LoL Miss Fortune In-Depth Guide

LoL Miss Fortune In-Depth Guide by thatsnotmylane

Summoner Spells

Flash and Heal are your standard choices for the standard reasons. Flash helps you escape, initiate, dodge, and reposition. Heal helps save you and your support’s life early, and provides a movement speed boost which is still useful late. Situationally you may want Cleanse to counter important CC from the enemy team or Barrier, which is slightly better than heal if you’re in a solo lane and are worried about ignite or grievous wounds.

Abilities and What you Should Max

Strut – Passive – Increased out of combat movement speed is incredibly helpful for moving around the map. You’ll get to lane faster, make Monte Cristo even prouder with your snappy rotations and even escape or chase down enemies with ease. You can pull off a neat level 1 trick with strut: simply wait in base until you hit 35 gold and buy a second health pot. Increased movement speed will get you back to lane in time to start last hitting. Note: this may anger your jungler if you are not providing a leash.

Double Up – Q – Miss Fortune’s identity as a lane bully comes from this ability since she can deal significant damage to champions standing behind minions. You can get pretty fancy with Double Up usage since its second hit has higher base damage, and does 150% of that if it kills the first target. While it pales in comparison to Graves’ Buckshot, this ability can be useful for last hitting in a pinch and its low mana cost will make you feel most fortunate.

Impure Shots – W – Making your auto attacks also deal 6% of your Attack Damage as magic damage, increasing for every subsequent stack means you’re presenting a difficult to itemize against threat. Having an Attack Speed steroid also helps Miss Fortune bring the damage in team fights. Don’t forget that activating Impure Shots will also instantly max out your passive movement speed for quick getaways.

Make it Rain – E – This ability is low impact and heavily mana costed. Try to avoid using it unless it’s actually going to have an impact since you’re just going to be losing too much mana. A 60% slow late game is nice but nothing to write home about.

Bullet Time – R – Aside from Miss Fortune’s maniacal laughter tilting your opponents, Bullet Time can clear minions waves, lay down suppressing fire in a time fight, or snipe runners.

You’ll want to max Double Up first. I personally like taking Impure Shots at level 1 since the bonus damage on every attack will have more impact right away and an Attack Speed steroid gives you more reach in engagements. Impure Shots only scales up the Attack Speed bonus with level which you won’t need until mid-late game so max it second. Obviously take levels in Bullet Time at levels 6, 11, and 16.


3x Attack Speed Quintessences (Purple) 9x Attack Damage Marks (Red) 9x Armor Seals (Yellow) 9x Magic Resist (Flat or Per Level) Glyphs (Blue)


Miss Fortune uses enough spells to make good use of spell weaving. Otherwise I take standard Marksman masteries.

When and Why do you Pick Miss Fortune?

While it’s true that Miss Fortune is not one of the strongest Marksman due to her kit and lack of an escape, she still has advantages which you can exploit. Her biggest advantage is early game pressure in lane. If you manipulate your high damage abilities correctly you can push your opponent under tower or zone them off last hits.

Build Path

I’ve done quite a bit of experimentation with unusual builds on Miss Fortune and trust me, your typical Infinity Edge Marksman build is your best bet.


  • Doran’s Blade
  • Health Potion
  • Yellow Trinket
  • First Back – Since you’re rushing Infinity edge you’ll want your first purchase to be either:
  • Pickaxe
  • BF Sword
  • Cloak of Agility

Its important to be conscious of the gold in your inventory and time your recalls with your purchasing power. Ideally you want to head back around 900 gold or 1600 gold since this allows you to buy exactly an Attack Damage item as well as some potions to help sustain you in lane.

Core Items:

  • Infinity Edge
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Berzerker’s Greaves

I prefer Phantom Dancer over Statik Shiv on all Marksmen currently since its raw stats are higher and it scales better into late game. Specifically the increased Crit chance synergizes with Infinity Edge. Shiv is acceptable if the situation allows for it, keep in mind its still a good item just not the OPTIMAL item

Secondary Damage:

  • Last Whisper
  • Bloodthirster
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Generally you’ll want to build Last Whisper or Ghostblade 3rd to answer enemy armor purchases. If you see 2 or more champions building heavy armor, build Last Whisper. If no armor is being built Ghostblade is a fine choice. 4th Item should be a form of lifesteal. Since Miss Fortune has a powerful Attack Speed steroid and doesn’t rely heavily on Attack Damage scaling on her abilities building a Blade is a great option, especially when against deep divers.

