An early Bruatalizer ruins tryndamere. Keep harassing him down so he cant maintain fury.

Kennen: Ignore Kennen

Aatrox: Rush boots and thornmail. Dodge all of his skills. He will kill himself.

Gangplank: All in him when he uses his ult to help teammates otherwise farm with e.

Rengar: This guy will never know what the fuck he is doing. Pretend one of the minions is kennen and rengar is the jungler.

Galio: Banner of Command.

Akali: farm safe until 6. Go AFK in your minion wave. She will try to kill you.

Irelia: Only use your abilities when against her in melee range otherwise shell dodge them

Pantheon: If you can dodge his spears you win otherwise you lose hard

Singed: If he proxies buy a bamis cinder and hold the minions off your tower, If he doesnt buy a bamis cinder and proxy him.

Renekton: This guy hurts. Surrender tier 1 farm till sunfire and go peel for the adc

Riven: If you trade her itd be like giving foils getting commons. Get tanky then go peel for the adc

Swain: Dodge

Lissandra: When she ults herself shes an easy target

Hecarim: Flash his E and you win the trade

Yasuo: Randuins-Thornmail. Once you get those let him q you

lulu: Dodge

Karthus: Dont kill him. Make him run out of mana

Zac: Bamis cinder and stomping on his blobs do wonders

Teemo: If you dont attack him his Q is worthless

Jarvan: Stand inside the minon wave so you have help when he ults you

Shen: He leaves lane often, shove the tower.

Sion: Why are you in blind pick?

Fizz: Cry, Dodge even in promos.

Trundle: Rush Merc treads then black cleaver. Dont build tankiness until out of lane.

Vlad: He will heal his damage. Pretend hes kennen.

Chogath: Big vlad.

Rumble: Dont get set on fire.

Nasus: Farm well and dont fight. Offer a truce. First person to 2 items wins and leaves lane.

Volibear: He deals hybrid damage buy hybrid resistances.

Yorick: Dodge.

Jayce: Dodge his shots.

Olaf: Peel for the ADC buy model size items and body block.

Tahm Kench: I’ve never seen a good one.

Gnar: Dodge his abilities then fight him when hes big, he cant escape.

Urgot: He cant reduce your non existant damage so you just win.

Jax: When he jumps in ult him point blank. He will be confused and will lose the trade.

Maokai: Kennen that throws kennens.

Poppy: Buy lots of pots and make her use her mana

Ryze: Merc treads early or afk cause you cant move.

Mundo: Dodge his cleavers and he has no damage left.

Cassiopeia: Get between her and minions so she cant ult you.

Darius: Stand right next to darius.

Mordekaiser: Use your W to mock him for not having one that’s useful solo

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