Destiny Improving At Crucible Guide

Destiny Improving At Crucible Guide by MichaelN23

A lot of this has come from my experience and seeing what other people’s opinions are. I tried make this guide teach everyone, noob or not, though I will not go into extremely advance techniques, hence the name “Simple Guide”. If you disagree with anything that I say, please comment below. Sorry for some of the bad grammar and other awful formatting mistakes I will most likely make. I’m tired. I wanted to write this before I forgot about it. If you notice any mistakes, please comment below and I will fix them. Okay, let’s begin with the easiest topic.

CLASSES Classes are something that I found are very balanced in the Crucible. Before you start screaming at me that Titans need a buff or that Hunters need a nerf, hear me out. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, and they all our pretty darn good at what they can do in certain areas. If you want to hear what weapons I recommend using for each subclass, skip over to the weapons section.

Titans: If you are a very defensive player, then this is the class for you.

  • STRIKER CAN be successful playing super tanky offense player, but I have found that it is pretty good at defense. Too many guardians rushing you through a hallway? Lightning grenade. Are you surrounded? You can either Fist of Havoc, OR run away using Juggernaut, IMO one of the most underrated perks in the Striker tree. (If you are using this class as tanky and offensive, then go with Shoulder Charge)
  • DEFENDER is pretty self explanatory, it’s in the name. Ugh, you want more? Okay, imagine that you have a giant hamster ball. You can just deny anyone that comes into your Bubble with armor of light. With Blessing of Light and Weapons of Light you can use the Bubble like a tether, coming in and out of it to get the bonuses. All credit goes to TrueVanguard for that explanation. The grenades are all pretty good and the melee is good for kicking people out of your Bubble. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, THESE SUBCLASSES CAN BE VERY SUCCESSFUL AT OFFENSE, THIS IS JUST AN OPINION.

Hunter: So, you want to be a Hunter. Oh god this class is good at being independent. If you want to be the offensive guy, then this class if for you.

  • GUNSLINGER has the BEST super in the game. Golden Gun can kill them before they even see you. This subclass is VERY good at being independent. You can zone off areas with tripmines, and keep killing like some kind of robot with Gunslinger’s Trance and Chain of Woe. This class is very rewarding for players with good aim.
  • BLADEDANCER has SO much synergy. All of the perks just work so WELL. Blink on its own, is very good. Add in Hungering Blade, Fast Twitch, and Arcbolt Grenade, and you have a class meant for destruction. Many will argue that this class is OP, and while I won’t agree with you, I see your point.

Warlock: Ah, Warlocks, the Harry Potters of the future. Every time I play this class I feel like a kid playing in the yard with his wand. This class in fun, and I mean FUN. If you want to play this game casually but still be really successful, then this class is for you. I can really tell that Bungie worked hard on this class, and for that I applaud them.

  • VOIDWALKER: This is such a great subclass. If have ever wanted to dunk a giant, magic space ball (or balls) onto your enemies, and why would you not, then you will love this class. The grenades are eh, but with Nothing Manacles you will watch the OHK glory of the scatter grenade as it destroys your foes. The super may be super inaccurate, but with Annihilate, the explosion will be so big it won’t even matter. On top of that, this class can be pretty good at mid-range battles and zone controlling. You can check out any of MyNameisByf’s videos for that. (One of the best Destiny youtubers.)
  • SUNSINGER: AHAHAHAHAHA BURN, BURN!!!!! Ahem, excuse me, don’t know what happened there. Do you like Thorn? Well if you do I hate you. lol jk, sorry bro. No but seriously, Firebolt grenades are like super accurate Thorn bolts. They will burn your enemies for 70 damage if you choose the perks Touch of Flame and Viking Funeral. I recommend Fireboat grenades over Fusion grenades because they are so dang accurate. The Sunsinger super is amazingly tanky with The Ram (PRAISE ME) and is pretty good in Trials if you are using Fireborn. Sunsinger is one of two classes that allow you to use your guns during your super. And using your guns works very well with FireBURNTHEWORLDbolt grenades. Just pop one shot and move on, waiting for your enemies to die from the DOT. Scorch melee is the best melee with Flame Shield. Unlike Disintegrate, Flame Shield only requires you to hit the enemy instead of killing them to get the overshield.

