Skyforge Understanding Your Lightbinder Guide

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  1. LittleLight says:

    What about the E key? I know after using an execute there is a buff, but no idea what is does.

  2. Cute Tomato says:

    There was a typo:

    Keep an eye open for Blessing of the Sun’s buff, which is a fuzzy, white ball that flies out from the Lightbinder to any enemies in range.

    Enemies should be allies.

    AMAZING GUIDE!!! Thank you so much! The last tag on Tips for Lightbinders is so important xD!!

  3. Nishandra says:

    Great guide, Though there is an Interaction with flood of light you may not be aware of that makes the 6th charge of the spell worth something.

    If you switch targets to another ally while channeling, the animation stays on your original target, but the stacks transfer to your new target.

    not sure if it’s a bug, but it’s at least worth looking into if you didn’t know about it.

  4. Desmadona says:

    Hi! Great guide! One thing you might add for DPS is to not cross between the tank and healer. Not all of us Lightbinders focus-target the tank all of the time (because the mechanism is clunky and having to toggle target type is enough of an inconvenience when things are chaotic) and I’ve had DPS soak the tank’s shield many times when they don’t even need to be moving.

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