Heroes Charge Skills List

Heroes Charge Skills List by The Finizher

Here so far what i’ve got, i’ll skip 5 starting heroes skill (Admiral, Emberstar, Leaves Shadow, Lightning master, and Chaplain).
Note : US = Ultimate skill, GS = Green skill, BS = Blue Skill, PS = Purple skill

Lightning Elemental a.k.a. Razor
US). Charged Sphere (Release a Sphere of charged static electricity, causing wide-ranging damage to enemies.)
GS). Taking the Helm (Summons a powerful storm cloud to strike an enemy with multiple bolts of lightning.)
BS). Energy Drain (Steals an enemy’s attack power.)
PS). Static Field (Arrec uses energy around him to resist incoming magic attack.)

Brute a.k.a. Axe
US). Axe of Elimination (Urtock strikes without mercy: Those near death suffer massive damage, th healthy ones take less.)
GS). Bloodcurse (Urtock curses his opponents, causing them to lose HP over a period of time.)
BS). Cleaving Attack (A powerful attack that damages all nearby foes.)
PS). Dark Resistance (Urtock connection to kreln blood-magic enhances his armor.)

Shadow Shaman a.k.a. Dazzle
US). Dark Benefactor (Shadow Shaman sends a wave of shadow that cures allies.)
GS). Shadow Curse (Ara’ak reaches through the shadow void to poison an enemy.)
BS). Vayne’s Blessing (Defends whichever ally has the lowest HP from death for a period of time.)
PS). Weave (Ara’ak fracture reality, bleeding into the shadow void, reducing the armor of all enemies.)

Psychopath a.k.a. Ogre Magi
US). Kreln Shout (An old spell to damage enemies and can be triggered multiple times.)
GS). Firebomb (Bokka throws a firebomb at his target, possibly causing splash damage and multiple fires as well.)
BS). Blood Call (Increases the attack capacity and casting speed of a random ally.)
PS). Elder Strength (Bokka’s strength is bolstered.)

Psychic Sword a.k.a. Vengeful Spirit
US). Sacrifice (Instantaneously swaps position with a target. if the Avenge has learned Magic Missile, a Magic Missile will hit the enemy simultaneously.)
GS). Kinetic Bolt (Unleash a magic arrow, dealing magic damage and causing the target stunned.)
BS). Inspire Terror (Arouse enemies’ inner fear, dealing magic damage in a large area and weakening their armor.)
PS). Rally (Fight in the name of vengence, increasing all enemies melee attack damage.)

Succubus a.k.a. Akasha
US). Soulshout (Tala shouts across the ethereal plane, damaging all enemies.)
GS). Venomdar (Tala throws a blade covered in powerful venom.)
BS). Soul Blaze (Tala release a potent scream, tearing into enemies ahead of her.)
PS). Chaos Dance (Tala phases in and out of the mortal plane, easily dodging incoming damage.)

Professional Killer a.k.a. Bone Fletcher
US). Dark Contract (Punchinello signs a demonic contract to fill his HP and increase his attack.)
GS). Blast Shot (Fires an explosive rocket to deal bonuses damage.)
BS). Poison Shot (A rapid fire-attack.)
PS). Embrace Shadow (Punchinello hides in the dark then strikes without warning, increasing his critical chance.)

Shallows Keeper a.k.a. Tidehunter
US). Shallow Keeper (Moray summons the fury of a sea storm to throw his enemies into the air, stunning them.)
GS). Tidal Force (Moray summons a mighty wave that weaken foes armor.)
BS). Anchor Aweigh (Moray swings a ship’s anchor around, damaging any foes who stray close.)
PS). Shield of the Deep (Moray summons a tidal forces to resist damage and bolster his armor.)

