Marvel Heroes Story Mode 1 to 60 Leveling Guide

Marvel Heroes Story Mode 1 to 60 Leveling Guide by Apparati

Hello everyone! Apparati here from Marvel Heroes Academy with a fresh new story mode leveling guide. With the recent changes to story mode, it made leveling up through the story a formidable opponent for the old Holo-Sim 1-20 Legendary Quest 20-60 method. I have been leveling tons of heroes up going through story trying to find my personal best path to 60. Here are my thoughts so far (This guide assumes 200% synergy XP + Cyclops Synergy + 50% EXP cup from Sinister Quest, read below to see my advice if you don’t have those things):

Chapter 1:

Fresh level 1. Depending on the character, you can do 1 of 2 things. If you feel you can take on the baddies in Abandoned Subway that is a great place to start. You will breeze through your first 10 levels as you kill Shocker and move on. If you’re having a little bit of difficulty, just do the prologue or some Hell’s Kitchen quests until around level 5-6. Once Shocker is dead, TP to Bloodrose Nightclub, go through and kill Doc Oc, pick up the Tablet of Life and Time, and turn in your quests.

Chapter 2:

By now, you will most likely be around 13-15. TP to Taskmaster Institute, kill him, use the portal out and turn in the quest. Zone back in and use the WP to teleport to Cargo Freighter, go through and kill the hood. Good EXP and +3 skill points.

Chapter 3:

At the start of chapter three you should be around the 18-20 level range. Head into Lowtown and pick up the Muramasa blade shards. Then head on over to the Hidden Outpost, turn in the quest there, and TPback to Lowtown. Turn in the Muramasa quest. Once that’s done, TP to the Hand Tower, run through the levels and once at the top, kill Electra and pick up the quest item.

Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 has a bit of a jump in levels, so what I tend to do here is if I’m not in the level 26-27 area, I’ll go to Lower East Side and pick up the quest from Multiple Man. Then I’ll head over to MGH Factory, kill Tombstone, and turn in the quest.Then I will go to Upper East Side, kill Bullseye, turn that in and zone out. Go south of the Bullseye entrance and talk to Ben Ulrich. Once that’s done, head up to Fisk Tower, work your way up to Kingpin, kill him and turn in the quest. Another +3 skill points and great EXP.

Chapter 5:

Not much to do in Chapter 5, head to Xavier to pick up Juggernaut’s quest, head to the Old Trainyard and kill Juggernaut, turn in his quest and be on your way.

Chapter 6:

This is where, in my opinion, it starts to slow down a bit. First I suggest teleporting to the Hidden Cabin, picking up the quest there and heading towards Deep Tunnels. Navigate through until you find the big Moloid and the sentinel head. Make sure to hit the sentinel head and kill the big Moloid. Should be about a level’s worth of EXP. Next, teleport to Training Camp and head into the Cleansing Wrath Lab, clear it out, do all the objectives, and you will net 1-2 levels worth of EXP from these quests. By now, you should be in the level 35-37 area, and if not, just fill in some LQs or kill Sauron for his quest. You should be able to head to Command Bunker now. It’s pretty straight forward here, go through waves of Purifiers, kill Pyro, kill Magneto. Once that’s done, talk to Stryker and then take the TP out. Head to Xavier for a massive EXP reward.

Inbetween Chapter 6 and 7:

There seems to be a gap here where you’re not quite high enough for Chapter 7 things but too high for Chapter 6. This is where I’ll usually do a few legendary quests, or depending on the current event going on, take advantage of that. You wanna try and get yourself to around level 43, and then you should be more than ready for Chapter 7.

Chapter 7:

Another short chapter, head on over to the S.H.I.E.L.D Science Station, work your way through killing mobs, and make sure to pick up 3x Brood Biomass. Follow the quest through here and turn it in at the end for a big boost in EXP and +3 skill points. Once that’s finished, head on over to Sinster Lab. Navigate through here, turn off the terminal, and head in to Sinister’s room. Kill him, free Bishop, and make your way back to Xavier. Turn it in for massive EXP and 3 50% EXP Cups.

Chapter 8:

Head to A.I.M Weapon Facility, right below the WP is an NPC who will give you a quest. Go through, killing the 5 starktech devices, Doc Oc, and the Wizard. Head to M.O.D.O.K’s room, kill him and deactivate the terminal in the middle. Head back, turn in your quests, and then TP to Hydra Island. There’s also a quest right by the WP here, so make sure not the miss that! Navigate through the Hulkbuster Armory, turning off the terminal and then killing Madame Hydra + the 3 Hulkbuster Suits near her. Keep making your way through to Mandarin’s Throne room, kill him, take the TP out and turn in any quests you have. TP to Castle Doom and pick up the quest right by the WP. Work your way through killing the big turrets, control panels, and the 3 villians you encounter along the way. Head into Doom’s room, kill him 3 times, and after a small delay you’ll get a massive boost of EXP. Usually around here I find myself around the 55-57 level. If you’re not quite there, there are plenty of quests in Chapter 9 in the beginning that give huge amounts of EXP.

Chapter 9:

Port to Ancient Ruin Site and immediately walk up to the big circle, triggering a cutscene and opening a portal to the Frozen Palace. Go in the portal, talk to Heimdall for a massive chunk of EXP and +3 skill points. Work your way through killing all 3 of Kurse’s commanders, and then Kurse himself. Walk just a little bit further up and turn in the quest. This is generally where I hit 60. If not, you can continue on through Chapter 9 as it has a lot of very big EXP reward quests. Otherwise, do LQs or whichever event is going on to finish your hero off.

Admittedly I was not using the most optimal builds/omega setups on each character, so this could definitely be faster, but I found myself taking anywhere from 45-70 minutes per 1-60 run.
Now as I said earlier, this is assuming you have the 200% EXP Synergy + 10% from Cyclops synergy + 50% EXP cup from Sinister kill quest. If you do not have those things, try to keep in mind the level ranges of each chapter and just fill in with legendary quests accordingly. This is still a work in progress as I am looking through story mode for some side quests I may have missed that’re worth doing. I welcome all feedback and as always, am glad to share with this wonderful community.

Some things that could be used to speed up the process: Each point in Intelligence gives 1% XP. That means any omegas that add INT will assist you while leveling, as well as any omegas that give you XP on enemy defeat. There are also enchants and runewords that give XP on enemy defeat.



Overmind’s Power(+6 INT), Clairsentience(XP on enemy defeat), Supreme Intellgience(+1 INT per rank)


Amphogenesis(+1 INT per rank)


Amadeus Cho(+1 INT per rank), Limitless does give +INT but I do not reccommend this for leveling.


Apocalypse (+5 all stats, very pricey node, probably not worth it for leveling)


Red Hulk (+1 INT per rank, although you also sacrifice 1 INT getting to this node)


Microsurgery Experiemental Robotics(XP on enemy defeat)



Valkyrie’s Legacy(20 XP on enemy defeat), Seer’s Brilliance(100 XP on enemy defeat, +1 INT), Voice of the Spirit Walker(30 XP on enemy defeat), Brigand’s Fortune(70 XP on enemy defeat)


Experience Enchantment of Year(XP on enemy defeat)

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