Skyforge Gunner Builds Guide

Skyforge Gunner Builds Guide by ravenzeroak

What is Gunner:

A ranged dps class whose weapon has 3 modes: mini-gun, plasma rifle and Missile launcher. Class excels in solo field with mediocre mobility (machine gun mode  is slow walk, Missile launcher is rooted state) but having one of longest ranges (40m) and one of highest hitting aoes (homing guidance system with fractal sharpener) and Ultimate that really does good job on aoe (relatively good aoe dmg and longish stun, and this is long range with wide area of effect) and lack of mobility is bit offset with gunners teleport beacon. this is accounted wiht gunners shields (talent provides 3 shields, 1 per 6 seconds when not taking dmg and each has 5% of gunners health) and power barrier which lasts 6 seconds and 20% of gunners health exploding at end of timer


Minigun mode:

Icon Skill Mode Slot DMG
Full Auto 1:Mini-gun Left Click Single target 0.47x base dmg per hit, hits at faster rate till heat gauge is full
Rapid Fire 1:Mini-gun Right Click Multiple Targets in cone shaped area ~0.32x base dmg per hit, hits continuously till heat gauge is full
Icon Skill Mode Slot Dmg Selection CD

Fire Blast


~1.2x Base dmg
0.32x Basedmg per sec dot
1 of 2 between blast and sector

Fire Sector


~0.32x Basedmg
0.45x base dmg per sec dot
3 sec fear
1 of 2 between blast and sector

Plasma gun mode:

Icon Skill Cost(heat) Mode Slot DMG Selection
Pulse Shot

2:Plasma Gun
Left Click Single Target ~0.72x Base dmg None
Plasma Beam
2:Plasma Gun Right Click Multiple targets in line 1.3-1.38 x base dmg 1 of 2 between beam and stream
Plasma Stream 60×2 2:Plasma Gun Right Click Single Target 6.7 -7.1x Base dmg in 3seconds (15sec CD) 1 of 2 between beam and stream
Icon Skill Cost Mode Slot Dmg/effect Selection CD
Plasma Field
2:Plasma Gun C Slows enemies in field by 50%, does 1.78x Base dmg per second, if pulse shot is fired into field, all mobs inside take 0.88x Base dmg and fields duration is reduced by 1 second 1 of 2 between plasma and suppression 15
Suppression Field 2:Plasma Gun C Slows enemies by 50% and stuns them in 3 seconds for 3 seconds 1 of 2 between plasma and suppression 30

Missile launcher mode: (default 15 ammo max)

Icon Skill Cost Mode Slot DMG
Missile Salvo 1 Ammo 3:Missile Launcher Left Click Single target 1.3-1.38 x Base dmg
Homing Guidance System 1 ammo per target 3:Missile Launcher Right Click 1-5 targets 1.58-1.68 x Base dmg

General Skills:

Icon Skill Cost Slot DMG/effect Selection CD
Mode Switch 1  changes guns mode

Vulnerability Scanner

All hits will do max dmg, all dmg increased by 30%
duration 25sec (default)

1 of 3 between scanner, contusion and heat Exchange

3 min


Contusion Shells




Full Auto reduces the movement speed of the target by 60% and occasionally knocks them down for 2.5 seconds.Rapid Fire reduces the movement speed of enemies by 40%, and if they take several hits, they are knocked down for 2.5 secondsduration 10sec

1 of 3 between scanner, contusion and heat Exchange


1:45 min

Accelerated Heat Exchange 2 Heat is accumulated 100% faster
Plasma rifle does 100% more dmg and uses 100% more heat
duration 15sec
1 of 3 between scanner, contusion and heat Exchange 1:45 min

Power Barrier

Creates barrier that absorb amount of dmg equal to 20% of gunners health, lasts 6 sec and explodes for 1.32x Base dmg if it has not been destroyed. 27s