Wind Master a.k.a. Windrunner
US). Gale Force (Sarra uses wind-enchanted arrows to knock back and damage enemies in front of her.)
GS). Concussion (A magic attack that deals damage and dizzying effect.)
BS). Hailstorm (Sarra fires off several arrows at her target in rapid succession.)
PS). Wind Dance (Sarra uses her wind-dancing techniques to easily dodge and evade attack.)

Lunar Guardian a.k.a. Moon Rider
US). Lunar Barrage (Summon the power of Boaz, striking random enemies with beams of powerful lunar energy.)
GS). Lunar Judgment (Summon the power of Jachin, striking a target with lunar ray.)
BS). Moonblade (Lunar guardian’s sword bounce between enemies, causing more physical damage, after each ejection damage is reduced.)
PS). Chosen of Boaz (Share month god’s blessing to all teammates. increase the team’s physical damage.)

Vengeance Spirit a.k.a. Medusa
US). Petrify (Nasira petrifies a group of enemies over a moderate area.)
GS). Purify (Nasira delivers physical damage to 4 enemies but reduces half of the original damage.)
BS). Theft of Essence (Nasira summons a snake and steals energy from many enemies, increasing her own.)
PS). Spite (A magical barrier that increases Nasira’s HP.)

Imperial Executioner a.k.a. Demon Witch
US). Smite (A blaze of energy strikes a target, dealing massive magical damage.)
GS). Thorn (Lodot summons a thorn that knocks the victim into the sky, dealing a small amount collateral magic damage.)
BS). Power Strike (A powerful magic against a single target and turns it into an animal.)
PS). Uncanny Edge (Lodot makes a pact with demonic forces to increase his critical chance.)

Mountain a.k.a. Stone Giants
US). Throw (Aetna grabs an enemy and tosses them, causing damage on impact.)
GS). Caber (Aetna uproots a tree, giving him better range and damage.)
BS). Rockslide (Aetna causes rocks to rain down on an area, damaging and stunning foes.)
PS). Stoneskin (Aetna’s granite skin protects him from damage.)

Machinist a.k.a. Tinker
US). Overcharge (Lirune over-charges his weaponry capacitors, causing his machine to unleash a barrage of attacks.)
GS). Charged Shot (Lirune fires a magical beams weapon to damage his target and reduce target’s attack accuracy.)
BS). Seeker (A missile that seeks out the target and explodes, dealing damage over a small radius.)
PS). The Red Button (Lirune presses the red button, greatly increasing his attack rate.)

Death Knight a.k.a. Abbadon
US). Agile Recovery (Deathknight creates a shield that absorbs damage shield damage absorption into the life value of the Deathknight.)
GS). Death Coil (Fire death coil into the weakest units on the battlefield. if he is an enemy, death coil may be magic damage to him, if he is a friendly, death coil will treat his life value.)
BS). Ward (With dark energy to create a dark shield, to protect the weak. When dark shield disappeared, dark energy will be an explosion, magic damage to neraby enemies.)
PS). Null Barrier (Deathknight’s side it combines powerful frost ward, can protect his teammates, resist spell damage.)

Master Mage a.k.a. Obsidian Destroyer
US). Sunsphere (Fiera releases powerful magics among her foes, damaging those who rely on their strength and speed.)
GS). Fireball (Fiera attacks a foe with a ball of raw magical energy.)
BS). Black Mark (Fiera chooses a random enemy to exile.)
PS). Third Eye (Fiera pulls energy out of space, expanding her intelligence.)

Sniper a.k.a. Kardel Sharpeye
US). Sniper (Perrin takes a shot at the weakest foe, dealing massive damage.)
GS). Stunning Shot (A special round that leaves the target reeling with dizzyness.)
BS). Fulminating Shot (A magical, grenade-like projectile that deal damage over an area.)
PS). Agility Boost (Perrin focuses his reserve energy, giving him a temporary agility boost.)