Okay, now we’re done with classes and which one is for you. Let’s move on to

WEAPONS AND WHICH ONES YOU SHOULD CHOOSE The Crucible is kind of an unbalanced mess right now. Most Guardians are using Thorn or TLW with blink-shotty and Proximity Rockets. I will not be inserting my opinions on these weapons and how to fix them because that is a very long and controversial topic that should be decided by the community, although I have some very strong words to say about Thorn. This topic will be on what weapons should you should choose right now, and what weapons compliment each of the subclasses.

  • HANDCANNONS: This is my personal favorite, because I feel like a cowboy every time I use them. If most of your engagements are in mid to close range, then this weapon class is for you. Hand Cannons support a very aggressive playstyle, so I recommend using Hunters or Warlocks for them.

RECOMMENDED HANDCANNONS: Thorn or The Last Word. Both are very good at killing, and killing fast. I would add Hawkmoon if I wasn’t on Xbox, but as I have never used it, I can not say anything.

  • PULSE RIFLES: Pulse Rifles are amazing for mid-range combat and some can go up against Scout Rifles at long range. If most of your engagements are at mid-range, then this weapon class is for you. Pulse Rifles have switched spots with Auto Rifles and are now amazing. I have loved every Pulse Rifle I have used, and I have used a LOT of Pulse Rifles. There are two archetypes of Pulse Rifles, the fast rate of fire, low impact, and the low rate of fire, high impact. They both feel different, but perform well. The high rate of fire ones support a slightly more aggressive playstle, while the low rate of fire support a much more defensive playstle. I recommend going Titan or Warlock with this weapon class. Both go extremely well with Pulse Rifles.

RECOMMENDED PULSE RIFLES: The Messenger, Red Death, Time on Target, Hopscotch Pilgrim, Bad Juju, and 123 SYZIGY (I hope I spelled that right). All of these pulse rifles are amazing and most are easy to get, with the exception of Red Death and The Messenger.

  • SCOUT RIFLES: Scout Rifles are not in a very good place right now, but they are definitely better than Auto Rifles. If most of your engagements are long range, then this weapon class if for you. There isn’t much to say about this weapon class, although I recommend using the high rate of fire ones if you really want to use them in mid range, and the slow rate of fire ones for long range. The good thing about this class is that they have the Mida Multi-Tool, my second favorite gun in the game. Scout Rifles can be used with any class.

RECOMMENDED SCOUT RIFLES: Mida Multi-Tool, Deadshot Luna, The Scholar, and Gheleon’s Demise. All of these are pretty good. The Scholar and the Demise have a slow rate of fire, while the Deadshot Luna and the Mida have a higher fire rate.

  • AUTO RIFLES: Ugh, Auto Rifles. There isn’t much of a reason to use Auto Rifles over any other weapon class, and that is all I have to say. If you must use an AR, then I recommend Titans or Hunters.

RECOMMENDED AUTO RIFLES: Hard Light, Suros Regime, Grim Citizen III, and Shadow Price. All of these suck, but they are better than other ARs so, yeah.

  • SHOTGUNS: If you are aggressive, then use a shotgun. Shotguns are in a good state right now, although some are a little TOO good. If you have a shotgun with a low rate of fire and high impact with Shot Package, then there isn’t really a reason to use any other shotgun other than variety. Shotguns are complimented by blink, and can be used by any class. Shotguns allow you to be aggressive and defensive at the same time.

