Marvel Heroes What to Do After Level 60 Guide

Marvel Heroes What to Do After Level 60 Guide by DankRage

Hello, again!!

You may remember me from the What character should I pick guide posted a few days ago. Hopefully you guys find a great use in it and that it helps finding that next favorite character for you!

But today I’m here to help you figure out what to do after you’ve found that character you love and have hit that magical Level 60!!!!

Disclaimer: This subsequent guide is of my own opinion and knowledge from the years of gaming in this genre.

1) You’re going to want to make a final choice as far as the build you want your character to have.

  • Ranged?
  • Melee?
  • Hybrid?
  • Summoner?

Of course only a couple of these options will be available to most characters, the choice still remains upon you.

After selecting how you’d like to build your character hop over to MH Info and go to the Builds Section then click your Hero and pick through the guides until something strikes your eye. Or the Official Forums and scroll down to the Hero Forums section and select your Hero then pick a guide to follow.

2) Once you have your build and guide in mind to follow, you’ll want to take note of where the items that the guide is suggesting are located in the game, and then make the plan to farm there. There are some instances where the item that the guide is suggesting will be quite hard to obtain or have a bit harder of a time trading for. But there are usually suggestions for replacements or supplementary items until you’d be able to get the “Best in Slot” (also referred to as BiS) item for your character.

Remember! Trading is a valuable way to obtain your BiS items. But be wary of people willing to take advantage of people not knowledgeable of the trade values of higher rarity items. Do your research before trading — the Official Forums is a great place to start

2a) There are many places to farm for items, both supplementary and for BiS. Some also coincide with other end game content.

  • Holo-Sim
  • X-Defense
  • Midtown Manhattan
  • Industry City Patrol (Unlocks at level 12)
  • Green Terminals (Unlocks at level 20)
  • Red Terminals (Unlocks at level 20)
  • One-Shots (Unlocks at level 20)
  • Cosmic Terminals (Unlocks at level 60)
  • Green Raids (Unlocks at level 60)
  • Red Raids (Unlocks at level 60)
  • Bonus Stages

Holo-sim and X-Defense are both wave clearing “Horde” type modes. It is your job to defeat the waves of enemies as they come. Some waves include Bosses, Mass amounts of normal and elite enemies, Split waves (Where the players are split into two teams taking on two seperate objective defenses) and other shenanigans.

Midtown Manhattan and Industry City Patrol are both “Patrol” type modes. It is your job to constantly make your way across the map killing Bosses and Objective completions. There are Event timers in both modes, both signaling the start of a new encounter.

  • Midtown Manhattan rewards Midtown Madness Boxes on Mondays. These boxes drop Experience, Items, Artifacts and a super rare chance of 10 Cube Shards or 20 Eternity Splinters!
    • Bosses do have a small chance to drop their Boss specific artifact and uniques in Midtown Manhattan.
  • Industry City Patrol rewards Industry City Patrol Boxes whenever an Event is completed. Usually its killing a wave of enemies or a boss, sometimes its a full quest set. These boxes drop Experience, Items, and Artifacts.
    • Bosses do have a chance to drop their Boss specific artifact and uniques from the Industry City Patrol Boxes as well as in the Industry City Patrol area itself.

Dank Tip – Power Leveling in Midtown during Midtown Madness by using the boxes is incredibly fast and efficient. Consider utilizing this if leveling multiple characters or just want a fast 1-60

Green and Red Terminals are your introductory to the farming process. You take a set area or space. Add a maze mechanic. Throw in some bad guys and a boss at the end. Brilliant. Each Terminal once a day rewards One (1) Cube Shard.