Warrior Monk a.k.a. Earthshaker
US). Earthshatter (Kenrick crack and tears the earth’s surface, dealing damage and stunning his foe.)
GS). Broadswing (Kenrick strikes with a broad sweep, harming and stunning enemies.)
BS). Quake (Kenrick strikes the earth, causing damage and stunning enemies.)
PS). Elder Strength (The tauren strengthen their physique, sharply increasing strength.)

Silencer a.k.a. Nortrom
US). Strategist (Saif is versatile, capable of taking down enemy mages or holding his own in a stand-up fight.)
GS). Silence (Silences an enemy, preventing them using skill accompanied with magic damage. this skill also causes magic damage.)
BS). Befuddle (Enemies over an area lose their ability to cast while also taking health and energy damage.)
PS). Searing Aura (A powerful effect that damage an enemy with holy fire.)

Drunken Master a.k.a. Pandaren Brewmaster
US). Concussive Blow (Lien strikes down his enemies, causing physical damage.)
GS). Intoxicate (Lien splashes his enemies with potent magical wine, making them drunk and clumsy.)
BS). Shaking Strike (Lien stomps down into a group of enemies, causing damage and leaving them dizzy.)
PS). Focus (Lien focuses inward, giving him more strength.)

Wandering Spearman a.k.a. Huskar
US). Blood Pact (Divine warrior oath with the enemy, 40% remaining consumption itself, to the enemy by suicide charge, short time greatly improve their damage and attack speed.)
GS). Sacrifice (Let the spear with blood burning, cause additional damage over time to hit the enemy.)
BS). Gift (Using the traditional troll medical skill, his teammates for the treatment of injury is the most serious, the continued respond to life in a period of time.)
PS). Spell Resistance (Berserker blood could let him have roaches general viability, increase spells.)

Necromancer a.k.a Pugna
US). Vampiric Strike (Causes magic damage over time, stealing the target’s HP)
GS). Kreln Shout (A powerful attack of soul energy, damaging opponents over a moderate area)
BS). Exile (Disable’s an enemy’s ability to cast spells while dealing magic damage)
PS). Sacrid Sigil (Salar uses a mystic sigil which resists enemy magic and increases the magic resistance to all allies)

Ice Mage a.k.a Crystal Maiden
US). Hunting the Maiden (A powerful elemental storm comes down causing widespread damage)
GS). Cocoon of Ice (Artonia freezes a target in place, damaging and stunning them)
BS). Ice Prison (A blast of ice damages and slows enemies)
PS). Sigil of Arctus (Using this Ancient ward, Artonia and her allies slowly recover their energy)

Cleric a.k.a Omniknight
US). Armour of Spirit (Ryst calls down divine power to protect his allies from physical harm)
GS). Divine Light (Ryst uses the power of his gods to heal his weakest ally)
BS). Counter Curse (Rsyt dispels damaging spells and temporarily makes his allies immune from magic damage)
PS). Blessing (With the blessing of his gods, Ryst reduces the damage all his allies takes)

Commando a.k.a Mirana
US). Meteor Shower (Summons meteor shower, causing magic damage to nearby enemies)
GS). Inspiration (Heroically jumps into the battlefield. All teammates get 25% increased movement speed and attack speed, increasing attack damage and magic power
BS). Overdraw (Hits the enemy with magic damage, causing long time stun)
PS). Motivate (To increase our friendly hidden in the shadow of the moonlight, the agile team) *Possibly some grammatical errors here

Mystic a.k.a KOTL
US). Shockwave (Summons a ball of light energy, building power the longer its channeled. Once released, the ball deals magic damage. The longest channeling time is 5 seconds. The longer it is channeled, the more damage is dealt)
GS). Harmony (Restores mana to the target unit. Not including heroes with full energy) *This should be restores energy, not mana
BS). Blind (A blinding light flashes over the target area, knocking back and blinding the units in the area, causing them to miss attacks)
PS). Balance (Guides all teamates with light, increasing their magic power)

