ArcheAge Healer’s Mana Potions Guide

ArcheAge Healer’s Mana Potions Guide by Nodoze

To alleviate the mana issues (which I agree Healers will have regardless of the armor they wear) I personally have been focusing on Alchemy (currently ~40K) on one of my characters so I have an abundance of mana potions.

For those Healers that haven’t tried this and want some tips/thoughts regarding leveraging Alchemy to alleviate mana issues I wanted to share the following things I have learned:

– There are two types of Mana Potions that have SEPARATE cool-downs (so you can pop them at the same time to begin with) as follows:

Minor/small Mana potions have a 9 second cooldown and give +190mana@rank1 and +1230mana@rank6 (the max) and can stack to 1000 per slot;

Major/regular Mana potions have a 45 second cooldown and give +790mana@rank1 and +4100mana@rank6 (the max) butcan only stack to 100 per slot;

– Healing Potions also have Minor/Major groups but I will not focus on them as much here as Healers can use mana to self heal (I do carry Healing potions but use them much less) & because after studying alchemy I found Mana Potions more efficient for leveling Alchemy than Healing potions for my purposes (more on that below)…

– To make a higher rank Minor/small Mana Potion you need to first make the rank prior and consume it in the making. So to make a 1000 rank6 Minor you need to make 1000 rank1 Minor and upgrade them to rank2, then 2->3, 3->4, 4->5, then finally 5->6.

– Rank 6 regular Mana potions also need to be upgraded but to make a rank 1 (regular) Mana potion you need rank3 Minor/small Mana potions as

For Alchemy a great companion skill set is Gathering to get all the components. For every mana (& healing) potion you need Medicine Powder (MP). For at least those of us on the East that did the donkey/scarecrow(s) quests we know that Mushrooms yield Medicine Powder but later I found out that Thistle also can be made into Medicine Powder and you need Thistle for mana components so you could focus on Thistle at the higher levels to stock one fewer component. Seed packs help immensely for Quality of life so I will list what Gathering Skill levels you need by rank.

To make Potions you need the following:

– Potion Type : Alchemy : Labor : MP : other component: Gathering skill for seed bundle/pack;
– small Mana rank1 : 0 : 5 : 12 : None : none (15K for mushrooms);
– small Mana rank2 : 0 : 5 : 12 : 20 Iris : 15K ;
– small Mana rank3 : 5K : 5 : 12 : 10 Thistle : 15K ;
– small Mana rank4 : 10K : 5 : 12 : 5 CornFlower : 30K ;
– small Mana rank5 : 20K : 5 : 12 : 3 Aloe : 30K ;
– small Mana rank6 : 30K : 5 : 12 : 1 Bay Leaf : None (from trees not packs);
– reg. Mana rank1 : 10K : 9 : 5 : none : None;
– reg. Mana rank2 : 15K : 14 : 10 : 50 Bay Leaf : None (from trees not packs);
– reg. Mana rank3 : 25K : 18 : 20 : 45 Aloe : 30K ;
– reg. Mana rank4 : 35K : 23 : 30 : 40 CornFlower : 30K ;
– reg. Mana rank5 : 45K : 27 : 40 : 35 Thistle : 15K ;
– reg. Mana rank6 : 55K : 41 : 50 : 30 Iris : 15K ;
– small Health rank1 : 0 : 3 : 8 : None : none (15K for mushrooms);
– small Health rank2 : 0 : 3 : 8 : 20 Lavender : 15K;
– small Health rank3 : 5K : 3 : 8 : 10 Mushroom : 15K ;
– small Health rank4 : 10K : 3 : 8 : 5 Lotus : 30K ;
– small Health rank5 : 20K : 3 : 8 : 3 Ginseng : 45K ;
– small Health rank6 : 30K : 3 : 8 : 1 Ginkgo Leaf : None (from trees not packs);
– reg. Health rank1 : 10K : 5 : 5 : none : None;
– reg. Health rank2 : 15K : 9 : 10 : 15 Ginko Leaf : None (from trees not packs);
– reg. Health rank3 : 25K : 14 : 20 : 15 Gingseng : 45K ;
– reg. Health rank4 : 35K : 18 : 30 : 15 Lotus : 30K ;
– reg. Health rank5 : 45K : 23 : 40 : 15 Mushroom : 15K ;
– reg. Health rank6 : 55K : 27 : 50 : 15 Lavender : 15K ;

Some observations on the above from a Healer trying to self-alleviate my own mana issues:

Mana Potions only require 30K Gathering to make your own components while Healing Potions require 45K Gathering to make your own components;

– Healing potions require less Labor than Mana Potions to construct but considering that spending Labor is what levels Alchemy I actually liked that Mana requires more labor;

– Labor constrained how much I could do at a time but materials and gold also constrained my leveling of Alchemy. Early on I was material/gold constrained but once I was 20K+ Alchemy and selling potions for profit I became Labor constrained (have lots of mats in the bank to stay ahead of my labor now).

– Tip: Having a second account to do your Gathering and make your Medicine Powder helps your Labor contraint;

– The biggest constraint I found was leaves from trees. I find Seed Packs pretty fun/easy but have a harder time with trees. Trees are better than individual plants but are not as fun as seed bundles/packs. 50 Bay Leaves is a lot to make regular mana potions!

After studying the above my approach was to make as many small potions to get my Alchemy up to the next tier (my alt on my other account was doing the gathering while this alt on this other account did Alchemy). I grew most of my own materials except that after I got going for awhile I started buying the tier1 small mana potions as they were very inexpensive relative to mushrooms/thistle->Medicine Powder.

To fund the leveling I started selling various ranks as they became available. Just be careful how many Minor/small Mana potions you convert to major/regular Mana potions as they take up 10 times the space (Mana potions only stack to 100 while small Mana potions stack to 1000)…

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