  • Green Terminals give normal amounts of experience and rewards. Boss specific artifacts and Uniques don’t drop here. These terminals are usually for low levels and for heroes not quite geared enough to efficiently take down Reds.
  • Red Terminals give much higher amounts of experience and rewards. Boss specific artifacts and Uniques drop here, but at a smaller chance than Cosmic Terminals. These terminals are for heroes who are efficiently able to clear Greens and are working on Cosmic progression. Focus on a few of the higher farmed Bosses for their artifacts and uniques:
    • Mandarin (Arnim Zola’s ESP Box)
    • Dr. Doom (Hand of Doom, Helm of Doom, Latverian Monarch Cloak)
    • Kurse (Gem of the Kursed, Mask of Algrim)

Dank Tip – Farm terminals daily for maximum Cube Shards. Then buy Fortune Card MK 1 from any Cube Shard Vendor for Free Boosts, Costumes, Pets, Visual effects and more!

One-Shots house some of the best Boss specific artifacts and uniques in the game. They can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on gear, group, etc. These tend to have the highest experience and rewards outside of Raids.

  • Vibranium Mines – Man-Ape. (Sacred White Gorilla Necklace, Pelt of the White Gorilla.)
  • Brooklyn Zoo – Lizard, Kraven and Mr. Hyde. (Lizard Formula, Hyde’s Formula, Kraven’s Lion Vest.)
  • March to Axis – Madame Hydra, Hulk Busters, and Redskull. (Kiss of the Viper, Hulkbuster Psychics Package, Coat of the Skull, Dust of Death.)

Dank Tip – Farm these daily for bonus Hearts and Eyes of Demonfire

Cosmic Terminals are your standards for character efficiency. They have the highest experience and reward levels of anything outside of One-Shots and Raids. Some good bosses to farm:

  • Taskmaster (Taskmaster’s Losers Guide)
  • Hood (Nisanti Boots)
  • Fisk (White Suit Jacket, Ruby Topped Cane, Vice)
  • Juggernaut (Black Tom’s Shillelagh, Advanced Circlet of Cyttorak, Unstoppable Force)
  • Magneto (Magneto Was Right T-Shirt, Mask of Xorn)
  • Mr. Sinister (Sinister’s Bio-Engineered Cuirass)
  • M.O.D.O.K (Mental Focus Headband, Doomsday Chair)
  • Mandarin (Arnim Zola’s ESP Box)
  • Kurse (Gem of the Kursed, Mask of Algrim)
  • Dr. Doom (Hand of Doom, Helm of Doom, Latverian Monarch Cloak)

When farming for items and efficiency, you want to be on a pretty even “Time:Reward” scale. So instead of taking 5 minutes to kill a Cosmic Terminal Boss, you could’ve easily killed it 1-2x more in a Red Terminal and had just about the same chance for Boss Artifacts/Uniques to drop.

Dank Tip – If you want to maximize you chances for Boss Artifacts, complete the specified Bounty Objective for the Terminal.

Green and Red Raids are the current end-game goal. They have the best gear and best recipes in the game. If you want to be informed before stepping into a group, you can always go to Youtube and search for “Marvel Heroes Raid Guide” or head over to the Official Forums and check out the guides there.

  • Can be completed for the bonus Hearts and Eyes of Demonfire One (1) time per week, per account. There is a reset every Wednesday.
  • Can be completed One (1) time per hero for standard rewards.
  • Rewards found from Raids and Daily One-Shot completions (Hearts and Eyes of Demonfire) can be spent in Chapter 9: Odins’ Palace. Go to the South part of the map right below the Stash area. Talk to Hogun. He has all the things you can buy with the respective currencies, including Raid-only Items!

Dank Tip – Check to see if you’ve completed a Raid on a Hero by going to the “Challenges” Tab (at a waypoint) and if there isn’t a lit icon next to “Muspelheim Raid – Red or Green” then you’ve completed it on that Hero already.

Bonus Stages are Portals or Gateways that transport your Hero (and party) to a loot filled trove of baddies.

