LoL Tryndamere Diamond II Guide

LoL Tryndamere Diamond II Guide by TastyPotatox

I went from Unranked to Diamond II 97 LP in under 2 months playing almost exclusively Tryndamere on my account named Jáýce. I dropped a bit but I will get it back and I will get masters this season! That aside lets get to the guide!

1. Introduction:

So why should you play Tryndamere? I made a video that shows some of the cool things you can do with him and I encourage you to watch. I hope this video will inspire you to read on and begin your journey to right clicking

Tryndamere is a very powerful champion when played properly. Many people think he is just a right click champion that requires no skill. This is entirely untrue. Tryndamere is easy to learn but he is a REALLY hard champion to master.

2. Summoner Spells:

Ignite is a high risk high reward spell. The risk is you fall behind if you do not win lane and ignite is not as good late game. The potential high reward is if you win, you can continue destroying your lane and snowball hard. Also take this against champion that heal a lot. Good examples: Irelia Vladimir Mundo Singed Zac

Teleport is a low risk medium reward spell. Much easier to come back into the game than ignite if you fall behind at the cost of less kill potential. Also gives you the ability to start a jungle camp level 1 and make TP plays bot lane early in the game. Finally, it is better than ignite late game as you can TP in for fights or TP into the base and backdoor. Take TP vs hard matchups like Teemo and Pantheon. I also take teleport for easy matchups I can win without ignite like Kassadin, Karthus, Kayle, Ect.

Why take flash over ghost? Flash lets you position better in teamfights. It also helps you secure those kills in lane where they flash away with 1 auto attacks worth of HP left. It is good for escaping over walls and putting more distance between you and your attacker. Finally, flash is great for spinning into your opponent, and mid spin, flashing, which gives your opponent no time to react.

3. Runes:

This is an important part of Tryndamere. Tryndamere can easily be bullied and fall behind early. Therefore, we use runes to cover his weak early with lots of defense. I have 5 runepages for Tryndamere but you only need 3 and each will be explained here: Here are the 3 main categories for runepages for Tryndamere. You can make your own variants and I have 5-6 runepages for him. But you really only need 3.

Tryndamere vs Hybrid Champions Examples: Jax Nidalee When to use: vs hybrid champions that you know can’t kill you pre 6. At level 6 scaling runes even out with flat and become better.

Marks: x9 AD

Seals: x4 Scaling Armor x5 health

Glyphs: x9 Scaling Magic Resist

Quints: x1 Flat Physical Damage x2 Attack Speed

Tryndamere vs heavy AD Examples: Renekton Quinn Irelia Darius Pantheon Gnar When to use: when vs mostly or full AD Champions that are going to destroy you early. We take lots of armor versus them and sustain and play passive until they screw up or we outscale. I prefer attack speed glyphs vs people with shorter cooldowns than me such as wukong and riven. I prefer scaling cdr glyphs vs tanks such as gnar to help reposition with E lategame. Armor glyphs vs super hard matchups like renekton.

Marks: x9 Flat AD

Seals: x9 flat armor or scaling armor totally preference

Glyphs: x9 Cooldown Reduction / level or x9 Attack speed or x9 Armor

Quints: x2 Armor x1 Flat Physical Damage

Tryndamere vs heavy AP Examples: Lissandra Vladimir Teemo When to use: When you are versus a lane bully that has a lot of AP damage. We take scaling runes because usually you can sustain enough early and the mages will run out of mana.

Marks: x9 AD

Seals: x9 Scaling HP

Glyphs: x9 Scaling Magic Resist or Flat MR

Quints: X1 flat Physical Damage x2 Attack Speed

4. Masteries:

21-9 Picture can be seen here

5. Spell order and Explanation :

Picture of spell order

Battle Fury (Passive)

This is what defines Tryndamere. King if Crits. Without this passive tryndamere would be an awful laner. People who don’t play tryndamere often will complain that you only win because of that lucky crit. Well, without crits, Tryndamere will lose most trades since he only has basic attacks and his spin. Therefore, you should keep your fury up when looking to trade. Not wasting it on healing when you don’t need this. Long story short, fight when full fury, play more defensive when you have little fury. Also last hitting well will lead to more fury and more heals!

