LoL High Elo Marksman Guide

LoL High Elo Marksman Guide by MarksmanArZaac

I’m a high diamond player, who peaked at master tier at the end of the season. I’ve been playing ad carry all of my life, and it’s the most enjoyable and satisfying role.

But what am i going to describe in this guide? Well.
A lot of players asked me about some big subjects, that i felt like i couldn’t just explain in a matter of minutes, i needed more time. So i thought to myself that i needed to create this guide, so i could finish all of the answers here.

So to start off I wanna talk about the general knowledge about the role. What is YOUR job?

Well first of all. When I’m smurfing, i see a lot of players bashing on the marksman if he decides to attack the nearest person to him (This could and will probably be a tank) – They will blame you for the wrong focus. Now, everyone who has that thought will have to rethink that. The MARKSMAN role isn’t about focusing down the enemy carries, it’s about NOT getting focused down yourself and deal as much DPS(Damage Per Second) as possible. So what im trying to get to, is that you shouldn’t waste your life jumping into the enemy carries, you should just deal as much damage as you can untill they kill you (If they do).

But how do i position myself in fights? I feel like I’m always getting focused down?

HUUGE subject. A lot of players came to me with this. And my answer to the general question is split up in a lot of parts.

First of all, you will NEVER be able to play marksman if you can’t handle being focused. That is inevitable. You just need to learn basic things on HOW exactly to escape sticky situations and big tanks with gap closers in team fights.


Kiting is a method used to deal damage to the enemy while keeping yourself safe. If i had to explain it with a sentence it would be: Attacking while you’re moving backwards. It allows you to deal a lot of damage and leave your enemy frustrated. But it takes practice. For people who wanna practice kiting, these videos are great!:

Video 1, very in-depth about ANIMATION CANCELLING
Video 2
Video 3

I will myself also begin to upload videos at some point in my life, when i get some more confidence and time between my school schedules.

Cleansing is an underrated- but strong mechanic to have.
I’m not talking about the summoner spell cleanse, I’m talking about the item QSS, and when to use it.
So as I’ve played some games and analyzed them a lot, and i think 50% ATLEAST i win a fight because of the QSS.

QSS has become a stronger item for Marksmen, because you can now upgrade it in lategame. But if the enemy team has a lot of CC, don’t hesitate buying it after you’ve got IE and Shiv/PD. (Our basically just your 2 core items)

It can also save you a lot if you get caught in late game (Generally try to avoid doing that), But if it happens, you have a “get out of jail free card” of some kind.

Timing is one of the most important things as an ADC. A lot of people i see in both lower elos and higher elo’s that don’t understand the role, is to just rush into fight when your team does. Now, i would agree with that if you’re in the lead or have a good opportunity, but please, for the love of god, TRY to get later into fights. When i say later, i don’t mean when your team is floating dead around in the river while the enemy is securing Baron, i mean WHEN the enemy teams bullies already have found their focus.

“You play against a Zed, and he’s fed. You have died a couple times to him just by being ulted on, what do you do now?”
YOU WAIT, son. You wait untill zed just can’t take it anymore, and has to ult your ap carry, or just the 50% tank that’s soaking all the damage. That’s where you come in!

Champions, and how important it is to play along with the META

The marksmen meta champion pool has changed drastically since the other seasons. There have always been points where only 3-4 marksmen was viable at the same time, and the others were really situational.

Here is my list about who i think should be played

The champions marked with a half X is because they’re not really viable, but can be played if they are played good, or just don’t fit into the meta

Runes and masteries

For runes, i use this

9X magic resist glyphs.
– I wanna keep the magic resist, because i think it gives control and synergizes with the health and armor you get from seals, so you can withstand the damage taken from both the enemy marksman and support.

5X health seals, and 4X armor seals
– I think it’s just glorious running this. Gives you a good lane even versus the adc’s that tend to rush brutalizer.

9X AD marks
– I don’t think i need to explain myself on this one. Altough some people might go 1x crit rune over 1 ad, and sometimes get that lucky crit that wins the lane. But i don’t wanna rely on RNG like that, i wanna have all the damage i can have.

3X attack speed quints
Better for last hitting, better for a lot of adc’s in trading. Use these, there’s no other way around.

For masteries i use

No indepth here, really. You can change the defensives to resistance instead of health, but i prefer it like this.

ANYTHING other you want to know, please ask me! I’m available for help ALL the time!

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