FFXIV Steps of Faith Full Guide

FFXIV Steps of Faith Full Guide by FawksB

Hey there, Fawks Beaumont from Leviathan giving you a full breakdown on the new Trial – Steps of Faith. This trail can easily be done with 1 tank and 1 healer, however this guide is going to be written with a 2 tank, 2 healer, 4 DPS party in mind since most will be doing this through Duty Finder. Also, you are free to respawn at any time when you die, so don’t wait for a Raise. Another thing is the main boss only will use aoe attacks and step on people, he doesn’t need to be tanked at all.

First things first, this fight is best done breaking the group into 3 different teams, all with predetermined goals. We’re going to call these teams the Tanking Team, the Cannon Team, and the Burn Team.


This team is a group of 2, with one tank and one healer. A PLD and WHM is the ideal pairing for this group. The main goal of this team is going to be rounding up all of the trash mobs that spawn throughout the fight, and placing them in front of the large dragon for the Cannon Team to make short work of them. The healer should be working as aggro bait, usually through Regen aggro to help group the adds together for the tank to snag. The wyverns, aevis, and dragonflies are quick and will move right to the closest player or the healer if they are pulling aggro. The biasts that spawn will charge at the cannons, so they should be the top priority too snag before they get too far away.

It’s important to know that if the cannons do not kill all of the trash mobs before the dragon breaks through the barrier, they will simply disappear at the phase transition. So, it’s mostly important just to keep them busy, but don’t panic if they are still alive after both sets of cannons are blown-up. Once all the adds are dead, or both cannons are gone, the Tanking Team should turn attention to the main boss.


This team will consist of 2 DPS, and should be either ranged DPS or the weakest DPS. The cannons work very similarly to the cannons from Stone Vigil HM, but have a new shot as well. Your main shot is Iron Kiss and does 2000 damage. This should be blasting at the adds or the main dragon non-stop. Please note, even though the main boss is huge, his hitbox is quite small and is located center mass between all four legs. The other 2 shots are a Stun which is good to use on a group of adds, and SHOULD ALWAYS be used on the Biasts that charge at the cannons. This buys time for the tank to grab them before they get too far away. The 3rd shot creates a patch of slime that gives Leaden to all the mobs in it, slowing them down a lot. Also good to use on the Biasts, and also great to use as a marker for the Tanking Team to show when they are within cannon range.

The Cannon Team should keep the main boss on Focus Target through the fight to watch his cast bar. When he gets near the cannons, he’ll use a large swipe to blow them up. The Cannon Team needs to back away before he finishes this otherwise they will take huge damage from the cannon blowing up. Once the 2nd set of Cannons are blown-up, the Cannon Team switches to directly DPSing the boss until the barrier is knocked down, at which point they SPRINT to the next set of cannons. Even if you’re a physical DPS job, your TP will recover while using the cannons.

Cannon Team is also responsible for using Snares during 3rd and 4th Phase, that’ll be covered further down.


This team is the remaining players, and should be 1 Tank, 1 Healer (STR WAR/SCH works best) and your 2 DPS. This team’s main job is to tank and burn the “big add” or mini-boss that spawns during every section. These adds always spawn in the 1st set of adds in each section, directly behind the boss. They are a boss from a 4-man dungeon, with identical skillsets. As soon as the mini-boss is killed, this team focuses sololy on DPSing the boss and only the boss until the next phase.

One member of the Burn Team (Healer is ideal) will be responsible for handling the Dragon Killer, commonly called the Tower. This will be described better below, but the Tower player will be running up the Tower to activate the Dragonkiller at the correct time and then returning to the fight.


The first phase has 2 Sets of Cannons, and the mini-boss is a Marraco wannabe and no special adds. This phase is just to let you get use to your roles as there are no complex mechanics here. Boss should be under 80% by the end of this phase.


Second phase has 2 Sets of Cannons, 1 Dragonkiller, Biasts are present for the Tanking Team, and the mini-boss is the same as the second boss from Stone Vigil HM. However, this time, he’s not immune to damage, so kill him and Stun Hard Stomp.

Tanking Team will need to snag the Biasts as soon as they spawn so they don’t get too far away. If they get away, gather the rest of the adds, then chase them down.

After the first set of cannons are blown-up, the assigned Tower player needs to head up the Tower and wait until the main boss is inside of the red circle on the ground. His HITBOX needs to be in the circle, not just his head.

Boss should be under 55% by the end of this phase.


Third phase has 2 Sets of Cannons, 2 Sets of Snares, 1 Dragonkiller, Biasts, and the mini-boss is a poison spitting dragon just like Blayflox normal.

The dragonkiller is different this time. Cannon Team needs to wait until the main boss uses a move called Land-(blanking on the name right now) and is a huge rectangler aoe. As soon as this starts casting, Cannon Team has until the end of the cast to activite the Snares right next to the cannons. As soon as the main boss is Snared, Tower player activates the Dragonkiller. Using it too early will make the dragon dodge AND COUNTER, and can wipe the party.

Boss should be under 30% by the end of this phase.


The final phase has 2 Sets of Cannons, 2 Sets of Snares, 1 Dragonkiller, Powder Keg Trap, and all the other usual fun. The mini-boss here is the same final boss from Stone Vigil HM, which means he HAS NO AGGRO TABLE. Burn Team should completely ignore him, and focus only on attacking the main boss during this phase. If the mini-boss gets near you, just dodge like normal.

The powderkegs are first, the Tanking Team needs to stop the Biasts from attacking the kegs or they will blow them up early. Dragonkiller is the same as in Phase 3. Just push as much DPS as you can on the boss, you need to kill him before he reaches the end.

Any questions can be asked below and I’ll make changes if there are glaring errors. Hope this will help everyone get past this trial.

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