Teleport Beacon

Set beacon to selected location, 2nd use of skill teleports gunner to beacon 15s


Orbital Strike
9.5-10x Basedmg and 2sec stun 6min CD


Talents Name Description (8 Active / 20 Choices)
Residual Charge Pulse Shot leaves a residual charge on the weapon that can be stacked up to 5 times. Using Plasma Beam and Plasma Stream will remove one charge and inflict 0<damage to the affected enemies.
Auto-Aim Full Auto can now be used from a distance of up to 40yards. The damage from the ability is increased by 75%for the first 8 seconds of the fight, and when used against slowed down, immobilized or stunned enemies.
Armor Plates Regeneration If the Gunner does not take damage for 6 seconds, they gain one armor plate that absorbs damage equal to 5% of the Gunner’s maximum health. The Gunner can gain up to3 armor plates when out of combat, but only one plate in combat.
Experimental Fuel The Burning effect applied by Fire Blast and Fire Sector lasts three times longer. Rapid Fire inflicts 50% more damage to burning enemies.
Temporal Duplicate When teleporting using the beacon, the Gunner teleport back by using the ability again in the next 5 seconds. Movement speed is increased by 30%, and incoming damage is reduced by 20% for the duration.
Entropic Factor Elimination reduces the cooldown of Accelerated Heat Exchange by 20 seconds.
Momentum Conservation Pulse Shot inflicts more damage if it has not been used for 10 seconds. The effect stacks up to 4 times, and bonus to damage is increased from 50% to 400%.
Chip of Self-Destruction 3 seconds after the Gunner’s death, their weapon’s ammo explodes and inflicts significant damage to all enemies in a 16 yard radius.
Expanded Ammunition Maximum number of projectiles is increased by 5. When resurrected, the Gunner’s projectiles are fully restored.
Eddy Currents Plasma Field inflicts 25% more damage over time. Pulse Shot has a 50% chance to not reduce the duration of the field.
Multilayer Barrier The wave created by Power Barrier knocks down the nearby enemies. Second use of the ability will remove the shield prematurely, but the Gunner will gain a secondary shield instead that will absorb damage equal to7% of the Gunner’s maximum health.
Stabilization Module Power Barrier reduces the duration of control effects used against the Gunner by 50%. In the missile launcher mode, Power Barrier is active for a limited time, making the Gunner immune to control effects.
Fractal Shrapnel Projectiles launched by Homing Guidance System split at the end of the flight, inflicting 0.36x base damage to all enemies in a 4 yard radius of the primary target. Damage to the primary target is increased by 50%.
Tracing Charge Cooldown of Contusion Shells is reduced by 15 seconds. Enemies affected by this ability take increased damage from the Gunner’s allies: by 30% from Full Auto and by15% from Rapid Fire.
Chain Disintegrator If an enemy affected by Plasma Stream dies, this ability is instantly restored and can be used for free in the next6 seconds.
Backlash The enemies in the Suppression Field are stunned twice as fast, and the effect lasts 2 seconds longer.
Tactical Superiority Reduces the cooldown of Fire Sector, Suppression Field and Mine Barrage by 5 seconds.
Spatial Sensor Mine Barrage can be triggered in a radius twice as large. Enemies stunned by mines will take 30% more damage for 6 seconds.
Engineer Training Teleport Beacon cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds. Power Barrier cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds.
Prognostic Module Vulnerability Scanner lasts 5 seconds longer. Each use of the ability reduces its cooldown by 45 seconds until the end of the fight. The effect stacks up to 3 times.

Suggested Build:

(for all situations: use fractal sharpener talented Homing Guidance System for multiple targets as primary aoe)

Reason why Fractal Sharpener is so powerful:  Primary target takes 50% more dmg  0.36x base dmg may seem low on paper but this skill makes missiles into 2nd highest dmg in skills (not counting ultimate) having only plasma stream higher in flat dmg and vulnerability scanner boosts this dmg quite well should situation need heavy aoe  (yes, fractal sharpener causes all targets  around 4 yard range from primary target to take base dmg and there’s at once 5 primary targets at max)


(mines don’t matter here)

40 sec means max stacks for pulse shot.

max dmg rotation for highest gunner burst (build heat before burst):

<Building heat normal rotation>

Fire Blast->Autofire->Fire blast ->chnage to plasma

<spending heat best burst>

Accelerated Heat Exchange->Pulse Shot->Plasma Stream ->change to Mini-Gun

<Accelerated heat build>

Fireblast->autofire->change to plasma

<spending remainder of heat exchange>

plasma field->pulse shot till gauge empty->change to Mini-gun

(alternative burst: Accelerated heat exchange->Plasma field->build heat->Pulse shot->Plasma Stream->pulse shot for remainder depending on burst window you need, first utilities max burst fast as possible, second goes max burst few sec later)

<altering to heat usage when no accelerated heat exchange is available>

Plasma field->pulse shot->Plasma Stream->pulse shot for remainder->Mini-Gun

<need to save heat>

go missile mode and spamm homing guidance system for needed time


use Vulnerability scanner at start of longer fights (don’t waste the long CD on trash packs) other vice similar to burst rotation (prognostic module wont trigger on first usage but its cooldown reduction effect starts after 2nd usage in fight …this may be bug)

PVE Play it for the team (CC based build but not full pvp)…

idea here is to have Suppression field for 6 seconds AOE stun and fire sector for total of 5 seconds fear type of control on field (each hit refreshes duration) (this is for team players only as so many ppl don’t fit any CC to their classes for group play and gunners aoe control is quite long duration, build also is very powerful in solo play) you can alter vul scanner and accelerated heat exchange here for preference, if you take accelerate heat exchange then residual charge is okey choice instead of prognostic module

with this build alter rotation little though and use plasma stream before plasma shots to allow 2nd stack for shot

PVP build:

There aint just one good,  here’ s example of build that works…

(idea here is increase survival trough stuns, slows, barriers and teleporting and have one of gunners most devastating weapon: fractal sharpener talented homing guidance system for multiple opponents at once at hand, other choices could include reduction in fire sector/suppression field/mine barrage CD, stabilization module, more ammo,Chain disintegrator if use more burst based build and maybe chip of self-destruction if you expect to die a lot(at least take some enemies whit you))

Suggested stats:

STR+Luck with Acc+Crit (vulnerability scanner reduces effectiveness of this for 25-30sec every 3min as it forces all dmg be max)

Valor+Luck with Temper+Crit

Suggested Amulets:

either primary Plasma Shot, or Primary Plasma Field (I’d go for shot due 400% opener dmg and rotation allows 2 stack which is 100% boost in dmg at each time you enter in plasma mode and do first plasma shot) with 2ndary as auto-fire,  (rapid fire ones are least useful)

Symbols to go for

Divine Intervention (paladin)

Ultimate Strength

Maximum Recoil

Mobilization (if go valor as stat,else save this as one of last symbols to add)

Impulse insensitivity

Strength Serum

Gravitational Perturbation (kinetic)

Double Discharge

Under Cover of Darkness (slayer)

Jinx (witch/warlock)

Ghostly Viper (nekro)

Cold Calculation (archer)

Summon Oculat

Element of Surprise

Rapid Attack

Warriors creed

Painful Spasms

Lacerated Wound

Mark of Death

Pain Shock

Paralyzing Shot

(this list contains now 21 symbols that boosts dmg little or a lot and max to choose is 29)

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