Defensive Items:

After 4 DPS focused items and boots a defensive item is optimal in most cases. Its up to your discretion if you need defenses earlier on in your build and if you can afford to miss out on damage.

  • Guardian Angel: Genericly a good choice since it itemizes against both physical and magic damage and getting a second life is totally broken. Consider this your first choice if you are fed and want to help ensure your lead is maintained. PRO TIP: during extreme late game if your Guardian Angel is on cooldown, you can sell it for a different defensive item then rebuy it after the 5 minutes are up.
  • Banshee’s Veil: A classic choice vs difficult to dodge, or high impact CC abilities. Health on a defensive item is a great reason to purchase Veil since magic resistance’s effectiveness is amplified by having a larger health pool. Note that the 100% base health regen makes this a viable 5th pickup instead of a lifesteal item.
  • Quicksilver Sash -> Mercurial Scimitar: Against suppression a quick QSS activation can save your life, but you do have to activate it. This one requires practice and if you’re not confident, the passive on Banshee’s Veil might be a better choice.
  • Randuin’s Omen: I’ve been a big fan of Randuin’s on marksmen recently, particularly against Zed or Yasuo. Even with proper positioning these two champions can make their way to you easily, but alone. Having the extra armor and health will be enough to survive their combo (with a little help from your support and heal). The active on Randuin’s can be used to help kite or chase as well.
  • Hexdrinker -> Maw of Malmortius: This item has been getting some screen time in the LCS so I wanted to mention it. If you’re not expecting heavy magic damage it’s a great choice since it has solid offensive stats as well.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Double Up – Mastering the secondary hit on this ability can be tricky but has a huge pay off. The mana cost is super low and you won’t have problem using this frequently in lane, so don’t be afraid to experiment. The ideal situation is you last hit a minion when an enemy champion is standing within range behind said minion. Also don’t be afraid to just use Double Up on an enemy champion if they give you the chance.
  • A little more specifics on maximizing your Double Ups, use your auto attacks to drop the ranged minion’s health pools down far enough so that they’ll die when hit with Double Up. This allows you to quickly take advantage of an enemy champion who incorrectly steps behind them. No one understands new Miss Fortune does insane damage when this happens, I’ve killed multiple people in lane simply by hitting them with a max damage Double Up. Exhibit A:
  • The recent update to Miss Fortune gave her a way to instantly max out her Strut passive by activating Impure Shots. This is great for getting the last bit of movement speed you need to escape, or even just get you to max speed after recalling to base.

Laning Phase

TL;DR – RP as a mega-bitch.

So far we’ve been driving the point that Miss Fortune is a lane bully home like it’s going out of style. Her abilities are tailored towards being a bully and not much else so its important to take advantage of this. Seriously though, if you get the opportunity to use Double Up to kill a minion when the enemy ADC is behind it, you’ve basically initiated and won a trade where you took 0 damage. But it doesn’t stop there. The damage boost early on from Impure Shots’ passive stacks up fast and hits hard. In the same way Darius wins prolonged engagements due to his passive bleed stacks, Miss Fortune will ramp up her damage in longer trades as well.

I like to take Impure Shots at level one since it boosts your damage output at level one without the need to expend mana. This helps with trades and for just pushing the wave, which you should absolutely be doing level 1 to establish dominance. This is easier with a ranged support since they can help zone the enemy lane while you’re last hitting.

Don’t stop hitting things with Double Up, it’s the best advantage you have in lane!

Mid Game

TL;DR – farm, head to fights w/ passive

Strut gives you a huge advantage mid game, allowing you to quickly join skirmishes and move to defend or press objectives. As a Marksman you’ll want to focus primarily on income, usually this means last hits, but getting objectives with your team is a valid source of gold as well.

Don’t be afraid to use your ultimate to farm minions if pushing the wave is also something you’re looking to do. This requires you to be conscious of wave pushing dynamics. If you’re a bit behind and want to freeze the lane on your side, obviously don’t use Bullet Time to clear. On the other hand if you have a sizeable wave of enemy minions built up and need to contest dragon, using your ult to quickly clean up and get to the dragon fight is totally fine. Bullet Time can be really good in team fights but is by no means essential. It requires you to be positioned safely away from enemy CC and also in such a way that you can hit 2-3 champions. As noted above, it’s perfectly acceptable to not bother using it during the fight and simply sniping runners as they try to escape. Much like Caitlyn, there are plenty of times you’re simply going to do more damage by auto attacking.

Don’t stop farming! You’re an underpowered Marksman and you’ll need all the help you can get to keep up with these fancy new champions and their “good” abilities.

