Bloodborne Full Game Quest Checklist

Bloodborne Full Game Quest Checklist by Blizzluvsme

for the past 2 hours I kinda just wrote this up for reference since I’m starting over a new character and decided I would share this, it’s a SHOULD BE FOOL PROOF 100% on everything NPC related to get everything. This is not including loot on the ground, just the order to do everything.

weakness of bosses are in parenthesis, my personal recommended level in {}

1. (OPT)Cleric Beast(Fire){any level} – Central Yharnam | Drops: Sword Hunter Badge

* Find Eileen The Crow in the sewers for Gesture and 4 Bold Hunter Marks
* Buy Hunter Chief Emblem (Or don’t, you can open the door at the Cathedral manually)
* Get Tiny Music Box from Little Girl (

2. Father Gascoigne(Tiny Music Box/Fire){15} – Central Yharnam | Drops: Oedon Tomb Key

* Take Red Jeweled Brooch to Little Girl
* Choose whether to give her the Brooch or withhold it
a. If you give the Brooch to her she will no longer talk to you. Eventually she will leave her home. Defeating the pig in the sewers will yield a Red Messenger Ribbon.
b. If you don’t give her the Brooch, and have visited the Oedon Chapel about it being a safe haven, you can tell her to go there for safety. If you choose the Chapel the blood soaked ribbon will still appear on the pig.
* Visit Gilbert for Flame Sprayer
* After going to Chapel notify Old Woman of Chapel and talk to Odeon Chapel Dweller for Gesture
* Talk to Alfred for Fire Paper

NOTE: On the way to BSB don’t kill Djura(Manning the gun) for a gesture later on. Otherwise kill him for just the Powder Keg Hunter Badge

3. (OPT)Blood Starved Beast(Fire){20} – Old Yharnam | Drops: Pthumeru Chalice

* Visit Abandoned Old Workshop for 1/3 Umbilical Cord, Doll Set, Small Hair Ornament and Old Hunter Bone(

4. Vicar Amelia(Numbing Mist){25} – Cathedral Ward | Drops: Gold Pendant

* Notify Arianna of the Chapel
* Notify Distrustful Man of the Clinic (he does opposite of what you say)
* Exit via the doorway directly in front of the Cathedral Ward lantern and immediately look left to talk to Eileen Again for Gesture.(She will not appear in this location until you have opened the short cut gate leading to the Grand Cathedral.)
* Goto Oedon Tomb and help her not die during encounter then kill Henryk for Caryll Rune Heir and Henryk Hunter set available at insight bath
* Get kidnapped and sent to Hypogean Gaol and while wearing church set/gasciogne set, bring Adella to chapel for Gesture, then kill in chapel for Oedon Writhe Caryll Rune and to prevent Arianna from dying

5. (OPT)Witch of Hemwick(??){30} – Hemwick Graveyard | Drops: Bloodshot Eyeball x 4

6. Shadows of Yharman(??){40} – Forbidden Woods | Drops: Blood Rapture

* Send Suspicious Beggar to Clinic
* Visit Iosefka’s Clinic, kill Iosefka for Oedon Writhe Caryll Rune. If you missed Arianna visit Iosefka’s Clinic AFTER Defeating Rom for the 1/3 umbilical cord instead.

7. Rom Vacuos Spider(Bolt){45} – Moonside Lake | Drops: Kin Coldblood(12)

* Kill Gilbert for Claw Mark Rune
* Goto Eileen at Cathedral and win fight for Crow Hunter Badge and rune
* Little Girl’s Older Sister will appear in her window if you gave the Brooch or told her about the Chapel, and will ask you to find her younger sister who has a White Ribbon. Turn in the Red Messenger Ribbon.
* Reload the area and go down the ladder from the window to find the White Messenger Ribbon.
* If you missed Arianna this is when you should visit Iosefka’s Clinic

8. (OPT)Martyr Logarius(??){75} – Forsaken Cainhurst Castle

* Equip the Crown of Illusions (On the ground near the entrance) after defeating Martyr Logarius infront of his throne to open the hidden path.
* Join Vilebloods with Annalist for Cainhurst badge
* Loot Unopened Summons
* Give Unopened Summons to Alfred for Roar Gesture
* Go back to Annalise and loot Queenly Flesh and Wheel Hunter Badge

9. (OPT)Darkbeast Paarl(??){45} – Hypogean Gaol | Drops: Spark Hunter Badge

* If you spared Djura, approach him from the back of Old Yharnam and avoid going in front of the tower for Gesture and Powder Keg Hunter Badge
* Now kill him anyway for his outfit at insight bath

10. The One Reborn(??){50} – Yahar’gul Chapel | Drops: Yellow backbone x 3

* Talk to spider boy for Rune in lecture building

11. (OPT)Celestial Emissary(Bolt, Thrust attacks){60} – Lumenflower Gardens | Drops: Communion

12. (OPT)Ebrietas(Bolt, in her Head) – Altar of Despair | Drops: Great Isz Chalice

*Walk up to the spider statue and give the Queenly Flesh to revive Annalise

13. (OPT)Amygdala(??) – Nightmare Frontier | Drops: Ailing Loran Chalice

14. Micolash(??){70} – Mergo’s Loft Middle

15. Mergos Wet Nurse(??){75} – Wet Nurse’s Lunarium | Drops: 1/3 Umbilical Cord

* Kill Arianna’s Baby for 1/3 Umbilical Cord
* Make Brain fall down(
* Obtain “Make Contact” gesture from statue(
* Use Gesture “Make Contact” with brain’s eye
* Kill Brain
* How to get to the brain: Go back to the room with the Crossbow midgets, and the woman giant. next to the ambushing midget, there will be a lift there, take it all the way down. once the door opens you wont be able to see anything, just walk forward till you see the brain’s eye, do the gesture till rewarded, then kill it.
Use Umbilical Cord

16. (OPT)Gerhman The First Hunter(??){85} – Hunter’s Dream | Drops: Old Hunter Badge

17. (OPT)Moon Presence – Hunter’s Dream

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