  • Bovenheim and the Classified Bovine Portals are great for guaranteed Uniques. The main boss drops 7-8 Uniques with a couple having Challenge Bonuses. Level 60 and 55 recommended, respectively.
  • Cosmic Doop Training Sector Portals are great to farm Doop Runes, Gear to donate to your pet, Cosmic Doops, and lots of loot explosions.

Dank Tip – If you’re low on credits or want to farm some more to top you off, these portals are perfect for lining your pockets with credits

So now that you know where you can farm items, let’s talk about the kinds of items you’ll need in the later stages of the game and how to obtain them!!

3) After 60 / End-Game Necessities

  • Legendary Item
    • Bought with Odin Marks that are obtained by doing Legendary Quests and Shared Quests. Can also be found by using Odin Bounty Boosts (Bought through in-game store during select times), as well as during the Odin’s Bounty Event when all (cosmic?) bosses have the chance to drop Odin Marks.
    • Sold by the Legendary Item Vendor in Chapter 9: Odin’s Palace. North Side of the Map to the right of the fire pit.
    • Level up your Legendary by gaining any experience. Adds Huge bonuses to your character.
    • Able to be used at Level 1. (Great for Prestiging — we’ll get into that later!)
  • Challenge Bonuses
    • +1 to a Random Attribute. Durability, Strength, Fighting, Speed, Energy, Intelligence.
    • Can be randomed/specifically picked and put onto Slot 1-5 Gear using Hearts/Eyes of Demonfire
    • Guaranteed Two (2) from Cow King Brevik in both Bovine Portals.
    • Can be found randomly on Uniques from Raids, Midtown Boxes, Mysterious Blue Omega Boxes, etc.
  • Pet with Bonuses
    • Pets can be bought with Eternity Splinters, Cube Shards (Via Fortune Card MK 1), or G’s. They can be found as regular drops but are raretm.
    • Bonuses gained through Donating items to the Pet via manually or through the Cybernetic Vacuum (Hotkey “J”)
    • Bonuses are random. Here is a list of the bonuses that are able to be rolled per category:
      • Green Tier:
        * 1% dodge chance
        * 1% projectile deflection chance
        * +2-3% base defense
        * +4-8% base health (560 health at level 60 with 8%)
        * 1-2% less damage from enemy ranged powers
        * 2-3% less damage from enemy area attacks
        * 1-2% less damage from enemy melee attacks
        * 1-2% less damage from bosses
        * 1% defense against all attacks

        Blue Tier:
        * +100 Spirit recovery per minute
        * +5% SIF
        * +5% RIF
        * +3-5 credits per drop
        * +3-5% Move speed
        * +2-3 spirit on basic attack
        * +30-50 spirit
        * +5% more credits from cybernetics (raising to 6% total from 1%)

        Purple Tier:
        * +2-3% critical damage
        * +2-3% base damage on mental attacks
        * +2-3% base damage on energy attacks
        * +2-3% base damage on physical attacks
        * +2-3% base damage on ranged attacks
        * +2-3% base damage on melee attacks
        * +2-3% base damage on area attacks
        * +4% summoned ally damage
        * +5% energy damage when hitting with a mental power
        * +5% energy damage when hitting with a physical power
        * +5% mental damage when hitting with a physical power
        * +5-10% damage when brutally striking

        Cosmic Tier:
        * +1 to all powers
        * +1 to signature power (possibly able to get +2, not confirmed yet)
        * +1-2 to ultimate powers
        * +1-2 to basic powers
        * +1-2 to ranged powers
        * +1-2 to summon powers
        * +1-2 to area powers
        * +1-2 to melee powers
        * +1-2 to movement powers
        * +2 damage rating on area powers (this is bugged/unintended and will be automatically rerolled, when fixed)

        Unique Tier:
        * +1-3 Strength
        * +1-3 Energy
        * +1-3 Fighting
        * +1-3 Speed
        * +1-3 Intellect
        * +1-3 Durability
        * +1 to all attributes