Savage One a.k.a Sladar
US). Slam (Barrand slams the ground, stunning foes in a moderate area)
GS). Arc Swing (A powerful attack that damages nearby foes)
BS). Corrosion (Barrand weakens the armour of enemies)
PS). Elder Strength (Barrand increases his own strength and attack power)

War Chief a.k.a Wraith King
US). Hammer Throw (Garl throws a hammer at a target, causing damage and stunning them)
GS). Power Swing (A mighty cut that results in massive damage)
BS). Kreln Bloodcall (Grant’s a life-stealing ability to all units)
PS). Rage (Garl flies into a furious rage, greatly increasing his hitpoints)

Ferryman a.k.a. Nevermore
US). Tortured Spirit (Shalandar releases hungry ghosts that deal damage over a broad area.)
GS). Shades (A vengeful shades deal damage over small, moderate and ranged areas.)
BS). Mastery of Death (Ferryman increases his attack damage every time a Hero dies. the effect of skill Shades is also increased.)
PS). Haunting of Dark Lord (Ferryman terrifies all enemies nearby and greatly reduce their attack damage.)

Poisoned One a.k.a. Viper
US). Acid Splash (Poisoned One spit out a cloud of poison, and cause huge damage over time.)
GS). Toxic Spit (Poisoned One shoot a small poison, magic damage to enemy. Poison to corrosion of the enemy’s armor and sustained damage over a period of time.)
BS). Salve of Resistance (Poisoned One body covered with toxins, can resist the magic damage.)
PS). Envenom (Poisoned One quenching on his arrow poison, a sharp rise in the physical damage.)

Bear Warrior a.k.a. Mayor Bar
US). Maul (A rushing charge attacking, dealing damage to all enemies in his way.)
GS). Shockwave (Mayor Bar strikes the ground with his claw, damaging all enemies nearby.)
BS). Ursine Focus (Mayor Bar summons the aspect of the bear, increasing his critical strike odds.)
PS). Spirit of Ursa (The spirit of the bear enhances Mayor Bar’s attack power.)

Depths Voice a.k.a. Talenta
US). Siren Song (Talenta uses an old Nedan sleeping-song, forcing her enemies into a deep sleep.)
GS). Blade Halo (A spinning blade damages nearby foes.)
BS). Entrap (Talenta binds an enemy in her magical net, trapping and disabling them.)
PS). Untouchable (Talenta uses ancient Nedanese martial secrets to easily dodge incoming attacks.)

Old Curse a.k.a. Pallathion
US). Chilling Wave (Old Curse launches out an icy blast, freezing all enemies that touch it after a short time period.)
GS). Thermal Shock (An icy blast followed by a wave of fire launches out in a path in front of Old Curse, causing magic damage twice to the enemies in front.)
BS). Flame Strike (Old Curse lays down a line of flame in front of him, each dealing damage per second to enemy units in a wide area of effect.)
PS). Magma (Old Curse burns his enemies in an area of effect with fire. Liquid Fire flows a short distance after hitting a target.)

Pilot a.k.a. Rexus
US). Firebomb (Use the important goals of the bomb to hit enemy rear, causes physical damage)
GS). Hellfire Missile (Launches a Hellfire Missiles, through the in front of the enemy behind enemy lines. To hit the enemy causing physical damage and stun)
BS). Air Strike (Aircraft enemy positions, all enemies with machine gun fire.)
PS). AP Ammo (Pilot using AP Ammo. Increase the armor penetration)

Soulhunter a.k.a. Necrolyte

US= Psychopompus.(Summons a Psychopompus to attack the weakest target, dealing magic damage and dizzying them based on the missing HP of the target )
GS= Summons Manes (Rashek summons the spirits of the restless dead to cure allies and damage enemies)
BS= Gift of life (By understanding the energies surrounding all living things, Rashek can gain a large amount of HP)
US= Gift of Death (By understanding the energies surrounding death, Rashek can increase his magic resistance)

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