RECOMMENDED SHOTGUNS: Invective, Felwinter’s Lie, Judgement 6, Matador 64, Party Crasher+1 and The Comedian. All of the legendary shotguns MUST have shot package to be “THE BEST”, and Invective doesn’t really need it.

  • SNIPER RIFLES: Oh boy, my favorite special weapon! There is nothing more rewarding then a quick-scope, or an awesome snipe. This is by far the most fun special weapon, although it takes a lot of practice to become good with one. Once you get the hang of Sniper Rifles, it will become more rewarding then any other special weapon. Just remember, don’t become too cocky with them. Many Guardians run with shotguns, so be careful. Sniper Rifles can go with any class.

RECOMMENDED SNIPER RIFLES: Praedyth’s Revenge, Efrideet’s Spear, LDR 5001, Longbow SynthesomethingsorryIdon’tremeberthenextpart, Prudence II, Patience and Time, Epitaph, and Violator 9. All of these snipers are amazing. There are a lot of good sniper rifles that I didn’t include. If you are looking for a good Sniper Rifle, I would prioritize stability and don’t settle for bad perks.

  • FUSION RIFLES: Fusion Rifles are in an okay place right now, although they could use an accuracy buff. If you love tearing your enemies apart with a some kind of laser beam, then this weapon class is for you. I think they go extremely well with a mid range class and build, so I will recommend going with a Titan or Warlock.

RECOMMENDED FUSION RIFLES: Perun’s Fire, Plug.1, Light of the Abyss, Plan C, Pocket Infinity, Queenbreaker’s Bow, Praetorian Foil, and LIGHT/BEWARE. I don’t have much to say about these rifles, but I would prioritize Rangefinder and Hot Swap if you are looking for a good FR.

  • SIDEARMS: There are currently only 2 Sidearms in the game. Both are only okay, because they are in between Fusion Rifle and Shotgun range. If you get too close, a Guardian can shotgun you, if you try to kill someone from too far away, they will kill you with their primary. Sadly, I can not recommend using this weapon class, but if you must use one, then they can be used on all classes.

RECOMMENDED SIDEARMS: Dreg’s Promise and Vestian Dynasty. lol

  • ROCKETS AND MACHINE GUNS: Both of these don’t get used much during matches, but machine guns will be used more if you are playing carefully. For Machine Guns, I recommend using the perks Field Scout, Rangefinder, and Feeding Frenzy. For Rocket Launchers I recommend using Tracking or Grenades and Horseshoes, Javelin, and Spray and Play or Clown Cartridge (only if it has 1 in the mag).

RECOMMENDED ROCKET LAUNCHERS: The Ash Factory, One Way Ticket, Radegast’s Fury, The Dreamwaker and there are a lot more I can’t remember.

RECOMMENED MACHINE GUNS: Jolder’s Hammer, Against All Odds, THE SWARM, Harm’s Way, BTRD, Corrective Measure, and Zombie Apocalypse.

FUN COMBINATIONS OF WEAPONS AND CLASS BUILDS These are some FUN builds, with the exception of the sweaty tryhard build I made for Bladedancer. The reason I am including builds in this guide is that if you are starting out in the Crucible, I want you to have fun. If you aren’t having fun in the Crucible, then you won’t want to play it, and if you don’t want to play it, then you won’t improve. All of these builds can make you a better player, too. If you have any more builds, please tell others in the comments.

