Dota 2 How To Win With Bad Carries

Dota 2 How To Win With Bad Carries by SirLucksalot

As a frequent support player, I get many games where my safelane player seems terrible. “What went wrong?” “Why am I always matched with noobs?” Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

Step I: Identify the problem

Why do you think your carry is doing badly?
a) Is he having a bad game?
b) Is he getting outlaned?
c) Is he simply bad at farming?

Step II: adapt your play accordingly

So we’ve established that your carry player has 0 farm at 5 minutes, roughly 200 GPM. GG we fucking lost boys. Stop. Don’t type it. Do you really think you lost already? Chances are, you haven’t.
Instead of being toxic and lowering your team’s morale, let’s try and turn the game around.

a) If your carry is being outlaned (at a disadvantage, some heroes are stronger in a 1v1 situation, get over it), go help. Try to zone out the offlaner. Weaver is a pain for almost anyone to lane against, grab a sentry, give your carry that extra push he needs.

b) Can’t help your carry outlane the offlaner? Stack stack stack! A simple and highly effective way to give your team that extra kick. Stack a few camps in your jungle and ward near them. You don’t want the enemy team stealing your stacks. While lane farming is much more efficient than jungling, at this point your carry will appreciate anything he can get.

c) If your carry is simply bad and can’t last hit (happens, get over it. Some people have bad games. Some people keep pressing the FIND MATCH button long after they should’ve stopped for the day), it might be time for plan B. Find the next person on your team who can ‘carry’ you. Perhaps your own offlaner needs a bit of help? Better yet, grab a smoke, go help mid get a kill or two. Camp mid. Fuck their mid up. Make the other team’s supports move. Good on you, you just gave your offlaner some much needed space!

b) You’re trying your hardest to set up kills for your team, but it just isn’t happening. “Mid is 1k tier” “offlaner is trash”. GG we fucking lost boys. Stop. Don’t type it. You’re about to secure your own loss! Why did you join the queue? To have fun and climb the ladder? Being toxic won’t accomplish either.

I hope this has been helpful for at least 1 person. It’s easy playing the blame game, but it’s not gonna get you anywhere (except to LPQ).

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