Bloodlust (Q)

Tryndamere’s primary sustain in lane. This is probably Tryndamere’s hardest skill to learn when to property use. It is also hard to explain in words when to use it. Like I said in the passive portion you need to have lots of fury when you want to trade. You can’t just sit in lane and spam this all game. Yo ucan spam it when shoved under tower and you are not going to be trading for a while. Always save this until the last second when trading because your opponents will not expect the large heal. Also always use this at the end of your ult to get away and survive.

We max this first.

Mocking Shout (W)

This is Tryndamere’s debuff spell. It is the only other skill in the game besides trundle which lowers AD. This skill has a variety of uses but must not be wasted because it has a long cool down. Max this 3rd or max it 2nd if you are having trouble vs a full AD opponent Example: Renekton

Situations and when to use your W:

  1. When the enmy laner is going to combo you such as Renekton Es in to you looking to trade. You use your W and his W, Q, and autoattacks do less damage.
  2. When you want to chase someone down. Good times to use your W are after someone goes to last hit a minion, peoples instinct after killing a minion is to walk back behind their minion wave so try using your W after they last hit. For ranged ADCs use your W after the atack you while yo uare walking at them as they usually try to kite backwards.

Spinning Slash (E)

This is Tryndamere’s escape and gap closer. It is an amazing spell because it does not need a target to use. Use this after you slow someone with your W in lane to get on top of them and start attacking. You can use this to escape over walls and escape ganks in lane. Remember that scoring a crit on a minion reduces the cooldown by 1 and a crit on champions reduces the cooldown by 2 seconds. Max this 2nd usually.

Undying Rage (R)

This is Tryndamere’s ultimate. This makes or breaks good Tryndameres. Ulting at the perfect time is very hard to do and often you will see Tryndamere players die with their ult and not use it. The skill has a .5 second delay which makes timing a good ult tricky. It is very important to note that it restores your health to 3% of your max once the ult runs out. so remember to Q AFTER the 5 seconds so you can gain 3% of your max HP + the health from your Q. MAX THIS LAST DON’T LEVEL IT AT 11 OR 16

6. Build Order: Check this picture as it is easier to see rather than read everything in text format:

When to go Hydra: 85% of the time go the hydra build. This is season 5, not season 3 Tryndamere. The Tier 2 turret gives a shield and the tier 3 turret reduces your damage and reduces your movement speed. It is very hard to dive the tier 3 turret and surive so you cannot split to win anymore. Therefore, we buy merc treads, and hydra to teamfight. Hydra is better for teamfighting because you can hit multiple people at once and gives you a lot of burst. You can also sustain in lane better, and proxy farm, and clear jungle camps very quickly. Many of you will go: BUT POTATO YOU HAVE NO CHASE WITH HYDRA HOW CAN YOU KILL ANYONE? Well you kill them with burst. and you learn to hit your Ws correctly. Also you can just farm so much better with hydra because 2 autos and a spin is enough to clear a whole wave. Then you can do a jungle camp before the next wave hits. Getting more farm is the same as getting a kill and you can just farm everything with hydra.

When to go BOTRK: When you need chase. Examples: Gnar, Singed, Mundo, Kalista, Kayle, Lulu, GangPlank, Vladimir, Olaf.

7. Early Game:


If you took ignite: Start longsword 3 potions. You can also wait on the tip of the shop area for a 4th potion but you will miss the gold from the first minion that hits lane. You will not miss the exp but you will miss being able to set up the lane for level 2 cheese. As soon as the minions hit eat other rush to kill the first 2 minions then freeze if you can to ensure you hit level 2 first. Remember that in order to hit level 2, 7 minions must die. So the whole first wave and the first minion of the second wave will make you level 2. To go for the cheese, when the first minion of the second wave is about to die spin through it onto your enemy, level up your Q and go Ham and hopefully get a flash so you can kill them later. This will give you a huge lane advantage.