  • SUNSINGER AGGRESSIVE BUILD: For this build I recommend using Mida Multi-Tool, any Shotgun, and any Machine Gun. For perks you should use Radiant Will, Fusion Grenades, and Gift of the Sun. Your exotic should be Heart of the Praxic Fire. You can be as aggressive as you want with this build. Once you get used to it, it can be very rewarding and very fun.
    • SUNSINGER BURN BUILD: Firebolt Grenade, Touch of Flame, and Viking Funeral paired with any Hand Cannon. Throw your grenade and then shoot once with your HC. You can run away and be as passive as you want. I would recommend Heart of the Praxic Fire.
    • VOIDWALKER LIFE STEAL BUILD: Your perks should be Axion Bolt, Surge, Shatter, and Vortex Mastery. Your exotic should be The Ram (PRAISE ME!!! ). Your weapons should be Red Death and Astral Horizon (or any other crappy shotgun. You will see why in a moment.) For this build everything you do should be finished off with Red Death or a The Ram melee. You are using Astral Horizon or any other crappy shotty because you do not want to kill them in one hit. As soon as you get some damage with your Axion Bolt or your crappy you should rush them with your melee, or if they are far away use Red Death. When there are too many Guardians use Shatter to destroy THEM ALLL!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
    • DEFENSIVE STRIKER BUILD: The main perks should be Lightning Grenade, Shockwave, Transfusion, and Juggernaut. Your exotic should be Eternal Warrior. Your weapons should be Thorn, any shotgun, and a Machine Gun. Your job in this build is to be defensive and lock down an area. Thorn will pick off enemies from afar, and your shotty will destroy enemies from up close. If you are getting overwhelmed, then use your super tanky Fist of Havoc and kill all enemies nearby. If you don’t have your super, then run away with Juggernaut. This is actually a pretty fun build that I have used a lot.
    • OFFENSIVE STRIKER BUILD: The main perks should be Flashbang Grenade, Shockwave, Transfusion, and Shoulder Charge. Your exotic should be Helm of Inmost Light. I recommend going with a shotty and some kind of hand cannon. Similar to the Sunsinger build, you can be as aggressive as you want while still being successful.
    • DEFENDER GET OUT OF MY BUBBLE BUILD: The perks you should use are Armor of Light, Unbreakable, Bastion, and Untouchable. Your exotic should be Helm of St. 14. Your weapons should be Bad Juju, a good fusion rifle, and a heavy machine gun. For this build you want to keep getting your Bubble up and denying anyone who comes near it. If someone comes inside the bubble, melee them and get your force barrier. If someone is near the bubble, then laser them with your fusion rifle. The reason I chose to go for a heavy machine gun instead of a rocket launcher is that you can still kill enemies inside your bubble without killing yourself in the process.
    • DEFENDER ONE SHOT ONE KILL BUILD (CREDIT TO SLIQ111 THE BEST MONTAGE MAKER EVER): The perks you should use are Weapons of Light, Bastion, and Unbreakable. Your exotic should be The Glasshouse. The only weapon you need is a high impact sniper, such as Her Benevolence or LDR 5001. As soon as you get your Bubble up with Weapons of Light, switch to your sniper and bask in the glory of the one shot one kill sniper. This build will make people throw their controller at the screen and start questioning their existence. Remember, you can’t die, because even if you are in a Rumble game, all of your enemies will teabag the crap out of you.
    • FUN GUNSLINGER BUILD: The perks you should use on this build are Triple Jump, Tripmine Grenade, Combustion, Knife Juggler, Gunslinger’s Trance and Chain of Woe. Your weapons should The Last Word, Praedyth’s Revenge, and a Rocket Launcher. Your exotic should be Achlyophage Symbiote. This build is designed for FUN! Killing people with tripmine grenades is fun. Killing people with Combustion is fun. Humiliating players with throwing knives is fun! Watching players explode with Praedyth’s is fun. The Last Word makes you feel like a cowboy! Explosions are awesome! This is my favorite build, because I have fun every time I use it.
    • SWEATY TRYHARD BLADEDANCER BUILD : Your perks should be Arcbolt Grenade, Blink, Backstab, Razor’s Edge, Quick Draw for sniping and Fleet Footed for shotguns, and Hungering Blade. Your weapons should The Last Word, shotgun or sniper rifle, and rockets. Maybe your sense of fun is absolutely destroying everyone on the enemy team. If it is, then this build is for you. The entire build is for decimating lobbies and making players rage quit by your swag build.