    • Able to be used at Level 1. (Again, great for Prestiging)
  • Costume Core / Affixes
  • Blessings
    • Sold by your Enchanter in Any Hub. Depending on the current level of your Enchanter, the Blessings offered could vary.
    • Cost 100 Odin Marks. (Found by doing Legendary quests, Shared quests, Odins Bounty Boost, etc.)
    • Can be swapped for 100,000 Credits between Artifacts. (This price can be reduced by using the Mr. Fantastic hero synergy for reduced crafting costs)
  • Enchantments
    • Sold by your Enchanter in Any Hub. Depending on the current level of your Enchanter, the Enchantments offered could vary.
    • Cost 1 Specific Rune dependent on the Enchantment you want.
    • The Enchantment will tell you where it can/can’t go.
  • Item Level Upgrades
    • Sold by Hogun in Chapter 9: Odin’s Palace.
    • Cost anywhere from 200-350 Hearts or Eyes of Demonfire depending on the Recipe. (Found by doing One-Shots, Raids and completing the Daily Shared Quests)
    • 5 Upgrades for Item Level 66 (Bought with Eyes)
    • 5 Upgrades for Item Level 69 (Bought with Hearts)
    • Hogun also sells Raid-Only obtained Items. Such as the Fragment of Twilight or Overseer’s Mace.
  • Omega Points
    • One Omega Point = 17million(ish) Experience
    • Any Experience gained will be attributed to Omega Points.
    • The total amount of Omega Points is shared across all heroes. Each hero can set their own points, and it wont affect the players other heroes pages.
    • Max of 7500.

4) What!? You’re still looking for things to do!? Fine. Ugh.

  • Prestiging
    • Start at Level 1 with a nifty new colored nameplate (Green > Blue > Purple > Orange > Red > Yellow) and a FREE Default Costume. (The one you got with your character)
    • Prestiging is only cosmetic and not required at all.
    • Allows the Purchase of an Iron Buddy pet. Sold by Clea (Or Cube Shard Vendor).

Dank Tip – Take 3 of your Default costumes gained from Prestiging — take it to your Level 20 Crafter — Add 200,000 Credits and Two (2) Unstable Molecules and you got yourself a FREE RANDOM costume from the store!

  • Hero Synergy System
    • Each hero has a specific synergy when reaching level 25 and 50. Hit “P” for Powers > Hero Synergy System
    • Scroll through and get an idea of what each Hero can offer
    • These bonuses are shared across your account. (Can change at will for free and are unique to the specific Hero you’re currently playing)
  • Hero XP Synergy
    • Like the Hero Synergy System, bonuses are obtained by leveling up each Hero and are shared across the account.
    • Per level 30, 50, 60 Hero you have, you gain X% of Passive Experience.
    • 1 Hero at 60: 30%
    • 2 Heroes at 60: 50% (+20%)
    • 3 Heroes at 60: 65% (+15%)
    • 4 Heroes at 60: 75% (+10%)
    • 5+ Heroes at 60: (+5%)
  • Min/Maxing
    • There is a Minimum and Maximum for almost every Stat.
    • Re-rolling items is a very good “mini-game” whenever you find yourself looking for that last boost of DPS.
    • Costume Affixes, Artifacts and Uniques can be Re-rolled.
    • Rings, Insignias and Medallions can not be Re-rolled.
    • This usually requires a lot of money and time.

Also, here is another guide from the Official Forums, that goes into a bit more detailas far as what to do at 60.

TL;DR Gear your character with the help of guides. Raid if you want to, Prestige, Level more characters, whatever you want to do!

Hope this guide helps! It can be a bit troublesome finding what to do next, but with this guide you should be on a pretty solid path to Marvel Heroes success.

If you liked this guide or it helped you out in any way, let me know down in the comments! I love feedback!

If you have any suggestions or comments as far as what I should add in or a new guide to write, feel free to let me know as well!

xoxo Dank

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