Late Game

TL;DR – no facecheckerino

Since you lack an escape beyond your flash it’s important to position yourself safely. It goes without saying that Marksman should never be the ones to face check bushes or be the first to venture into an unwarded jungle. However, even in team fights where you’ve setup in the back line, you can be in danger. Back-line diving champions like Zed will turn your day sour real quick if you don’t have flash or help from your team. Identify problem champions on their team so that you can prepare yourself for what is going to occur during a team fight.

Don’t get caught! Crowd Control will wreck you if you’re unable to use flash to escape it!


TL;DR – identify and play around threats, apply damage safely

The biggest reason you’d want to pick Miss Fortune from a team fight perspective is Bullet Time. Its a huge area of effect damage application that can add the last piece of the puzzle to a good wombo combo. That said, the times this will actually come together without planning it out are few and far between. So for that reason don’t approach team fights with the attitude of “I need to find the best time to get my Ultimate off” instead just be a Marksman and think “How can I best apply my damage in this fight.”

Take a moment to consider what is going to stop you from applying your damage. Is there a champion who will dive you? Is there a Yasuo or Braum to shield your attacks? Who are their front line champions and how fast do you kill them? Some of these questions you’ll need to answer earlier than other since your itemization will effect the answer. Remember, you do zero damage while you’re dead.

Don’t worry too much about Bullet Time. It’s often hard to find a perfect position to use it and anything less than perfect is worse than auto attacking.

Specific Lane Matchups

All-In Supports (Examples: Leona, Blitz, Thresh, Braum):

When playing against all-in supports you need to identify the particular characteristic that allows them to dive in on you. For example, Thread or Blitzcrank will use their hooks, or Leona can close gaps with Zenith Blade. As mentioned before, without a built in escape, once a CC chain starts on you, it’s going to be hard to recover or even get away. For this reason you need to proactively position yourself to avoid key enemy abilities and respect enemy champion positioning.

Getting ahead early will help you control champion positioning in lane. I can’t hammer home this point hard enough: as Miss Fortune you need to push hard levels 1-3 in order to put the enemy on the backfoot. Once you’ve done that, even against ‘all-in’ supports, you can start zoning off last hits and experience.

Peel and disengage from your support can help make this matchup easier. Janna provides plenty of counter-initiate, Braum’s shield can save you in a pinch. On the other side of things, if you want to really make sure you can press your level one advantage try laning with a ranged support who can also dish about damage themselves such as Lulu, or Sona.

Poke Supports (Examples: Veigar, Sona, Lulu):

Poking supports aren’t particularly more difficult for Miss Fortune. In fact, her passive moment speed gives you an edge when dodging skill shots and staying just at the edge of the enemy’s range. A with laning against any poke comp with any marksman, an ‘all-in’ support will be your best bet for winning the lane, since they won’t be able to mount a successful counter-attack.

Peel/Disengage (Examples: Janna, Lulu, Karma):

Playing against these supports is probably tied with sustain for your ‘best’ matchup since you won’t be expecting much fighting or initiations from their side. If you establish control over the lane at level 2 you’ll be set for zoning and if you stay even throughout the early stages, you’re content to be farming as well. Now, depending on the enemy Marksman a farm lane could be really bad, for example, going even with a Vayne will set your team up for a world of hurt come late game.

In order to avoid stagnation, take an ‘all-in’ support with you to lane.

Sustain Supports (Examples: Nami, Soraka, Sona):

Unfortunately Miss Fortune lost her grievous wounds active on Impure Shots when they reworked her abilities. It does take away some of the draw she used to have for countering heavy sustain like Soraka or a Sona but overall doesn’t make the matchup bad.

As with every other matchup, you want to get out ahead early and zone the enemy off last hits. If you fail to do this your next best bet is to look for an ‘all-in’ so that the opponent doesn’t have time to let their sustain reach full effect.

One note on laning against these supports, if you have the option it’s better to lay your harass down on the support champion instead of the ADC. This is particularly important against Soraka since she cannot target herself with Astral Infusion (her heal) and relies on landing Starcalls (Her Q ability) to regain health.

Specific Champions

Ashe – Positioning yourself to avoid volley will define this lane. Use the minion wave to block shots and keep your passive active.

Caitlyn – Caitlyn will try to out poke you in lane with her high range. With your extra movement speed you should be able to dodge her Piltover Peacemaker. Take advantage of when she goes for last hits to land double ups for harass.