MOBILITY AND STRAFING It is starting to seem like being mobile in shooter games is the way of the future, and Destiny is no exception.

  • MOBILITY FOR RUNNING AWAY: So, you wanna learn how to run away? I have six words for you, then. JUMP LIKE THE FLOOR IS LAVA. Well maybe don’t jump all the time, but seriously, jumping and mobility is one of the most important things when being chased. If someone is shooting at you from behind, then a target that is moving straight will be very easy to kill. What you want to do is jump on to different ledges, strafe side to side, and use your mobility to your advantage. If you are running and jumping like Speedy Gonzalez, then most of their bullets will whizz past your head, hitting some poor teammate of yours. That is another thing, if you are being chased by a stampede of enemies, then run towards your teammates. Either they will protect you, or take as many as they can down with them.
  • MOBILITY FOR RUSHING: Do you want to get somewhere fast? Well I have some great jumps for you. Introducing Blink and Catapult!!!!!!! Blink and Catapult can make you get somewhere so fast, that the enemies will still be trying to remember what that guide said about running away. You don’t normally think Titans are the most mobile class, but when I tell you this one easy trick (clickbait inspired by BuzzFeed) then you will be amazed. Just keep clicking A (or X) while moving forward and you will be skating across the sky. This makes Titans the fastest class in the game. Blink, oh blink, the future version of that spell from Harry Potter. Blink is a short distance teleport that makes rushing so EASY. It can cover large distances very quickly and it still surprises Guardians today, even though they have had like 10 months to get used to it (Thanks Warlocks!). If you are using a shotgun, and most Guardians are, then this is a WOMBO COMBO of a combo. If you don’t mind hate mail, then this combo is for you. Blink and Catapult are also great for running away. Don’t be stupid when rushing. It is very easy to get yourself killed by rushing with a shotgun. Rushing isn’t just running in wildly. Rushing can be picking off people with your fusion rifle, sniper, or shooting with your primary while closing in slowly. The main point of rushing is to close in and kill enemies that are grouped up in a large area of the map.
  • MOBILITY IN GUNFIGHTS AND STRAFING So, lets say you in a perfect 1 vs 1 gunfight, where you and your enemy are only using your primaries. Let’s also say that you are using the same gun with the same perks (crazy, I know). How will you win that gunfight without trading kills? One word, strafing. Strafing is moving side to side, jumping, sliding, and crouching during a fight. Doing this makes the enemy confused and not all of their bullets will hit you. If you want to learn more about strafing, I recommend any Halo 4 vids on it. That game tons of bullet magnetism, so using those techniques will most likely help you by going that extra step to make sure those green thorns don’t hit you. JUMP LIKE THE FLOOR IS LAVA also works here, because most jumps are unpredictable, and being unpredictable is the only way to strafe. Blinking is also great for strafing, because you can either confuse the enemy, or just run away if you are about to lose.

WHAT SENSITIVITY IS FOR YOU: This one is harder for me to say, because YOU really have to find this one out by yourself. Lower sensitivities help your aim, while higher sensitivities allow you react to that guy right behind you. YA, I SEE YOU, YOU SNEAKY LITTLE BASTARD! So I made a little chart for you.

1 SENSITIVTY= Turtle speed. Have you ever wanted to be as slow as your grandfather after he woke up from his post-Thanksgiving nap? No? Oh, ok then.

2 SENSITIVITY= Tiny bit better, except this is your jittery grandmother after a couple of pies.

3, 4, AND 5 SENSITIVITY=This one is for people that want the aiming of a precision sniper in the Secret Service.

6 SENSITITY= This one is the perfectly in between, like that amazing sauce in between that chewy meat and what looks like pure sugar.

7&8= I just caught a knife mid-air and am now dodging bullets like Neo, although I tried throwing the knife back, and it landed a foot away.

9= A mouse after one too many coffees that tried to throw a ball that ended up a yard away from its target.

