LoL Ranked and Midlane Tips

LoL Ranked and Midlane Tips by tenzen1111

Hi guys! I’m not a fan of long guides etc. but I really tried to summarize my tips for other midlaners from 4 years experience, but also tips some tips for rankeds. I think it’s (hopefully) very informative. Enjoy!

Golden Tips for Rankeds

  1. When someone blames / flames you for any missplay / mistake (or his own failure), don’t reply to him. If you like to, you can also mute him, but in both cases he will realize his flame doesn’t work and might stop.
  2. Blaming someone for feeding doesn’t help at any rate and even makes it worse. People know on their own already that they failed in that game. If they blame you for not ganking or any other things, follow tipp #1.
  3. Time Summoner Cooldowns and / Dragon/ Baron Spawntimes and remind your teammates that those come up in e.g. 45s.
  4. If you want to show your ego then don’t do it in LoL. You’re only showing how stupid you are.
  5. if your team gets caught in an unfortunate position,and is getting chased, then sacrify yourself to save your mates.
  6. or 6.5 your endgame stats do not matter, if you save 4 teammates lifes for your death and finally win the game, it’s so worth it.
  7. Don’t write in the 2nd person singular/plural ( e.g. ”thresh, why do you have no wards placed” or ”OMG, CAITLYN U SUCK”). Better write in the 1st person singular/plural (e.g. We all need to place some wards down.bought ward or ”lol, i think we failed that pretty hard”). People feel offended when you directly blame them. Be constructive.
  8. If 2 people are flaming each other and spamming the chat, DON’T try to intermediate.
  9. Dodging is better than wasting time. if this happens: A: HOLY FK, RIVEN YOU SED DK LAST GAME B: LOL JARVAN YOU LOST MY LANE YOU F******D……

you will lose this game for like 80%, the risk isn’t worth it. dodge. dodging won’t make you lose MMR, but don’t dodge twice inside of 16h, so you will lose 13LP.

Why should I learn midlane

+once you go mid, you cannot go bot

+sexiest pros

+shortest path from base

+coolest montages

+you can carry every! game!!!!!!

No, but seriously, this lane is much more versatile and interesting than any other lane!

Basic Midlane Guide

  1. Be on top of the meta and learn to master the most popular champs and abuse them in rankeds.
  2. When your lane opponent goes roaming, you’re not guilty for your teammates deaths, but you’re responsible aswell as they are. You can cover the most common roam paths with 2 wards ( 1 topside, 1 bottom side, will explain in part 2). Important: If you spot the enemy jungler/lanerPING THEM
  3. Search for certain patterns in the playstyle of the enemy and counter them. most common example: the enemy makes a step forward to get in spell / aa range. (you realize that and wait for her spell to go off) when she uses her spell you instantly do a sidestep to dodge and fire back. congratulations for a won trade!! (epicly drawn example: and
  4. to prevent getting pushed under your own turret and thus losing a lot of cs, you want to hit both, minons and enemy, to harrass and push at the same time. Note: don’t use this too often, since you will easily run out of mana and/or push too fast.
  5. Cautiousness is better than indulgence. Your flash is down? You also just used your escape spell? play like a pus*y until your spell is up again. It’s ok to miss 3 minions (45gold) instead of dying( 300g+ for the enemies)
  6. Use the time after you cleared a wave to go warding, but come back on time to get the next wave!
  7. Sometimes (I prefer so) it’s better to sit mid and push,push,push, especially when you are on the upper hand. Your opponent is roaming a lot? Ward the river and ping him! (See tip 2) Turrets are very important too! But don’t hesitate to help your team at dragons or at skirmishes nearby.
  8. Trading one or two drakes for 2 T1 or even T2 turrets is worth it, since the 6% dragon buff only gives very few stats in the early game. (150AD ->+9 AD) This buff is in my opinion very overrated. (I even heard someone in a smurfgame saying, ”GG guys, they got the first dragon, now we cannot fight them at all”)
  9. Last but not least: don’t hesitate to learn quick combos with a high skillcap, but be very critical with yourself learning them, you want to reach perfection orevenbecomebjergsen.

That’s it for this time, I hope you liked the guide, if you have anything to critizice then tell me and I try to improve for the next time.

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