Corki – Before level 6 you should be able to out trade a Corki, it gets even easier if you can dodge his Q ability. Once he gets his missiles he can farm safely out of range of your double up if that’s giving him trouble, or keep your passive off to make it easier for him to connect with his abilities. You’re best bet as always is to pair with an all in/CC support

Draven – Unfortunately you don’t have anything to really abuse knowing Draven’s movements due to axe catching still pay attention for it in case it puts him right in line for a good double up. Draven’s axes will do significant damage in trades, so you don’t want to fight unless they’re down or you’ve landed several double ups on him.

Ezreal – Since Ezreal wants to land his mystic shots on you and those don’t go through minions he likely won’t be in a spot to be hit by double up. Consider pairing with a support that has a hook like Blitzcrank, Nautilus, or Thresh to either force him behind minions, or get caught for an all in.

Graves – Graves in Miss Fortune 2.0, he has better wave clear, a better aoe ultimate, actually has a reposition, is tougher in fights. You’re going to need to rely on your support or your ability to outplay this lane since all things equal you will have a rough time.

Jinx – The kit that Jinx brings to the table makes her very good a trading and dueling early on. The attack speed steroid, slow, and trap CC can make her a potent combination with an all in support. However, she also lacks an escape. This means your best bet is initiating a better fight is your best bet to win this lane.

Kalista – Kalista’s rending mechanics will define this lane. You don’t want to have extended trades since the more stacks, the more rend damage. This is unfortunate since your impure shots need time to build up too. Fortunately your double up will apply impure stacks, but Kalista’s passive jumpyness makes it tricky to land. This is a rough matchup.

Kog’maw – Kog’maw is the kind of opponent you want to see. He’s slow, has no escape, and scales into late game. Take advantage of his weakness early and don’t stop hitting double ups.

Lucian – For a while I joked that Lucian was Miss Fortune 3.0 since his Q provides awesome early lane harass as well and he has an ultimate that’s really only good for waveclear. However, since his range is super short, 500, you can look to poke and harass with auto attacks in addition to double up. If your support doesn’t like all in champions see if they can play a sustain support and look to trade early and often with Lucian.

Mordekaiser – I haven’t had many games vs the new “ADC Morde” yet, but what I’ve been able to figure out is, he’s a pain to lane against. You won’t have a ton of success harassing him since his passive will absorb too much damage. The best strategy is to do everything you can to zone him and deny minions. Since he has an insane experience bonus the fewer minions he kills the better. Be especially careful if he’s paired with an all in support or anyone with lots of Crowd Control since thats all Morde ruin your day.

Sivir – Sivir will be able to answer your Double Up harass with her boomerang if you are unable to dodge it. Your passive will help you get out of the way but if Sivir is smart, she’ll use her bouncing blades to knock it off first. Note that Sivir’s spell shield will block the damage from double up, so its an easy way for her to just get mana back and keep harassing you. That said the cooldown is around 13 seconds, so plenty of time to get more hits in.

Tristana – Tristana has a powerful trade ability with Explosive Shot but its cooldown is much longer than double up so in the long run you’ll win trades if you’re doubling up aggressively. If you’re playing with an all in support you’ll want to keep track of her jump and ideally make your kill attempt while it’s on cooldown. Its 22 seconds at rank 1 so plenty of time to make something happen.

Twitch – The real threat from twitch is his late game meaning you want to do everything you can early on to shut him down. His range is pretty short so you can use that to abuse your double up and keep him poked down and zoned off last hits.

Urgot – Urgot’s a weird one that’s for sure. He’s classically known for his ability to trade with the homing Qs and he does have a shield which can absorb some of your double up damage. Overall however, his short range will allow you to harass him with auto attacks and double ups leading to zoning him off minions.

Varus – The most important thing to keep track of vs a Varus is his blight stacks. He has huge burst capabilities when triggering a bunch of stacks with his abilities. For that reason prolonged engagements won’t go in your favor if hes able to cash in the stacks that get built up.

Vayne – Vayne is queen of the late game. You’re queen of the early game. Hit her with your double up all the time and keep her from getting a late game! Be ware that even though she’s known for her carry potential late, silver bolts still does damage early and her condem can swing a fight in her favor if you’re out of position. The easy way to avoid this is stay away from walls!

To Conclude

Miss Fortune may hold a place in my heart, but she likely won’t ever hold a competitive spot in “The Meta.” Her lack of an escape/reposition and the amount of effort required to get her to “work” make her an inferior choice when picking a champion to win in solo queue.

This guide a general overview of how to play Miss Fortune. In order to truly master him read other guides, watch streams, watch the LCS. Do whatever it is that you need to do to understand this champion if you’re looking to improve. And of course, don’t forget to get out on the rift and actually play some games!

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