10= !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that cleared it up for you.

SENSITIVITY AND HOW IT AFFECTS DIFFERENT WEAPONS CHART Ok, so this is how this chart will work. You choose 1 gun from the special and 1 gun from the primary category that you use the most. You take those numbers and add the two together. Then, you divide the numbers by 2. Your result will be the sensitivity you should use. This chart may be helpful to some people, and be awful to others. I would like as much feedback as possible on this one. I want to see if it works. If you say it is a stupid and awful system, then I will add a disclaimer.

  • SHOTGUNS: For shotguns I recommend going with 7 or 8.
  • SNIPERS For snipers I recommend going with 3, 4, or 5.
  • FUSION RIFLES: For Spartan Lasers I recommend going with 6.
  • HAND CANNONS: For Hand Cannons I recommend 5 sensitivity.
  • SCOUT RIFLES: I recommend going for 4 sensitivity.
  • AUTO RIFLES: If they were better, then I would be going with a 7, but since you really need to be accurate, I’m going with 5 or 6.
  • PULSE RIFLES: For PRs I recommend going with 5 or 6.

I won’t be doing heavy since you don’t really need to be accurate with it and you don’t use it as much as your primary or special weapons.

HOW TO HAVE MORE KILLS THAN DEATHS AND HOW TO PLAY DIFFERENT ROLES ON YOUR TEAM This will be covering how to have a higher kd, and how to help your team in different ways.

  • BEING CAREFUL AND HOW TO HAVE A HIGHER KD: Having more kills than deaths is crucial to helping your team. Dying gives the enemy team points, so you should try to die as little as possible. To do this I recommend playing very passively, not going for kills that will put you into their spawn, and if you see a bunch of enemies in one spot, then chuck a grenade or run away. You don’t have to go for every kill, especially if they are using their super. At the same time, you should still go for kills. Don’t camp in the back and hope some enemies will come eventually. People will catch on to your hiding spot and kill you. If you really want to improve your kd more, then I recommend watching TrueVanguard’s videos on How to Raise your KD and Guide to Long Killstreaks.
  • HOW TO PLAY DIFFERENT ROLES ON YOUR TEAM: This will cover some different roles you can play. I recommend that you try some out and see which ones work for you.

SUPPORT ROLE: Maybe you don’t like going in to the heat of the action, and that’s ok. Instead of rushing in to the enemies, choose your engagements wisely and make sure to help your teammates when they have an exclamation mark over their head. That doesn’t mean trying to be Superman saving everyone, but try to take out enemies that are near your teammates. You should stay back and let the Rushers do their thing. While you may not have the highest kills, you will have a higher kd and your teammates will thank you.

RUSHER ROLE If you want to rush the enemies and pick them off right as they spawn, then this role is for you. You want to rush in to the enemies spawn and if you must die, then take as many down with you as possible. You must be aggressive for this role, so I recommend Striker for Titans, Bladedancer for Hunters, and Sunsinger for Warlocks. Try to take down as many enemies as possible and get as many points as possible.

IN BETWEEN ROLE FOR THE AVERAGE PLAYER: For this role you will be a mixture of both of the previous roles. You will go for a lot of kills, while still not dying a lot and choosing your engagements wisely. Remember, don’t push in to the enemy’s spawn point, this will result in you flipping the spawns or getting overwhelmed and dying.

All right, that is all for roles, if you have any others, please leave a comment and I will most likely add it.

MAP KNOWLEDGE HOMEWORK: This is important, and I mean important. I will be including this in the next part for a reason. This bit will just be some homework. What I want you to do is play a game of Rumble, and just explore the map. Find secret areas, and plan ways of escape from different points in the map. Use a shotgun and something like Thorn, so any enemies that come close will be destroyed faster than the Death Star.

If you have any questions comment or send me a message on Xbox. My GT is CombinedCrowd3. Once again, thank you and I hope you enjoyed the long read.

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