Skyforge Primary and Secondary Stats Guide

Skyforge Primary and Secondary Stats Guide by Jelesey

First of all, the guide on wiki is partially correct but it seems incomplete.


Might affects your Base damage. The formula is simple

Might x 0.097 = minimum damage.

Might x 0.103 = max damage.

Str + Accuracy + Ultimate Strength(symbol) (Calculations are 1% – -1% accurate)

How it works:

Strength adds to your maximum damage by 0.2 per point of strength.

Accuracy is a multiplier, it multiplies the damage you get from the str stat and also increase your minimum damage. It also effects the minimum damage you get from might.

Ultimate Strength is also a multiplier, but it only multiplies the damage you get from the str stat. If you look at your equipment page and use Ultimate strength you will see a slight increase to minimum damage, but the only reason why your minimum damage increases is because ultimate strength increases your maximum damage hence also increases your minimum damage. IT DOES NOT WORK EXACTLY LIKE ACCURACY

Just to show you an example let’s calculate my character’s damage

7073 Might

2744 Strength

1052-1562 Base Damage

41.9% accuracy

Ultimate Strength lvl 1

Formula for Max damage

Max Damage = (Might*0.103) + (Str*0.2*(1+Accuracy%+UltimateStrength%) +1

Max Damage = (7073*0.103) + (2744*0.2*(1.519) +1

Max Damage = 728 + 833 + 1

Max Damage = 1562

Formula for Min Dmg

Min Dmg = [(Might*0.097) + ((Str*0.2*(1+Accuracy%+UltimateStrength%))+(MaxDmgFromMight -MinDmgFromMight) * Accuracy %]

Min Dmg = [(7073*0.097) + (2744*0.2*(1.519)+(728-686))* 0.419]

Min Dmg = 686 + ((833+42)*0.419)

Min Dmg = 1052

Important Notes

Accuracy has been misinterpreted by a lot of people, the actual wordings for accuracy “Brings the minimum base damage closer to maximum and increases your Strength’s Influence on the base damage” is accurate but is just the other way around. First it Influences strength’s damage by simply multiplying accuracy to the damage you get from strength, This part of the formula (Str*0.2*(1+Accuracy%)). Secondly, it brings the minimum damage closer to maximum, so pretty much you multiply your max damage by Accuracy to be able to get the minimum damage, so instead of having zero minimum damage if you have 0% accuracy. Your minimum damage is brought closer to maximum by increasing minimum damage.

Ultimate Strength has also been misinterpreted by a lot of people, People believe it works exactly like Accuracy, which is WRONG!. Ultimate strength is only similar to Accuracy because it increases the effects of strength to your max damage. This part of the formula (Str*0.2*(1+Accuracy%+UltimateStrength%)). The only reason why when you compare your stats when you have ultimate strength and when you don’t, you see that your minimum damage increases, is because Ultimate strength increases your max damage and the way to get minimum damage is by multiplying your accuracy to your max damage so if you’re multiplying a bigger number, you get a bigger answer.

Short Version: Accuracy increases both min and max damage, Ultimate strength on affects max damage.

Valor + Temper + Mobilization(Symbol)

Valor is also super simple but it gets complicated when you want to get the average damage when you include temper procing.

The formula for getting bonus damage is.


Let’s say you have 3000 valor and 40% temper and lvl 1 mobilization


= 600*1.5

= 900

Your Bonus damage will be 0-900. Average damage will be 450

Now the more complicated part. When temper procs, you deal the maximum damage.

So with the stats above you have 40% chance to deal 900 damage. So in 10 attacks your 4 of them will be 900 and the 6 will do average damage which is 450.

Formula for this is.

Ave dmg x (1+Temper%)

450 * (1+0.40) = 630

So the average damage you’ll be doing with the stats above is 630.

Full Formula for Valor damage value is

[Valor*0.2*(1+Temper%+Mobilization%)]* (1+Temper%) = Valor+temper+mobization effect to your damage.

Just one more important thing, Mobilization does not work exactly like temper, Mobilization only add to the affect of valor to your bonus damage but does not help you to proc max damage.

Luck + Crit Chance + Maximum recoil

Formula is:

[(Luck*2/3)*(1+Maximum Recoil%)] * Crit Chance

Let’s say you have these stats

3000 luck

32% crit chance

lvl 1 maximum recoil




= 704

So the average damage you’ll be doing with the stats above is 704.

Spirit + Discharge Recovery + Impulse intensity

Formula is

Spirit*(1+Dicharge recovery%+Impulse Intensity%)

No need for explanation :P

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