If you are going hydra start the wolf camp KIL THE SMALL MINIONS FIRST FOR MORE FURY. Buy a longsword 4 pots and a rejuv bead If you are going blade of the ruined king buy longsword 5 pots and a ward if you wish. Start either wolves or wraiths buy kill small minions first. If you are versus a hard early lane like rengar or riven you can go dorans blade 5 potions. If you are versus a hard ranged champion like Quinn Cassiopeia or pantheon get dorans shield 5 pots.

Every lane matchup is different and is hard to explain in words how to play them. But remember try to only fight when you have a lot of fury and they do not have a lot of minions because without crits you will lose most trades. Don’t get into the habit of hoping or expecting for a crit to win. This is a bad habit. If you have full fury only calculate that you will crit 1 time during an all in to be safe.

8. Mid Game:

Mid game usually is defined when the first tower fall and everyone starts to not be in lane as much. For you however, this does not apply unless you have teleport. Now is a good time to explain when to take the enemy tower. Q: When do I take the enmy tower?

A: When you are losing always take tower. Also against tanks like Maokai take tower ASAP if you are going even in lane since it is super easy to gank for tanks and they are hard to towerdive. Q: When should I not take tower then? A: You should not take tower when winning lane. It is best to if possible, zone your opponent from lane, and allow the enemy tower to kill the minions. The tower killing your minions makes it impossible for your enemy laner to get gold and experience causing them to be further and further behind (they also feel like quitting the game.)

After you take tower you should continue to always be pushing a lane. Upgrade your trinket and try to take the whole enemy jungle. Push down tier 2 turret when you get the chance. Pretty soon the enemy jungler and mid will come to try to ruin your day. This is why you have upgraded yellow trinket so you can see it coming. Tell your team to go to baron / dragon / push down mid when 2 or more people come for you. If you have teleport look to teleport in when 2 people come for you to help take a tower or baron.


9. Late Game:

Continue to push down lanes. Tell your team to set up at baron and when 2 people come for you to take baron or push down a tier 3 turret. IT IS IMPORTANT YOU DO NOT DIE AT THIS POINT OF THE GAME. Your job is to apply pressure at their tier 3 turrets and be super annoying so they BabyRage.

If you manage to get a tier 3 turret the game is usually over because that is the hardest part for tryndamere. Take the inhib when you can while ignoring your enemy laner if they are a tank. If they are a squishy kill them or force them to back and take the inhib.

Once you get your first inhib down rotate to another inhib and repeat what you did before. The enemy team will have to send people to defend their base while you or your team get the second inhib. Repeat until all 3 inhibs are down and you win.

Remember to keep warding with your upgraded yellow trinket when it is up and keep telling your team to group and not come to your lane. If they start fighting and you can make it in time, try to cleanup the fight since at this point you can 2 shot people.

10. Teamfights:

When teamfighting as Tryndamere, unless you are really fed, you should never be going in first in a 5v5. You should always be cleanup crew. The reason for this is you are a squishy champion and your weakness is being kited and hard CC. Therefore, it is better to try to flank the other team after the fight has already broken out so the other team has already used some of their CC. Alternatively, you can teleport into a fight and clean up the fight which is what I prefer.

You always want to go for the most fed person on their team. Play like an assassin. always check who you need to focus down first in the fight. THIS MEANS DON’T GO FOR THEIR ADC IF THEIR ADC IS FEEDING AND NOT A THREAT.

Once you ult and have to spin out you may want to stick around your adc and use your W to help peel / reduce the other teams damage a bit just don’t die trying!

If the other team has a lot of CC EX: Morgana, nautilus dont even bother teamfighting as you will just get CCed to death. Play the map and splitpush and try not to teamfight.

11. How I improved at League of Legends:

The best way to improve is to watch high level streams of people who main the champion you want to play. The reasoning is because you can learn every matchup and learn build paths against certain matchups that may not be obvious. I watched Boxerpete and played 100s of games of Tryndamere before I could play him at a diamond level. I am by no means the best but I am in the top 20 Tryndamere’s in NA. I love what you guys bring and what idea you all have. Come watch some Tryndamere Domination!

My streams link is:

Elo Graph of me getting to Diamond II 97 LP:

My three accounts are Jáýce TastyPotatox Multisurgeon

Thank you for reading

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